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gedreht von knapp unter 0,90 CAD
auch das perfekte charttechnik, die hier sehr ausschlaggebend sein wird aufs längere
alles andere ist sekundär.
allerdings reichen meine charttechnischen kenntnisse nicht aus um von hier eine weitere prognose abzugeben :rolleyes:

gibts keine techniker im thread ?
energy fuels auch vertickt... auch da schöne gewinne.
ich glaube nach branchen betrachtet war ich bisher im uransektor am besten.
i love it... nächste chance abwarten.

momentan ist der allgemeine rohstoffsog zu steil nach unten und die miner kriegens jetzt voll ab
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.454.494 von Boersiback am 15.08.18 16:09:41und schwups antwortet chart mit 0,91
wer bock auf harakiri hat darf jetzt wieder kaufen
ich schone mein herz aber erstmal ;)
so rest verkauft zu 1,04 CAD

chart sagt 0,9

zu viel lithium.....

grad ein dutzend werte geschmissen
Starker Wochenausklang. Korrektur schon wieder beendet. Nächste Woche neue Hochs.
Jo kommt nen Resplit... Das Ding gehört ja eh zu 73% Friedland mitlerweile .
Der CEO ist halt ne Marionette .. Bissl visible Gold und schwups drehen alle durch wie bei Novo auch .
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.345.902 von Szween am 31.07.18 23:04:27könnte man vermuten...
wobei der laden ganz schön verwässert hat und bei 16,5 CAD-cents immer noch >30 Mios CAD wert ist... was haben die eigentlich angestellt mit der kohle ??
von großen treffern hab ich nix mitbekommen... der markt wohl auch nicht.
da ist aston bay noch billiger... und da dürften im september erste bohrergebnisse anstehen in etwa. bei historie und "visible copper" müsste sich ihr star-geologe schon recht dumm anstellen wenn da nix rumkommt.
Btw waren sogar 0,28 CAD die ich am 10.10.17 für PLU bekommen hatte .
Shame on me
Otto IKN hat da so ne Theorie , wie es halt öfter läuft bei Friedland.
Er hat sich nun eingedeckt schon mal recht günstig . Nun müssen seine Freunde wie Rick Rule und Konsorten noch günstig weitere shares bekommen beim nächsten Placement im Pennybereich und dann fährt er das Ding wieder hoch .
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.345.707 von Szween am 31.07.18 22:31:22Cordoba ist schon ein trauerspiel geworden. bin da längst weg mit verlusten.
so ganz kapier ich hier und da den kursverlauf nicht.
kupfer/basismetallexplorer sind schon in summe sehr stark eingebrochen.

aber deswegen find ich die kategorie jetzt am interessantesten
heut mal paar fireweeds nachgekauft.
Ich habe bei PLU alles richtig gemacht lol ..
EK 0,25 CAD nach Höhenflug auf 0,65 CAD zu 0,27 CAD verkauft wegen Uranmisere und Placement.
Dafür dann Cordoba Minerals gekauft ... Anstatt +600% einfach mal Minus 80% .
Mal als abschreckendes Beispiel.. Bissl Gewinn mitnehmen schadet nie .
Wenn die jetzt noch Uran genehmigt bekommen sollten oder irgendwann mal Gerüchte aufkommen sollten das Peru Uran erlaubt .. Dann gehts hier wohl weiter richtigt steil gen Norden.
Jede Korrektur scheint hier eine Kaufgelegenheit zu sein. Das zeigt sich heute wieder. Nachdem der Kurs nur ein paar Tageheftig korrigierte, knallt der heute zum Schluss auf Tageshoch bei 1,55 CAD.
Plateau Reaches New Heights on Lithium Windfall at Falchani
7/25/2018 By: Malcolm Shaw

It's been a while since I've said much about Plateau Energy Metals (previously Plateau Uranium, PLU.V, last at $1.35), but the name change says a lot about what's transpired here. While a lot of junior companies constantly re-invent themselves to chase the next "hot" commodity in a new area, Plateau had the good fortune of having a new "energy metal" (lithium) fall into its lap right in its own backyard. The Falchani deposit consists of a lithium-rich tuff (extrusive volcanic rock) that accumulated over a large area in which the lithium was trapped over millennia of hydrologic activity. In a practical sense, it appears to be laterally continuous, good grade (0.6-0.7% lithium oxide), and seems to be amenable to open pit mining methods and standard recovery processes.

