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27.08.19 18:45:39
Hier wird die nächste Party losgehen🤑
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27.08.19 20:17:40
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.353.463 von Win_the_Game am 27.08.19 18:45:39
Zitat von Win_the_Game: Hier wird die nächste Party losgehen🤑

Absolut - schlanke 18Mio$ Marktkapitalisierung und spektakuläre Phase 2 Resultate…
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07.09.19 16:45:59
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.354.261 von soulist am 27.08.19 20:17:40First there was a big crowd, about 5 of us...🙂

The meeting that was lead by Rob Farrell, which I find really calm and really knowledgeable of the product, he went on describing pretty precise on detail, and this was very good to have an understanding of the GVHD product.
He also talk about phase 2.
We should all be done with phase 2 this year (Pretty soon)… with better results.
And they probably won’t need to test the high dosage(300 mg)
Because they already know that higher level is not good at one point, so we should be good to go after the dosage of 150 mg. they know this from GW pharma studying.
He also talk about the process the small pharma go thru.
He said that Big pharma wait for phase 2 to be completed before they get involved.
The way he said it is sound like they already have this partner line up… of course you can’t say it would be illegal, I’ve got a personal feeling that GW Pharma is highly interested in this company.
Once a partner join they would take care of all phase 3 Financing, so no more Dilution to get phase 3 done.
So now we have to wait for phase 2 to be done and we should know about a partner right after. Then no more fees.
He also talk about bringing revenue thru Royalties and Licences (As soon as phase 2 is done)… which bring $ and you don’t have to do nothing.
Oregon Hemp farm.
He brought the subject of the last acquisition, in short this could be brining over 18 Millions as a really conservative number next year…. Which would mean profit of around 5-10 Millions next year.
He mention that Eclipse would already buy all of there production to produce hemp Drink.
I did a search on eclipse and they are a very well establish and need a lot of CBD
And this farm got room to grow if required.
And finally we briefly talk about Kal-1816, which is the CBD molecule modified by kaly and patented, as we all know GVHD is about 600 Millions a years, and Opiod is over 20 Billions a year in the state alone… of course we are just starting with Kal-1816…
The way we spoke I believe is open to a partnership and a buyout but not know, since the price is so ridiculously undervalued…but in 4-5 Years Kal-1816 will be ready… unless they speed it up.
He also talk about getting a Toronto base business to promote Kaly.
I've also mention that most of the individual I've talk to we're against the RS because of the Shorter. So once we get a partner and phase 2 done we could have to vote... he said that it need to be at 5$ to get on the nasdaq..
In short this is it.
I’ve got a great feeling after talking with him.
Now let’s have phase 2 done and wait for the good news that will follow …

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21.10.19 16:51:26
Wieso geht es mit der Aktie nur bergab? Man befindet sich doch in einer sehr weiten Phase der Produktentwicklung und hat dann Monopolstellung......
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21.10.19 20:52:48
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.736.113 von dabertomalso am 21.10.19 16:51:26Weil die noch nicht die komplette Finanzierung durch haben.....Zum Jahresende geht das Geld aus.
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22.10.19 14:37:47
Ja aber die dürften doch wohl in diesem Entwicklungsstadium einen passenden PharmaPartner finden, zumal es kein vergleichbares Produkt auf dem Markt gibt....
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22.10.19 19:21:12
Ob es ein vergleichbares Produkt gibt das weiß ich nicht. Das müsste man recherchieren. Aber solange keiner den Laden finanzieren will, solange wird hier nichts passieren. Hört sich alles gut an, aber keine Finanzpartner vorhanden.....woran das liegt...keine Ahnung. Ich bin und war hier nicht investiert.
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08.02.21 16:36:41
Weiß jemand etwas über den Anstieg seit 2 Tagen?
Mögliche Arbeit an Covid-Vaccine oder Ähnliches?
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02.03.21 14:25:14
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03.03.21 14:32:07
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Revolution in der Cannabismedizin mit Kalytera Therapeutics