Granada Gold Mine - Meinungen ?

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      Granada Gold Mine | 0,020 C$
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      Granada Gold Mine | 0,035 C$
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      Chart Indicates Granada Gold is Undervalued vs. Comparable Junior Gold Explorers

      Dear Investor,

      Many junior gold explorers are suffering undervaluation because of current market conditions but it appears to be particularly so for Granada Gold Mine Inc. (TSXV: GGM). 

      It becomes clear when viewing GGM's market cap (currently @$0.04/share only $6 million) in comparison to several other juniors which are approximately similar in their gold grades and/or resources and/or stage of development, as shown in the chart below recently added on page 18 of GGM's investor presentation (link below).   

      In addition, note that the Granada property is only 20% explored, has permits to begin open-pit production, mills in the area have milling capacity, and the potential in-situ value of the recently announced rubidium resource is equivalent to between 690,000 oz gold and 1,280,000 oz gold (not counted in the published gold resource).

      Market Cap Comparisons for Junior Gold Exploration Companies

                                      Similar grades and/or resource estimates

      Montage Gold (MAU) (lower grades than GGM, higher resource estimate)   Market Cap @$0.68:  $71 million
      Galantas Gold (GAL) (higher grades, lower resource estimate)   Market Cap @ $0.51: $50 million 
      Gold Terra Resources (YGT)  (similar grades and resource estimate)    Market Cap @ $0.19:  $41 million 
      Goldshore Resources (GSHR)  (similar grades, no resource estimate yet)   Market Cap @$0.31:  $40 million
      Kore Mining (KOR) (lower grades, higher resource estimate)   Market Cap @ $0.18: $20 million 
      Note:  Market Cap comparisons as of Aug. 16, 2022 are provided to encourage discussion of GGM’s market valuation in relation to other junior gold explorers with similar grades and/or resources

      Link to Granada Presentation…

      On August 9, 2022, Granada Gold Mine CEO Frank Basa, P.Eng., presented and answered questions about the company's gold resource update, new rubidium resource, and future plans during the John Tumazos Very Independent Research Mining Conference.  

      Link to 40-minute presentation and Q&A:…

      Alternative link to website page with this presentation and other videos:

      Link to an 8-minute Proactive video interview Aug. 3, 2022 with CEO Frank Basa:

      Granada Gold recently announced: 

      1)  A substantial increase in the Gold Resource estimate:  +21% to 543,000 oz of gold measured and indicated and +71% to 456,000 oz of gold inferred.

      2)  A new Rubidium Resource estimate with the rubidium at Granada having a potential in-situ value of 690,000 to 1,280,000 oz gold equivalent.

      Link to a PDF of the GGM presentation with resource tables and cross sections showing the gold and rubidium zones:

      Link to news release on revised gold resource estimate:…

      Link to news release on new rubidium resource estimate:…

      See below for brief Granada profile and view the company's website at

      Please contact us with any questions.


      Wayne Cheveldayoff
      Corporate Communications
      Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. (TSXV: CCW; OTCQB: CCWOF; Frankfurt: 4T9B)
      Granada Gold Mine Inc. (TSXV: GGM; OTC: GBBFF; Frankfurt: B6D)
      mobile 416-710-2410

      Granada Gold Mine | 0,027 €
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      Granada Gold Mine Inc.: Vermutete Rubidiumressourcen von 5,3 Mio. t mit 295 ppm…
      Granada Gold Mine | 0,035 C$
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 71.382.533 von kufis am 20.04.22 06:58:29!GGM-3237594/C/GGM
      Granada Gold Mine | 0,065 C$

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      Granada Gold Mine | 0,065 C$
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 71.047.169 von Bukmop am 08.03.22 12:31:11Mal schauen wann es hier abgeht. Im Goldboom nach der Finanzkrise hat sich die Mine ver80facht.
      Market Cap ist auch sehr klein im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Goldminen.
      Granada Gold Mine | 0,045 €
      schrieb am 08.03.22 12:31:11
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      Corporate Presentation February 2022
      Granada Gold Mine | 0,045 €
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      schrieb am 19.11.21 20:21:13
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      Neues Interview mit President & CEO Frank Basa:…
      Granada Gold Mine | 0,100 C$
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      Granada Gold Mine | 0,100 C$
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      Granada Gold Mine - Meinungen ?