And it looks like Falchani is big. With widely spaced drilling to date covering only about 20% of the prospective area, Falchani's inferred resource is already well over 100 million tonnes at a grade of 0.6-0.7% Li2O. That translates into about 2-2.5 million tonnes of lithium carbonate which is already enough to keep a good-sized open-pit operation of 50,000 t of Li2CO3 going for 40-50 years. I was looking around for a decent market comparable in terms of the potential economic value of the asset and I came across Lithium America's Thacker Pass project in Nevada. While the Thacker Pass is claystone hosted, Falchani is in a tuff (extrusive volcanic), and as a result I suspect that the Falchani rock will make for a more simple overall operation, even if the terrain is more complex in the greater Falchani area. The deposits are both flat lying though, close to surface, and of comparable scale and grade. There certainly are deposits with higher grades (e.g., Nemaska Lithium, NMX.TO, Critical Elements (CRE.V), but Falchani's tonnage potential makes it stand out as one of the biggest hard-rock lithium deposits out there. That big tonnage potential might make all the difference in a major mining company's interest level in the project, so I'll we watching closely to see what the next move is from a corporate standpoint. If things are handled properly, there may be a multi-bagger on the table here.

For Peru, the asset would put the country on the lithium stage globally and deposits like this are hard to come by in regions that also have highways, labour, water, and power all easily accessible. On that basis, I see a lithium project as an easy sell from a permitting and financing perspective and Peru is a great place to export from. Despite some recent reports regarding the potential for archeological sites in the region that briefly took the shares down about 20%, I would point out that Plateau has been operating in the area for more than a decade and is quite familiar with areas of potential cultural significance. I have to think that any archeological review could be conducted and concluded relatively quickly, but this will be a topic that management will address as part of the permitting process. It comes with the territory, so to speak.

There are some very sharp tacks behind this story now and I suspect some CA's will be signed here soon, if not already, by majors wanting to have a closer look at what Plateau has found at Falchani. Of course there's an extra "side project" of around 100 million pounds of low-cost uranium on the table as well, but that's for another day. Plateau has certainly earned its "Energy Metals" moniker with the Falchani resource estimate that was released yesterday. Now it's just a matter of seeing who's paying attention and how management carries the ball. Next stop: China? Korea? India? Time will tell.

Quelle: http://hydracapital.ca/hydra-blog.html
Plateau Energy Metals Announces Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for Falchani Lithium Deposit
TORONTO, ONTARIO --(GlobeNewswire–July24, 2018) –Plateau Energy Metals Inc., a lithium and uranium exploration and development company,is pleased to announce a maiden Lithium Mineral Resource estimate for the Falchani Projectlocated on the Macusani Plateau in the Puno District of southeastern Peru. The estimate was prepared by The Mineral Corporationof South Africa and the NI 43-101 Technical Report in support of the estimate will be filed on SEDAR within 45 days. Also, the Company is pleased to provide clarity on Areas of Cultural and Archeological Significance in the vicinity of the project.

Highlights of Lithium Mineral Resource Estimates by Category
The consolidated Mineral Resource estimates, based on a 0.1% Li2O cut-off grade are as follows:
A. Within the Li-rich tuff sequence, only:
Indicated Mineral Resources:34.82Mt at 0.73% Li2Ocontaining 0.63Mt Li2CO3(equivalent)
Inferred Mineral Resources:77.80Mtat 0.73% Li2Ocontaining 1.41Mt Li2CO3(equivalent)
B. Within the wider Li-rich package including the upper and lower breccia units:
Indicated Mineral Resources:40.58Mt at 0.67% Li2Ocontaining 0.67Mt Li2CO3(equivalent)
Inferred Mineral Resources:121.70Mt at 0.59% Li2O containing 1.76Mt Li2CO3(equivalent)
The footprint of the drilled, mapped and surface sampled Li-rich tuff unit extends up to 1,700 m (N-S) and 2,200 m (E-W)
The maiden resource estimate is based on drilling that covers an area of 1,250 m (N-S) and 350 to 500 m (E-W) representing approximately 20% of the potential deposit area.
The consistency of the Li grades over the wide intersections washighlighted by the Mineral Resource Consultant
Drilling continues at site to define additionalMineral Resources

