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London to lose €800bn to Frankfurt as banks prepare for Brexit

Lobby group says up to 37 finance firms are relocating to Germany, taking assets with them

Kalyeena Makortoff Banking correspondent

Thu 29 Nov 2018 08.00 GMT
Last modified on Thu 29 Nov 2018 08.16 GMT

London will lose up to to €800bn (£700bn) in assets to rival financial hub Frankfurt by March 2019 as banks start to transfer business to the German city before Brexit day.

The lobby group Frankfurt Main Finance released the figure after it was confirmed that 30 banks and financial firms had chosen the city as the site of their new EU headquarters.

But with several banks – including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – planning to spread their operations across a number of cities including Dublin and Paris, the lobby group believes the number of firms committed to expanding or setting up offices in Frankfurt will be closer to 37.

Ultimately it will mean draining billions of pounds worth of assets from London to companies’ German operations within months.

“All in all, we expect a transfer of €750bn to €800bn in assets from London to Frankfurt, the majority of which will be transferred in the first quarter of 2019,” said Hubertus Väth, the managing director of Frankfurt Main Finance.

Banks, insurers and other financial services companies are in a race against the clock to clinch licences and bolster their continental workforces before Britain leaves the EU.

Without a comprehensive trade deal between the UK and EU that covers financial services, companies risk having no replacement for lost passporting rights, which currently allow firms to serve clients across the bloc.

The proposed Brexit withdrawal agreement has yet to gain parliamentary approval, ...

The City minister, John Glen, last month backed Bank of England estimates that Britain is likely to lose about 5,000 City jobs by the time the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019. ...


Sandra Navidi
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Dankeschön #Vladimir Putin: London to lose €800bn to Frankfurt as banks prepare for #Brexit

Bernd Fox ‏ @eccofoxtrott 29. Nov.
Antwort an @SandraNavidi
Inwieweit ist Putin daran schuld?

Sandra Navidi
‏Verifizierter Account @SandraNavidi 29. Nov.
Desinformazia #Brexit

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Bernd Fox @eccofoxtrott 29. Nov.



How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime
BY Julie K. Brown
Nov. 28, 2018 | En español

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article220097825.html…

Even from jail, sex abuser manipulated the system. His victims were kept in the dark
BY Julie K. Brown
Nov. 28, 2018

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article219494920.html

Sandra Navidi hat Miami Herald retweetet

My theory: #Epstein was planted by the Russians decades ago for the sole purpose of producing #kompromat. The guy comes out of nowhere, penniless & w/o any discernible talents. All of a sudden he's a billionaire w/ a private plane, island& highest level "clients" across the board

Sandra Navidi hat hinzugefügt,


Sandra Navidi, BeyondGlobal
"Eine Totalkatastrophe: Trump möchte Diktator spielen"

28.11.18 10:03 Uhr – 02:58 min

Nicht nur die Massenentlassungen bei Autobauer General Motors gelten als Anzeichen, dass Donald Trumps Handelspolitik auch in den USA negative Auswirkungen haben dürfte. Sandra Navidi von BeyondGlobal analysiert die Ursachen und Zusammenhänge.


Sandra Navidi, BeyondGlobal
"G20: Es ist unklar, was Trumps Endgame ist"

30.11.18 10:33 Uhr – 02:25 min

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.337.302 von teecee1 am 30.11.18 18:41:26
 ... :rolleyes: ... Gedanken zum Brexit ... "you are all fired - banksters are killed ..." ... M.UK.G.A. ...

Karperei: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaperei

... Clean up ... Die Kapitäne dieser Schiffe besaßen offizielle Kaperbriefe, die sie dazu berechtigten, im Namen der britischen Krone feindliche Schiffe zu kapern und Beute zu machen. ...
... :rolleyes: ... der Tag niX ...

Planetary liberation.

Basically there are three phases in the plans of the light forces for planet Earth and its inhabitants: ...

This is what will happen during the Event:

- The immediate termination of the corrupt, debt based financial system (all digital transactions will be blocked, only cash transactions will continue)
- All financial instruments and derivatives worth dozens of times the real economy will be zeroed out
- Mass arrests of all Cabal members worldwide (corrupt bankers, politicians, presidents, officials, negative secret society members, black nobility, Jesuits etcetera)
- The mass arrests will be reported and broadcast live on television and general information about the Cabal and their institutionalized crimes will be distributed

This is what will happen shortly after the Event:

- All off the books shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out
- Illegal and fraudulent business agreements with the Cabal will be cancelled
- The billion dollar gold bonds that the Asian royal families received in the 1930s in exchange for their physical gold will be submitted to the Federal Reserve Board for the long overdue repayment in physical gold plus interest; as the Federal Reserve and their shareholders will be unable to repay them, it will cause a cascade of bankruptcies of all Cabal controlled banks and financial institutions
- All financial debts public and private will be cancelled in a one time worldwide debt reset
- A new fair and balanced, equity based financial system will be put into operation
- Documentaries, testimonies and evidence will be shown to the public detailing the diverse criminal and evil activities of the Cabal

