Hummingbird Resources - baut gerade eine Goldmine in Mali 107k zu 695 AISC (Seite 7)

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Shareviews Ep 24: Amanda van Dyke talks on Gold, Uranium stocks and safe investment in commodities

Veröffentlicht am 06.01.2017
Fund Manager Amanda van Dyke talks on Gold and Uranium trends, market and companies to follow. Both precious metals are expected to have a bright future in the year 2017: Gold will be extremely hot during the Chinese New Year, Uranium might hit $30/40 price mark. Her stock picks includes Hummingbird Resources (LON:HUM), Centamin (LON:CEY) and Berkeley Energy (LON-ASX:BKY). Amanda is also Non Exec Director of Paternoster Resources (AIM:PRS), AIM listed investing company, aiming at helping undervalued AIM shells in the resources sector to turn around.

Super günstiges Uran durch Berkeley Energia | - Vollständige Diskussion unter:…
04.01.17 16:38:45
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ich bin hier schon länger dabei... dem Wert fehlt es an Aufmerkasmakeit... die mine ist durchfinanziert und mit dem Cashflow kann man das 2. (grössere) Projekt vorantreiben ... interessante Aktie!
03.01.17 19:00:39
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Forum LSE…

HUM CEO updates on the Yanfolila Gold Project now fully funded…

on Yeomans: Hummingbird Resources

A bet on a gold miner is in a large part a bet on the price of gold, which has not performed well of late. The election of Donald Trump initially boosted the precious metal, in the expectation of heightened uncertainty, but the market has since decided that the president-elect poses less of a risk to stability.

For anyone less sanguine, a gold miner that is advancing its project to production in 2018 may be an attractive opportunity – especially since gold stocks are not being replenished at a fast enough rate. Amid a plethora of junior miners clustered on Aim, Hummingbird Resources stands out: its $88m (£72m) Yanofila mine in Mali is now fully funded, after it raised $55m in debt last month, and $71m in equity last year.
gold miner
A gold miner that is advancing its project to production in 2018 may be an attractive opportunity

Construction begins in April, with the first gold expected next December. In Mali, Hummingbird has a relatively stable jurisdiction and an experienced mining workforce. Founder Daniel Betts has a gold pedigree: his family business owns the oldest privately held bullion smelter in the UK. Hummingbird also has a tantalising option to develop a gold field in Liberia.
03.01.17 18:55:52
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29.12.2016 Appointment of Mining Contractor for Yanfolila Gold Project

Hummingbird Resources (AIM: HUM), is pleased to announce that it has appointed African Mining Services ("AMS"), a subsidiary of ASX listed Ausdrill Limited, as its mining contractor at the Company's Yanfolila Gold Project in Mali, where mine construction is currently underway ahead of its first gold pour, expected to occur in 2017.…

6.12.2016 US$55 Million Debt Facility Fully Funds Yanfolila Gold Project…

03.01.17 18:52:18
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Nachdem es zu Hummingbird noch kein Thema gibt eröffne ich hiermit einen.

Hummingbird baut gerade eine Mine in Mali (eher in der sichereren Südwestecke) und haben noch ein Projekt in Liberia - Liberia’s largest gold deposit –total mineral resource of 4.2Moz Au

Mittlerweile auch voll finanziert un und soll Ende 2017 produzieren- Mining is due to commence in Q3 2017 with first gold pour due by the end of Q4 2017.

Meiner Meinung nach ein ideales Übernahmeziel (ähnlich True Gold 2016)
Einige große Aktionäre wie Goldfields, Sprott und Pala sowie einige bekannte Firmen in der Nähe wie z.b. Endeavour Mining, Randgold etc.

sinnvoller Handel findet nur in London statt

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Hummingbird Resources - baut gerade eine Goldmine in Mali 107k zu 695 AISC