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Crystal Exploration, new diamond deal ?! (Seite 55)

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Karte der erweiterten, potentiellen Goldmineralisierung
zu meinem vorherigen Beitrag hier die Karte von der Benchmark Metals Homepage:

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Gespräch mit CEO Benchmark gestern
Im canadischen Forum hat der sehr bekannte und respektierte User Goldfinger Rücksprache gehalten mit dem CEO von Benchmark:
Hier der Wortlaut auf englisch
@Goldfinger Notes from call with $BNCH President Jim Greig:

The Phoenix Zone is a new area that is drill indicated by a minimum of 175 meters of strike length (open in both directions) and is open at depth below 50 meters. This area was previously mined, where near 5,000 tonnes of ore was mined at over an ounce per tonne (39 g/t Au and 1,700 g/t Ag). This Zone was not fully mined and has large future potential with more drilling required to define the boundaries. It's up to Benchmark to determine how many ounces are at Phoenix.

There is good potential to show that the entire 2+ kilometer trend is connected at surface and/or depth from Phoenix to and beyond the Dukes Ridge Zone.

Finding lots of 1-3 g/t material (bulk tonnage but still economic because it is near surface) interspersed with high grade material such as the 20+ g/t Au-Eg over 4 meter intersection that was reported this morning. 20+ holes still to be reported and I got the sense there are some better intersections still to come. Benchmark believes there could be 2 million ounces at Lawyers once all the zones are tied together.

More drill results, geophysics and a 2019 drilling and resource expansion program will be announced over the coming months. Once all data has been compiled BNCH will announce a much larger drill program for summer 2019.

Benchmark will have a booth at Roundup and they will also be at PDAC.

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Weitere Löcher weitere Ergebnisse
Zitat : 20+ holes still to be reported and I got the sense there are some better intersections still to come. ceo Benchmark

Das hört sich doch gut an.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.611.226 von schniddelwutz am 11.01.19 16:13:45zu beachten vor allem Silber..gerechnet am Kurs fast gleich wertvoll wie die Goldfunde..


momentan Plus 20%..mal schauen ob jetzt mal endlich schub reinkommt..

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