This is what will happen some time after the Event:

- All armed conflicts will cease as the instigators and financiers have been removed and rebels learn how they have been manipulated
- Multinational corporations will be split up and nationalized
- Cabal members who refuse to accept the Light will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun and have their soul reset, the others will be put on trial in courts of justice and answer for the crimes they committed in a truth and reconciliation process
- New worthy and conscientious leaders will take over the positions of power that used to be filled by Cabal members
- Prosperity funds will be released to all of humanity and assets illegally obtained by the Cabal will be redistributed
- Large scale projects will start to end poverty, stop destruction of nature and the environment, clean up the oceans and improve infrastructure
- Suppressed advanced technologies will be released and made available to be put into mass production, among which free energy devices are the most important
- Suppressed information about the presence of and past contacts with extraterrestrial beings will be disclosed

This is what will happen somewhat longer after the Event:

- Extraterrestrial beings of light will meet face to face with human beings from Earth, first on an individual basis and later on a large scale in public
- Inner Earth humans will contact the surface population and establish official ties
- We will be reunited with our soul family and those of us whose soul doesn't originate from Earth will be able to return to their home planet
- The ascension plan for planet Earth will be announced and the ascension process will start
- Humans will be brought to their light chambers on the spheres of the Galactic Confederation to be brought to full consciousness
- Individuals and groups will be healed from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage they have suffered and everyone will be held accountable for their individual role
- The negative people that are not affiliated with the Cabal will be re-educated and trained to live constructive lives
- Earth will be offered the opportunity to join the Galactic Confederation

The world after the Event.

Only by living for some time in real liberty, free from debt, misery, exploitation, manipulation, wars, crime, lies, deceit and high treason, will people realize what a huge difference it makes to have overcome the dark forces. This is the normal way of living, to help and support each and every living being in their pursuit of happiness. ...

People will become psychic, clairvoyant and sensitive to other people's feelings; they will also learn to communicate telepathically. ... ( ... "The End of 5G" etc. ... only Glasfaser ... / ... mein Gegenüber weiss was ich Denke ... und umgekehrt ... )

A third core instinct of humans is ...


... :rolleyes: ... hmmmm, ... 12 Monate oder 13 Monate mit je 28 Tagen ... MAYA Kalender ... ???

- ... Leonberg - Stuttgart ... 2002 ... totlachen ... beinahe ... zum Glück ...


Opposition organized to counter the dark.

Such a thing as the complete opposite of the absolute force of Light and divine Love was unthinkable, it had never been seen in the history of creation. But here it was, developing under the leadership of the fallen angels who had turned against Source and the spiritual order. The dark expanded their activities and sphere of influence and as a reaction the spirits of Light decided to contain the dark so that it wouldn't spread further into the universe. As far as I understand the dark have directly affected 3 galaxies, the Milky Way, Andromeda and one other neighbouring galaxy. Out of more than 100 billion galaxies that exist this is a tiny portion, but nevertheless the impact on creation is huge as everything is connected and fully conscious spirits have unlimited perception. There are no quick and easy fixes for the error in creation that we know as evil, its inception was unexpected and Source itself was hence unprepared for it. That means Source and the spiritual order had to come up with ways to tackle the problem of evil, and the primary anomaly that is at the root of it. This is how the light forces came about and thus the battle between the Light and the dark commenced. It is the mother of all battles, all other conflicts are dwarfed by it. ...

A warning and an encouragement.

I would like to summarize the pages so far by stating that the world called planet Earth is not normal by any standard, on the contrary: it is totally crazy and insane. We are used to living in the conditions that we're all too familiar with, such as crime, hate, wars, pollution, overpopulation, famines, economic crises, poverty, abuse of power, corruption and so on, but these are all problems that can be solved if we all take responsibility for our own life and the entirety of us and if we halt anyone who behaves in destructive and disruptive manners early on. Some people are so sick and twisted that the only solution will be to remove them from the planet and that is what will be done by the light forces, some extremely nasty people have already been removed. The thus far for the better part invisible war between the light forces and the dark forces is one of life and death; once the dark forces lose the war, it will quite literally result in their undoing. There has been a serious danger that the Light would be extinguished on this planet, which would be even worse than the current state of suppression and contamination of the Light by the dark. That danger has mostly been dissipated, but as long as the dark remains in power it continues to cause damage which might not be reversible. So a final push must be made for the total victory of the light forces over the dark forces, and for that I would like to invite you to do your part in the best way you see fit.
Human beings were not meant to wither away in a mind numbing or even degrading job sitting in front of a computer screen in a dull office day in day out, at an assembly line making long days for a meager pay or in a quarry collecting the crumbs of value such as minerals or metals. Life should be much more exciting and interesting than this, not just the few hours in the weekend that you get to spend on your hobbies and favorite pursuits, but all of your life. If the technologies that have the potential to make people virtually independent from centralized distribution systems would have been allowed to be put into mass production and sold at reasonable prices then we wouldn't need to work hard and would still have enough means to live comfortably. So the key question is: do you want to keep living as a wage and tax slave, being indebted to the banks from your adulthood until old age when you've finally paid off your mortgage and have no vitality left to do the things you always wanted to do if you would just have the time and money to do them? Or do you want to break free from this madness, this system of legalized theft that serves mostly the twisted worldview of the occultist clique that fooled us into this scheme from our early childhood? If you prefer the latter, then dare to take a stand and don't be concerned about the moronic reactions you will surely get. In a world where people have unwittingly been made into slaves and have reluctantly accepted that role it is absolutely necessary to confront them with the facts, even if it upsets them. Don't spit out the whole story for them in one go, it's better to gradually expand their awareness. In the upcoming pages I will give inspiration, share ideas and offer alternatives that can be put into practice in service of the great undertaking of our final liberation from the dark forces. ...


