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NSPR: The Cheapest NYSE

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NSPR: The Cheapest NYSE hidden gem with Good News --- see the links below! $2.74 a share Huge Book Value! $5.10 a share Huge Cash Value! A Debt-Free hidden gem with Hyper Tiny SS! The overdue big bounce will test the price levels $1.23 ~ $1.74 easily because A Series Of Good News will kick in very soon... The most recent high was $4.39 with the news from the second link below!

The company will soon issue great news to boost the share price just like it did 3.1135-Bagger Quick Huge rally five months ago --- from $1.41 to $4.39 within just a single day!
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2017 / InspireMD, Inc. (NYSE MKT: NSPR) (NYSE MKT: NSPR.WS) ("InspireMD" or the "Company"), a leader in embolic prevention systems (EPS) / thrombus management technologies and neurovascular devices, today announced it has signed an agreement with ab medica Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, ("ab medica GmbH") a leading medical distributor in Germany, to distribute CGuard™ EPS (Embolic Prevention System).

James Barry, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of InspireMD, commented, "ab medica GmbH is probably the leading distributor in the peripheral and vascular medical devices sector in Germany and this agreement is consistent with our new strategy of utilizing a direct distribution model focusing on regional distributors that have access to all of the key clinical specialties. Germany is the largest CAS market in Europe and, given the strong growth we saw in 2016 in the markets where this model has been in place and managed by InspireMD, we are very optimistic about the market potential for our product in Germany."

Dr. Georg Landsberg, CEO & Founder of ab medica GmbH, stated, "We are excited to partner with InspireMD to distribute CGuard in Germany. We are committed to building on the work done by InspireMD's prior distributor in Germany and adding at least 50 new hospitals to our client list and thus more than doubling CGuard's market presence and market share over the next twelve months. Our ability to include as yet untapped markets such as the Vascular Surgery segment in our sales efforts, makes us confident that we can add a new dynamic to the marketing of CGuard, which we believe will rapidly become the standard of care through its potential safety benefits."

Agustin Gago, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer of InspireMD, noted, "ab medica GmbH is an ideal partner as it has long standing relations with all the major Group Purchasing Organizations in Germany covering all the relevant clinical specialists that use carotid stents. ab medica also has established relationships with Germany's top KOLs, including interventional neuroradiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists and interventional radiologists. ab medica will immediately assume all the existing accounts supported by our former distributor, with plans to at least double the number of centers utilizing our device in Germany over the next year."

About InspireMD, Inc.

InspireMD seeks to utilize its proprietary MicroNet™ technology to make its products the industry standard for embolic protection and to provide a superior solution to the key clinical issues of current stenting in patients with a high risk of distal embolization, no reflow and major adverse cardiac events.

InspireMD intends to pursue applications of this MicroNet technology in coronary, carotid (CGuard™), neurovascular, and peripheral artery procedures. InspireMD's common stock is quoted on the NYSE MKT under the ticker symbol NSPR and certain warrants are quoted on the NYSE MKT under the ticker symbol NSPR.WS.

Great Key Europe-Patent News for NSPR last week --- see the first link below! NSPR will explode as soon as the next week after a series of most recent Good or Great News --- see the links below. Hopefully the company will issue a quick press to disclose this very important patent to the investing public which might drive the price back to $1.88 again based on 3.115-Bagger Quick Rally history --- see the second chart below!

The Initial Strong bounce (36.1222%) had already bounced to $0.82 from the bottom $0.6024 --- see the first chart below!

The most recent 3.1135-Bagger Quick and Big rally (within just a day) NSPR surged from $1.41 to $4.39 v.s. at the joke low $0.64 now! If NSPR does the Same-Percentage rally again then it will hit another New high $1.88!

NSPR is the Cheapest NYSE stock among all the same industry peers! The Positive Huge Book Value is $2.74 a share and Huge Cash Value is $5.10 a share! NSPR is a 100% Debt-Free hidden gem with Rapid business expanding to the Entire Europe and the Whole World...

The company should issue a series of further good news to reward all the NSPR shareholders and investors after collecting near $10M cash from them most recently.






The shorting data Info. is from the Official 100% Real NASDAQ Authority --- see the link below! Total 322,700 shares were shorted as of 03/31/2017 and total 288,200 shares were shorted as of 04/15/2017! NSPR only has 1,428,000 shares Hyper Tiny float. Thus the shorting shares were 22.6% ~ 20.2% of the Entire float on 03/31 and 04/15 respectively! Therefore when the Huge Short-Squeezing is triggered this NYSE stock can easily be driven back to the Dollar Land again based on the common Chase-To-Cover Effect and Hyper Tiny float count (mere 1.428M shares)...

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