Clarification on Areas of Archeological Significance
The Company, and its predecessor companies,have been exploring continuously in the Macusani area since their initial land acquisition in 2005.All exploration activities are completed under fully approved social and exploration/mining permits,which remain in effect today. The local Corani-Macusani Area of Cultural and Archeological Significance is very clearly defined and well-known to people working in the region. (See:Figure 2-PLU Project Location Map with Archeological Area of Interest). More significant for the Company is that the new Falchani discovery area and lithium depositlies outside of the Area of Cultural and Archeological Significance. Archeological studies completed as part of our exploration program permitting and recent Environmental Impact Assessment study work has shown that to date, there are no sites of cultural or archeological significance affecting Falchani. The local landscape, landforms, higher elevation and rock weathering style at Falchani was not conducive for hosting, or preservation of, sites of archeological significance. The Company’s existing uranium depositsare located within the Area of Cultural and Archeological Significance, but are not directly affected by any such sites. The Company is working with highly respected and experienced environmental and archeological consultants, local communities and Peruvian
authorities to develop a plan toprotectany sites located inproximity toproposed future project infrastructure.
naja der rückschlag ist normal... man weiss halt nie von wo nach wo.
ich hab nicht umsonst eingie bei 1,30 CAD verkauft... war aber zu früh. wir stehen immer noch drüber.

grundsätzlich wird jeder starke anstieg abverkauft, da trading. sehr selten dass etwas steil geht und danach seitwärts weiterläuft
naja dosto hatte auch mal nebenbei erwähnt er hätte PLU im Auge. aber nicht für steigende kurse!

sicherlich muss man nicht alles glauben und schon gar nicht gut finden was er so schreibt, aber ich bin hier auch immer noch skeptisch, ob die regierung verbindliche uranbergbauvorschriften zeitnah erlässt!

bei ceo.ca gehen die holzfäller voll auf die lithiumgeschichte ab. uran wird da von denen gar nicht so kritisch betrachtet.
Dieser Artikel im spanischen Blatt "El Pais" könnte der Auslöser des heutigen Kursrutsches sein
(irgendwelche Felsenmalerei innerhalb des Konzessionsgebietes):

Macusani Yellowcake, Peruvian subsidiary to the Canadian mining company Plateau Energy Metals, announced on Monday the discovery of 2.5m tonnes of lithium at high grade and 124m lbs of uranium at its Falchani concession, in the Puno region in South Peru. Howver, in 2008 local authorities and the World Monuments Fund stopped the mining projects of radioactive material because the concession lies over more than 100 sites of rock paintings and petroglyphs that are over 5,000 years old."
"In 2005, the National Institute of Culture (Peru INC), today a ministry, declared the rock paintings of Corani and Macusani in the Carabaya province of Puno 'Cultural Patrimony of the Nation' after the initiative of Rainer Hostnig, an independent investigator who studied the art work between 2001 and 2008. Hostnig did so because the Peruvian State had awarded the Canadian mining company "Pacific" a concession of 30,000 heactares for the exploitation of uranium.

"The area under concession totally coincides with a zone that hosts the largest concentration of rock art in South-Eastern Peru, with the majority beloning to the era of hunter-gatherers", said Hostnig, quoting the regulation that was emitted by the rector of the institute. In 2011 the Ministry of Culture recognized the prehispanic archeological monument as Cultural Patrimony in the category "Archeological Cultural Land". The area covers more than 36,000 hectares at 4,500mabove sea level."

Originalquelle: https://elpais.com/economia/2018/07/17/actualidad/1531864592…
Beitrag aus Stockhouse (dem ich mich anschließen kann):

I'd be very interested to see what they come up with for the U308 resources. The Li resource as someone mentioned already will be about 2.5 mt LiCO3 for 25% of the area drilled.
If they can find a decent amount of 500-600ppm U at/near surface, that will really make a difference to the economics of the already robust U308 project, which is what I'm really interested in. As far as I can gather, after the first platform, thye've focussed on drilling the Li resource and kind of neglected the U. And that first platform has some really exciting U grades and widths!
But this Li processing news is awesome though, better than I expected really. To be able to achieve that level of purity after just a first pass assay without refining is very impressive. To put this in context, true battery grade LiCO3 does not sell for 12K/tonne. It is more like 18k/tonne. 12k/tonne is the LiCO3 the brine producers produce, which is not all that pure and requires further refining. The hard rock producers in oz don't produce Li, they export spodumene, which the chinese then refine. Next step is to prove they can do this from multiple samples throughout the resource to demonstrate consistent purity throughout the mine life, which is what the battery producers are really interested in.
TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (GlobeNewswire – July 18, 2018)
Plateau Energy Metals Inc. a lithium and uranium exploration and development company, is pleased to provide final results from the initial metallurgical test work program undertaken by ANSTO Minerals (a division of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) processing laboratories in Sydney, Australia. The test work was completed on representative lithium-rich tuff samples collected from outcrop trenches at the Falchani discovery on the Company’s Macusani Plateau lithium/uranium project in southeastern Peru.

The test work forms part of the Company's continuing efforts to unlock value from the Falchani high-grade lithium discovery and demonstrates successful ‘proof of concept’ precipitation of battery grade lithium carbonate product employing an approach which involves simple atmospheric acid leaching of the lithium-rich tuff feed material followed by conventional lithium processing steps.