The Invincible Rulers – The Cabal’s Financial System is about to Implode
November 30, 2018 by Edward Morgan

The Ruling Bloodlines. The Illuminati thrive on Fear and Terror. Planet Earth is controlled through negative polarisation.

The Dark Forces

While most people are focused on the accusations of the Neocons and Liberals, pushing for the impeachment of President Trump, by making him out to be a crazy man not capable of running the government, this is in actual fact their response to his ongoing draining of the swamp operation. He is purging his staff of Deep State puppets, and attempting to wipe out corruption. It also shows that many people don’t understand what really is going on, as most are still asleep, with every day passing by just like any other day. Soon people will discover who and what really has been going on, and who they really are, when we discover our true origin. On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet and have had so for tens of thousands of years, while on the other hand there are the Light Forces – the Patriots that are making great efforts to remove the negative forces as soon as they can.

America has two kinds of armies; the non-corrupted military that serves their Commander-in-Chief, President Trump, and the military of the Deep State, known as the MIC – Military Industrial Complex, with the Secret Space Program military, comprising of the remnants of the Nazis’ Paperclip group, that were secretly relocated to America after WW2.

The force the President and his patriots are up against; is basically the military industrial complex – MIC, that is headed by Draco-reptilian officers, otherwise known as the Dark Forces, which are sabotaging positive initiatives, making it impossible to break through the negative Quarantine. This is the reason why i.e. commercial space travel cannot commence, even though the technology to make it happen is already available in the public domain for at least 70 years. But trust the Plan, every day we are coming one step closer to full Disclosure.

The mass arrests will show the world the truth about the banking institutions, our government and the cabal’s heinous crimes against humanity. Light will literally come to Earth for everyone. There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes and now it has become safer for the good guys to act, removing the dark forces, that comprise the Deep State. The main aim of the patriots is to minimise suffering on the planet and to decrease the level of violence.

The patriots have been fighting for an amazing future, that is real and will happen. To name a few things; Free Energy, Interstellar Travel, Tele Time Travel, an asset-backed monetary system, natural cures for the money-racket of chronic diseases on the planet such as cancer, methodologies to clean up the atmosphere from the poisonous, disastrous effects of geo-engineering and the exposure of the danger of GMO foods with a turn to 100% organic foods, bringing nutrition without poisons, in other words a real Golden Age is upon us. Many phenomena that were hidden will be revealed, and much of history that has been lost will be found and revealed again.

As an example; the Smithsonian Institute has recently been a prime cabal terrorist target to destroy the American culture and its artefacts. Similarly, they procured with their war actions in Iraq, to deliberately demolish as many ancient objects of art and ancient history, including clay tablets, with the objective of extinguishing humanity’s history forever.

The Cabal’s Financial System

In the recent past, the Cabal spent trillions upon trillions of dollars every year to give us the impression that nothing has been changed and nothing ever will. If the Deep State had it their way they would begin World War 3, for the sole purpose of restarting their Fiat Financial System, this time to be established on the SDR.

All they tell us are lies and pure nonsense of course. “Products are bought with products,” not with money alone, said the great 19th-century French economist, Jean-Baptiste Say. He described the real world, as a win-win world. If you want something, you have got to give something in return. Which means you have to produce something to give – and not just a piece of paper with ink on it.

This basic insight is that at the heart of civilisation; we aspire trading, sharing and cooperating, rather than stealing and committing corruption. It is at the heart of progress and prosperity. This means in other words; the more you want, the more innovative and better products you have to produce.

But the reality is that our financial authorities are not merely telling appeasing and incoherent lies; they are preventing people from seeing the truth. Optimistically coloured views and comments are not enough. Their principles are absurd, and are shameful lies. They tell people they can get richer by using their magic; by increasing the money supply, lowering the interest rate, manipulating statistics, or stealing from future generations by racking up obscene levels of debt.

