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The Digital Arts Media Network (OTCMKTS:DATI) ‘Angels+’ and ‘Invest+’ programs were developed when founder, Ajene Watson recognized the lack of liquidity associated with early investing in startups. He started working on a model that would help bring more startups to life, and make investing in them easier all around. The Angels+ and Invest+ programs enable investors to access liquidity from their private investments within 24 months without giving up anything; no loss in equity, no additional cost, just a sweetener in a transaction angel investors do normally. The only difference is, with (OTCMKTS:DATI)’s public accelerator-incubator model, angel investors and traditional accelerators now have far less investment risk and the startups have better access to more investment capital, faster.

(OTCMKTS:DATI) has recently completed a strategic purchase of an equity position in the cannabis crowdfunding company Fundanna, Inc. (Powered by TruCrowd, Inc.,). Fundanna, Inc. is the owner of Fundanna.com, the only S.E.C regulated FINRA member crowdfunding portal under Regulation Crowdfunding (Title III of JOBS ACT) to specialize solely in cannabis focused crowdfunding. With Fundanna.com, both accredited and non-accredited investors alike are afforded the opportunity to invest directly in cannabis businesses. It goes without saying then, that Fundanna and DATI will mutually benefit from each other.

The initial investment, which was made as part of DATI’s Invest+ program, was done with the intention of building a long-term relationship with Fundanna, Inc. As such, Fundanna, Inc. acquired an equity position in Digital Arts Media Network. It’s anticipated that in the future, the relationship will expand to include other accelerator services, especially in the ancillary cannabis market. “In Digital Arts Media Network, we have found an investment and growth partner,” said Fundanna founder and CEO, Vincent Petrescu. He continued, “As our relationship grows, we will be able to leverage their platform and services to accelerate Fundanna’s business model.”
Public Accelerator Incubators, such as DATI, take the guess- work out of investing in startups while providing much needed ‘ground floor’ access to the average investor. And, with pressure mounting for accelerators to push the envelope, some of the biggest challenges are the limitations associated with investing in traditional programs. The pairing of the two companies can solve these challenges and attracting future investors in early-stage startups; in this particular instance of Fundanna.com, cannabis startups.

Going forward, the future of accelerator programs and early stage investments could see small-time investors joining the same investment pool as larger backers, funding the same well-vetted startups, while generating similar returns. This is an exciting prospect that enables everyone to have access to high-growth and high-valued early-stage companies.
In conclusion, true access to wealth and financial prosperity through investment may now be within arm's reach of investors of all sizes. The collaboration between DATI and Fundanna will lead to stronger ROI’s for investors in budding industries. That seems to be a good thing all around, shaking up the way people invest in startups.

Stock Symbol: DATI

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