ANSTO Minerals Test Work Results
• ANSTO Minerals has successfully completed a scoping study taking a sample of lithium-rich tuff, provided by PLU from the Falchani deposit in Peru, through to a battery grade lithium carbonate product. (Link to Figure 1 – Image of PLU Li2CO3 Product)
• Lithium Carbonate purity was reported at 99.73% from Primary LC precipitation before final refining

• Primary Lithium Carbonate product compares favourably with Industry Specifications (Link to Table 1 – PLU Primary Lithium Carbonate (LC) Analysis and LC Specifications). Final Refining expected to remove any elements that are ‘near-spec’ limits (ex. Ca, K, Na, S)
• Starting with an atmospheric sulfuric acid leach, then after 12 hours in the bulk leach, downstream processing and purification was completed as per the flowsheet previously recommended by ANSTO Minerals.

• The approach successfully employed conventional lithium processing steps to produce battery grade product at the primary lithium carbonate precipitation step without any additional refining steps. (Link to Figure 2– Preliminary Acid Leach Lithium Carbonate (LC) Flow Sheet for Falchani)
• This demonstrates the “proof of concept” required for the production of lithium carbonate from the Falchani deposit.
• The next step is to further develop the flowsheet and associated economic parameters for Li production to the requirements of a PEA level study.

Ian Stalker, the Interim CEO of Plateau Energy Metals, commented: “These are excellent results for Plateau Energy Metals. This preliminary metallurgical investigation work, completed at the well-known and highly respected laboratories at ANSTO Minerals, confirms that battery grade quality Lithium Carbonate can be produced from our Falchani ‘high-grade’ lithium feed material. It is important to note that these first pass test results did not highlight any major concerns in the delivery of a quality, final product. The process flow sheet ANSTO followed used the simple sulfuric acid leach approach and employed conventional lithium processing steps.

The next step for PLU is commencing a Preliminary Economic Assessment Study (PEA) to better understand the economic background behind this preliminary result. We intend to commence this ‘Study’ this quarter.

PLU is also busy completing our NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate for our Falchani discovery and expect to release this shortly. The Resource Estimate will include a Maiden Resource for our high-grade Falchani Lithium discovery and also a separate resource estimate for the uranium mineralization discovered during this recent drill program.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.238.406 von Boersiback am 18.07.18 00:12:38Du hast doch wie ich sehr viele Werte im Depot. Ich tu mich auch schwer, Aktien rauszuschmeissen, weil ich nachher im Minenforum, das ich täglich durchlese, alte Werte immer wieder sehe ohne es zu wollen. Manchmal würde ich mir eine Funktion auf w-o wünschen, mit der man unerwünschte Threads ausblenden kann.

Der Chart von Pleateau ist super. Ich lass die weiterlaufen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.238.349 von winni2 am 17.07.18 23:51:14klar, man darf auch nicht zurückschauen.
lange halten kann man in dem sektor im allgemeinen sowieso wenig... vor allem dann nicht wenn es im marktfokus ist.

von daher erstaunlich wie stark PLU immer noch ist (obwohl sie schon wirklich klasse sind, aber der sektor wird ja derzeit ziemlich verachtet)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.238.097 von Boersiback am 17.07.18 22:57:34
Zitat von Boersiback: meine teilverkäuft bei 0,60 cad und 1,30 cad waren auch nicht so gut ;)


Glueckwunsch ! Was gibts da zu meckern , beste Handelsstrategie nach all meinen Erfahrungswerten sind Teilverkäufe in steigende Kurse ... die Bye ans Hold Strategie geht viel zu oft in die Hose .
Ihr alle habts hier mit Plateau jedenfalls besser gemacht als ich . Hab blöderweise an das Ding nicht geglaubt, als sie plötzlich mit dem Li-Projekt kamen und der Kurs anzog . Bin 20017 raus , ärger mich jedesmal, wenn ich das seh . Also freut Euch , wenn Ihr dabei wart oder noch seid und wenn Ihr SICHERHEITSHALBER schonmal Gewinne beiseite geschafft habt ... der Rueckschlag kommt , das ist Börsengesetz , spätestens wenns ans "Eingemachte" geht.
Buy and Hold bzw. Augen zu und durch hat sich gelohnt.

Bei 0,60 CAD nachzukaufen wäre noch besser gewesen ...
meine teilverkäuft bei 0,60 cad und 1,30 cad waren auch nicht so gut ;)
Tolle Entwicklung .
Leider den nun 6 Bagger zu früh weg geworfen .

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