All is deliberately done to solidify their grip on humanity over and again to acquire permanent enslavement of the populace at large. As a final goal, they aim to own the planet for themselves, believing that they have a right to it, being the Bloodline Families. They are the so-called One Percent Ultra Rich, made up of criminal bankers and multinational business owners. Another part of their script is the implosion of the stock market. The rulers’ Financial Institutions will then be able to call in all loans, followed by many bankruptcies and foreclosures, for yet more enrichment of the one percent.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of President Trump and his patriots, this is not going to happen, as they will have the initiative of the narrative by blaming the central bank for the coming implosion of the economy.

Election Fraud

Concerning the November 6th elections, a massive voter fraud has been uncovered in multiple locations across America. A staggering amount of voting machines were impounded by the Trump Team. Expect new elections for the vacant seats in DC after the guilty parties are arrested. The enormous amount of fraud that has been committed has been carefully documented and filmed. The Deep State puppets thought they would be successful in winning the House, they will be exposed!

In Sept 2018, Trump issued an EO (Executive Order) to prevent election fraud and interference; everyone caught committing it, will go to jail. Consequently, most of the Democratic deputies caught up in this fraud will be removed, either through FISA, the pending Indictments, or this voting fraud. New elections will be held early next year. The MSM will have to change their colours, otherwise they will be out of business. In the EO it is stated, that within max. 45 days after the elections, punishment will be executed, this means that these three disclosures will occur before 21st of December next. Trust that the patriots will eventually win!!! – Step by step, in this issue and the next; the hidden rulers will be disclosed. In the process, readers will discover their true historical descent.

The Ruling Bloodlines

There are nine important areas in which the bloodlines are heavily infiltrated. These are the Military, Government, Religion, Education, Management, Finance, Media, Healthcare and Sciences. In essence, they are everywhere in public life. They hold key positions in all of these main areas, aided by a fully-controlled and complicit Media machine and with their ownership of the Financial System and all big financial institutions, they virtually, have covered all bases.

There are 13 original core bloodlines, ...


... In diesem Buch wird auch erklärt, warum "Demokratie" eine Illusion ist, die geschaffen wurde, um die Sklaverei der Menschen zu verteidigen. Welche politische Seite auch immer "gewinnt"; der Deep State gewinnt immer. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten und alternative'Skripte'. Alle von ihnen führen zur endgültigen Umsetzung des Gesamtkonzeptes für ihre gewünschte Eine-Welt-Regierung mit einer stark reduzierten Bevölkerungszahl. Im Moment sättigen die Menschen ihren Geist mit ungesunden Produktionen, die auf ihren Fernsehern, von denen sie abhängig sind, serviert werden, und beobachten Gewalt, Pornografie, Gier, Hass, Egoismus, unaufhörliche "schlechte Nachrichten", bringen Angst und "Terror". ...

The Illuminati

The Illuminati were originally based in Europe, which is where their power base has always remained. This is why their power hierarchy around the world, whether in the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, or elsewhere will always point back to Europe, where the 13 bloodline rulers are based. Each ruler represents an area of Europe, ...

The actual rulers

The 13 basic bloodlines, for e.g. the Rothschild and the various bloodlines branching off from the Merovingian bloodline, are the most commonly known, but these still have a low ranking in the Big Pyramid Structure of the bloodline hierarchy. Nonetheless, they are the best known in the power game on Earth. The Rothschilds bloodline fights for their power position in the financial structure, and the Merovingian bloodlines for their position in the Earth’s nobility as for example the Hapsburg line that is still active in Europe, although mostly hidden. In many modern European countries, the heirs of these bloodlines are immensely wealthy, but secretly hidden. They are the “power behind the throne”, if not the actual rulers. ...

Specific details are sourced from interviews given by a ruling insider family member of one of the ruling bloodlines, using the pseudonym Hidden Hand.

Scipio Africanus- Vivo Ut Serviam
‏ @MScipio_African
3. Dez.

November 2018 Update to #SealedIndictments
5,233 new 66,568 entered 10/30/17 thru 11/30/18
Avg: 5,121 per month
Back-up files: https://tinyurl.com/yabcbz2r

Peter Oleksy
3. Dez.

68,615 Sealed Total

update Sunday 23:00


John Huber, die Clinton Foundation und Uranium One: Anhörung verschoben
Veröffentlicht von: N8Waechteram: 4. Dezember 2018

Für den morgigen 5. Dezember 2018 war eine Anhörung des US-Kongresses angesetzt, in welcher der vergangenes Jahr von dem unlängst aus dem Amt geschiedenen US-Justizminister Jeff Sessions eingesetzte Staatsanwalt John Huber Auskunft über seine Ermittlungen in Bezug auf mögliche illegale Aktivitäten der Clinton Foundation geben sollte.

Doch aufgrund des Ablebens des ehemaligen US-Präsidenten Herbert George Walker Bush und dem zu dessen Ehren für den 5. Dezember nun ausgerufenen “Trauertag“, an welchem auch seine Beisetzung in Washington D.C. stattfinden wird, musste die Anhörung verschoben werden.

Was ist an dieser Anhörung so wichtig?

John Huber ermittelt seit über einem Jahr mit einer Gruppe von 470 Anwälten und Ermittlern im Auftrag des US-Justizministeriums gegen die Clinton Foundation und über die Einzelheiten und Erkenntnisse ist bisher herzlich wenig bekannt. Erst vergangenen Oktober titelte die Washington Times, dass die Huber-Ermittlungen “von Geheimhaltung umhüllt“ seien und der republikanische Kongressabgeordnete Jim Jordan in seiner Funktion als Mitglied des Rechtsausschusses des US-Kongresses gerne wissen möchte, was Huber eigentlich tut.

Offiziell ist inzwischen, dass Huber die Clinton Foundation unter die Lupe genommen hat. Doch die Bedeutung dieser Ermittlung wird von den meisten Beobachtern unterschätzt, denn hier besteht ein unmittelbarer Zusammenhang zu dem “Uranium One“-Skandal, bei welchem, unter Hillary Clinton während ihrer Zeit als US-Außenministerin, der russischen Atomenergiebehörde Rosatom Zugriff auf 20 % des US-amerikanischen Urans gestattet wurde, was auf Umwegen mit großzügigen Spenden an die Clinton Foundation belohnt wurde.

Der FBI-Direktor während dieser Zeit war niemand anderer als Robert Mueller, ...



4 Investigations Share a Common Thread
By Jeff Carlson
November 30, 2018 Updated: December 3, 2018

News Analysis

If anyone tells you they are tired of nothing happening with regard to ongoing investigations, perhaps they should take a closer look at a number of events that came to light over the past few days.

In a matter that caused no small amount of worry and consternation among supporters of President Donald Trump, The Daily Caller reported on Nov. 29 that the FBI had raided the home of whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain.

The raid, which took place on Nov. 19, involved 16 FBI agents who had obtained a court order signed on Nov. 15 by federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher in the U.S. District Court for Baltimore, according to The Daily Caller. No reason for the 10-day delay between the raid and his lawyer’s public announcement was given.

Cain, whose name is new to the public, isn’t just any whistleblower. He retains a top-level security clearance and maintains a number of security-related credentials, according to his resume, which has since been deleted online. Specialties include the FISA Amendment Act (FAA) Section 702 and USSID SP0018 Minimization Procedures and Signals Intelligence Authorities.

According to the article, Cain “privately delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, ...

Two other events with a more international scope also have been underway.

Several banks are currently under investigation for a massive money-laundering scandal that is likely to only grow larger.

Danske Bank is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice, and new charges were filed this week by Danish authorities. The bank’s CEO and chairman both have been forced to resign and numerous current employees are under investigation. Danske Bank has admitted that approximately $230 billion has flowed through one of its units in Estonia, but the focus now appears to be shifting to other financial institutions:

“Howard Wilkinson, a former Danske Bank A/S manager who blew the whistle on its multibillion-dollar laundromat, told lawmakers in Brussels that when it comes to shell companies, or limited liability partnerships, the U.K. is ‘worst of all.’ He said he was legally prevented from naming the other banks involved, but urged lawmakers to treat the Danske scandal as a case that goes well beyond its core in Estonia,” Bloomberg reported Nov. 21. ...

Also on Nov. 29, Deutsche Bank’s headquarters was also raided by German officials. Transactions being examined by investigators relate to the bank’s wealth-management division, which previously has come under scrutiny.

According to a spokeswoman for prosecutors, the investigation covers the five-year period from 2013 to 2018 and is related to disclosures made in the Panama Papers—11.5 million leaked documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, then the world’s fourth-biggest provider of offshore services.

The Deutsche Bank raids continued for a second day and reportedly included the executive management board’s floor. Deutsche was one of Danske’s correspondent banks, as are JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. Any potential involvement of other banks will bear close watching.

Clinton Donor Charged

Lastly, ...

Robert David Steele: 230 Indictments Aimed at Congress, Deep State Take Down via Sarah Westall (Video)
Thursday, December 6, 2018 4:20

Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the latest on the fight against the deep state.

He shares his views on President Donald Trump’s progress in cleaning the swamp and how the deep state is destroying our country.

He also shares his views on the coup that is currently being forged in France and why it reflects the ongoing rage that is swelling in Europe.

Robert David Steele was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. He is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE) and now ...



FBI Razzia bei Whistleblower zu Clinton Stiftung und „Uranium One“ – Justizausschuss des US-Senats hinterfragt FBI-Vorgehen
Von Petr Swab Epoch Times (USA) / 5. Dezember 2018 / Aktualisiert: 5. Dezember 2018 14:42

Ein Whistleblower ließ dem Generalinspekteur des US-Justizministeriums Informationen zukommen, die Sonderermittler Mueller zum Gegenstand strafrechtlicher Ermittlungen werden lassen könnten. Auch die Clintons und ihre Stiftung geraten durch sie erneut ins Fadenkreuz.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Vorsitzender des Justizausschusses, möchte Antworten vom FBI-Direktor und dem Generalinspektor (IG) des Justizministeriums bezüglich der FBI-Razzia im Haus eines Informanten.

Das FBI drang in die Residenz von Dennis Nathan Cain am 19. November ein und beschlagnahmte Dokumente im Zusammenhang mit der Clinton Foundation und dem Uranium One Deal. Cain hatte die Dokumente zuvor einem Beamten aus dem Büro des IG (Generalinspekteur des Justizministeriums) zur Verfügung gestellt, berichtete ...-



Hans-Joachim Mueller

Post von Müller: … erschossene Verräter grüßt man nicht
6. Dezember 2018

Der Spass am Anfang,

GelbWesten - Putin war es - hätte ich auch gleich darauf kommen können, der CFR verbreitete dieses Ergebnis, er denkt weiter für uns, der DeepState in Aktion.

Q und Trump kommunizieren mit Skull&Bones über ein Schloss in Belgien zum Kinderschänderskandal der die Elite außen vor ließ.

Wartet ab, es kommt auch diese Schande an das "1000 Punkte für" Licht.
Das alles noch offen ist, sehen wir an den manipulierten Prozessen gegen Spitzengestalten des DeepState, Milliardäre finanzieren offen die angeklagten Kinderschänder, was sollen wir tun? Richter gestatten erstaunliches. Es ist nicht wichtig, US-innerer Kampf.

Trotzdem sehen wir die Kulmination des Endkampfes, ein geschlossener Sarg, Trump zeigt deutlich was er von Skull&Bones und dem Führer der faschistischen Liga, da im Sarge hält.

Stichwort Nekrophilie.

Inmitten der Vollversammlung von Kandidaten für Guantanamo.

Insgesamt 1min schaut er wackelnd auf den Sarg, dann grüßt er den Offizierskollegen aus WestPoint.

Sieht also mehr nach Selbstmord aus, erschossene Verräter grüßt man nicht.

Wer sich mit der US-Innenpolitik beschäftigt, der sieht ganz klar, das es auf die Entscheidung hinaus läuft, das endet noch dieses Jahr.

Haben wir gesehen, wie Skull& Bones schon um einem oder zwei Tage Verlängerung kämpft? Comey gewann 2 Tage, durch den Tod des Oberhauptes Skull&Bones, der solange Chef ist, bis er tief unter der Erde liegt.

Das es los gegangen ist in Gitmo, sehen wir an der Verlegung eines weiteren Polizeibataillones dort hin.

Die Nato und EU wurden in der Zwischenzeit, von Pompeji informiert, das die NWO zu Ende ist, nur noch drei Player spielen das Spiel. Keiner davon steht an der geheimen Spitze des Vatikans.

Die Tripolare Weltordnung steht, die Spieler handeln bei Problemen zwischen sich mittels Deal, nicht mittels satanischer Ideologie.

Allerdings schaffen sie Probleme für die "Gegner", die Nato und die EU. Stichwort INF-Vertrag (nimmt der EU den Schutz der USA und gestattet Russland dann wieder Mittelstreckenwaffen) und Stichwort Geld.

Die Freunde der drei Player haben ihren Handel vom Petrodollar bereits abgekoppelt, die EU merkt auch "schon", das irgendwas im Busche ist.

Sie "stabilisiert" ihr inflationäres Eurosystem, die Staaten müssen Stammkapital für die EZB nachschiessen und der ESM soll zukünftig fallende Banken retten.

Das ist eine Spassidee, denn kracht eine Bank, springen alle anderen hinterher. Ein hasardes Spiel mit der Glaubwürdigkeit, denn weder EZB noch ESM besitzen werthaltiges Kapital.

Alle Banken hier sind bereits "too big to fail".
Der ESM besitzt, außer Zusagen von Pleitestaaten, genau 0 komma nix.

Das ist nicht so schlimm, wie es aus sieht, denn alles Vermögen aller Menschen der Eurozone ist bereits 3 mal verspielt, man sollte viel mehr staunend bewundern, wie lange die Kabale ihr System aufrecht erhält, sie macht nämlich seit langem keinen Gewinn mehr, lebt genau wie wir, von der Hand in den Mund.

Das wichtige daran, die Schuldscheine besitzt alle die Kabale selbst, ist sie zerschlagen, gibt es keine Schulden mehr.

Für uns gezwungene Zuschauer (Besatzung durch US,Vatikan/Israel/ 15 mal DeepState-Organisationen) sollte deshalb gelten:

Etwas Unordnung tut dem faschistischen Regime in Berlin ganz gut, macht Demos, macht GelbeWesten, vernetzt Euch und schafft keine Behinderung für die Arbeitnehmer selbst.

Es geht nur gegen die Firma BRD und Geschäftsführung Berlin, das andere muß Trumpi schon selber machen, denn die USA hält uns seit 73 Jahren besetzt, heute, Gott sei dem gedankt.

Das Cern außer Betrieb ist, hat wohl nichts mit "Sternentoren" oder Waffen zu tun?
Denn eine Suche nach Materie ergab ...



Noch haben die Logen nicht aufgegeben, sie verloren den Chef des weltweiten faschistischen Blocks, Bush, zu dem Rockefeller, Clinton und Obimbo gehört. Die Mitarbeiter sehen sie im Tweed des Präsidenten, der Gitterstäbe setzt.

Die P2 verlor die finanzielle Macht der Rothschilds, die Zentralbanken existieren ohne diese Giganten immer noch, in privater Hand. Die Großvermögen sind separat gestellt, man weiß nicht, wie es weiter geht.

Der Vatikan, also P2, verlangt wackelnd, aber stur, als Player ganz oben zu bleiben, genau so wie er versucht, schottische Loge und Oriente Loge mit im Spiel zu behalten. Die Chinesen sollen da mitmachen, die Diktatoren Putin, Xi, und Trump ebenso.

Für uns bedeutet dies im großen und Ganzen, es ändert sich noch nichts. Das Spinnennetz gibt nur ein paar Personen auf. Solche wie das Merkelding, die Clintons und ihre Zöglinge.

Das alles bedeutet, Trump steht noch mitten im Krieg.

Seine Aufgabe ist weiterhin, den Spielfiguren ein Ende im Gefängnis zu liefern, das internationale Schuldgeldsystem zu zerschlagen, ob Nationalstaaten innerhalb ihrer Grenzen Schuldgeld weiter betreiben wollen, ist global bedeutungslos.

Er muß ebenfalls den Weltfrieden ausrufen, selbst diese Selbstverständlichkeit kann er noch nicht.

Solange also in den USA nicht die Macht des DeepState gebrochen ist, laufen wir weiter in Merkels Messerkrieg herum.
Allerdings ist dieser Krieg innerhalb des Landes "deutsch" selbst verursacht, mit mindestens 2/3 Mehrheit gewollt, niemand beschwere sich.

Wir sehen, zwei der Mächtigen (Putin und XI) stehen Gewehr bei Fuß und warten auf Amerika, das zieht sich und zerrt sich anstrengend langsam durch die bewegte Zeit.

Wir Deutschen beschäftigen uns mit einem bedeutungslosen FaschistenPackt, der "deutsch" vernichten soll. Der mit unserer Nation und dem Deutschen Reich nichts zu tun haben wird. Die MerkelBande schließt einen Packt mit sich selbst.

Kein Mensch in GelbenWesten ...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.381.771 von teecee1 am 06.12.18 17:55:38 ... :rolleyes: ... 230 Anklagen ... 23.0 ... ein Tag vor Weih.nacht.en ... 8cht in China als Glückszahl ... 250 yards ...

Trump brauchte für 230-Meter-Fahrt Wagenkolonne aus acht Autos

14:25 06.12.2018 (aktualisiert 14:27 06.12.2018)

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat George und Laura Bush in einem etwa 230 Meter vom Weißen Haus entfernten Gasthaus besucht. Dafür brauchte er eine Karosse und sieben Begleitautos, wie die Zeitung „Washington Post“ schreibt.

Das Blair House Gasthaus liegt knapp 230 Meter vom Weißen Haus entfernt. Dennoch benutzte Trump seine Paraden-Karosse mit einer massiven Wagenkolonne, um den ehemaligen Präsidenten George W. Bush und seine Frau Laura am Dienstag dort zu empfangen.

Der Besuch von Trump und seiner Frau Melania dauerte nur 23 Minuten.

Die Wagenkolonne warf Fragen und eine „gesunden Spekulationsdosis“ darüber auf, warum die Trumps nicht in der Lage waren, einfach über die Straße zu gehen. Oder wollten sie es einfach nicht?

„Die Staatschefs, darunter auch der letzte, legten diesen Weg immer zu Fuß zurück“, zitiert die „Washington Post“ den ehemaligen Sprecher des Nationalen Sicherheitsrats Edward Price.

Die Zusammenkunft ...

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.383.271 von teecee1 am 06.12.18 20:32:08Washington Post faces potential conflict over Bezos-CIA deal

RT America
Am 18.12.2013 veröffentlicht

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post in October, promising that "the values of The Post do not need changing. The duty of the paper is to the readers, not the owners." But now the newspaper is dealing with conflict-of-interest questions, as Bezos recently signed a $600 million contract with the CIA to provide cloud-computing infrastructure, far more than the $250 million he paid for the paper. John Hanrahan, a former Washington Post reporter, said, "This sends a clear messag to event the hardest-nosed journalist that making the CIA look bad might not be a good career move." These questions of integrity come as American's confidence in newspapers reaches near-historic lows. RT's Sam Sacks discusses future of journalism and Post reporters' potential conflicts with Jeff Cohen, a journalism professor at Ithaca College.


The Amazon Echo Is Spying On You, Shuts Down When Asked About CIA, NSA

Am 09.03.2017


AMAZON – Der digitale Weihnachtsmann weiß, was du willst [DFP11]
7.12.2018 • 19:42 Uhr

min. 15:30 - 20:35

... Ist nun Amazon als Unternehmen so unbeholfen und überfordert, wie so viele andere Firmen, die Massendaten von ihren Kunden sammeln? Oder ist Amazon mit ihren 2006 gegründeten „Amazon Web Services“ im Gegenteil, der größte und mächtigste Vorreiter in der Analyse und Auswertung von Massendaten? Ein Beitrag zu der Big Data-Dominanz von Jeff Bezos und seinem IT-Imperium, von Alexander Palucki. ...

Bildnachweise für den Beitrag „AMAZON – Die Vernetzungen des BIG DATA-Players mit der CIA“:
Quelle 1: YouTube // AmazonFulfillment
Quelle 2: YouTube // AmazonFulfillment
Quelle 3: YouTube // Microsoft Datacenters
Quelle 4: YouTube // Visualmodo
Quelle 5: YouTube // Spark Summit
Quelle 6: YouTube // The Aspen Institute
Quelle 7: YouTube // GeekWire
Quelle 8: YouTube // Samuel Ezerzer


ESM, Zentralbanken, Schuldgeld ...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.395.316 von teecee1 am 08.12.18 13:32:55 ... :rolleyes: ... il-Legalisierung von Chemtrails ... Bill vergiftet sich selbst ... wenn er weiter frei herumläuft ... so blöd muß man erstmal sein ... einen kleinen Kälteeinbruch am 15th Dec. kann NY ruhig vetragen ...

Bill Gates Announces Plans To Use ‘Chemtrails’ to ‘Solve Global Warming’
December 8, 2018 by Edward Morgan

By Baxter Dmitry,

Bill Gates(...Microhirn...) has announced plans to spray particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth to “dim the sun” in order to “stop global warming.”

Harvard scientists, funded by Bill Gates, are attempting to copy the effects of a massive volcanic eruption to block the sun’s rays and reflect them back into space.

As part of a $3 million experiment, the team from Harvard University will “spray tiny chalk particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth,“

They hope these chemtrails will have a similar effect to an erupting volcano releasing sulphur dioxide.

MailOnline reports: In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, releasing 20 million tons of sulphur dioxide. That cooled the planet by 32.9 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 months. ...




Planspiele von US-Forschern: Manipulation der Erdatmosphäre soll Klimawandel aufhalten
7.12.2018 • 06:30 Uhr

Gegenwärtig wird auf dem Klimagipfel in Polen diskutiert, wie sich der Klimawandel abwenden lässt. US-Forscher schlagen eine kostengünstige und technisch machbare Lösung vor: Eine Flotte von Flugzeugen soll Schwefelpartikel in der Erdatmosphäre versprühen.

Am Montag hat im polnischen Katowice der diesjährige Klimagipfel begonnen, an dem Vertreter aus 200 Staaten teilnehmen. Die Zusammenkunft scheint dringender geboten denn je: Vor Wochen vermeldeten Klimaforscher, dass die gemessene Konzentration der Treibhausgase in der Atmosphäre so hoch sei wie nie zuvor. Um das in Paris vereinbarte Klimaziel – eine durchschnittliche Erderwärmung von maximal 2 Grad Celsius bis zum Jahr 2100 – noch zu erreichen, müssten die Anstrengungen laut einem UN-Bericht verdreifacht werden. Auch ein aktueller US-Regierungsbericht warnt vor den katastrophalen Folgen des Klimawandels.

Um diesen aufzuhalten, (...um diese aufzuhalten, braucht es einen Crash...) will die Weltbank nun ihre Klimaschutzmittel auf 200 Milliarden US-Dollar für den Zeitraum 2012 bis 2025 verdoppeln. Dass am Wochenende in Deutschland Tausende für mehr Klimaschutz auf die Straße gingen, zeugt von dem wachsenden Bewusstsein in dieser Frage. (... bald werdet ihr gehen ...)

Und so bedrohlich die Folgen eines Klimawandels, so radikal fallen die Lösungsansätze aus, die Wissenschaftler ausbrüten. Dazu zählt etwa die Idee, ...


... :rolleyes: ... weniger Pflanzen, je höher das Testosteron ...??? ...


Brasiliens Amazonas

7900 Quadratkilometer Regenwald binnen eines Jahres abgeholzt

Abholzung in einer Größenordnung, die jede Vorstellung sprengt: Regenwald auf einer Fläche von mehr als einer Million Fußballfeldern wurde binnen einem Jahr im Amazonas vernichtet. Ein Grund:




... :rolleyes: ... ohne Worte ...

Amazon hat auf seinem Campus einen Indoor-Regenwald gebaut — wir haben uns dort umgesehen

Avery Hartmans
21.10.2018, 16:13

9. Dezember 2018

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Tsunami Bombe 2004 im indischen Ozean ...

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