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byton-DAS E-Auto der Zukunft! (Seite 20)

ISIN: KYG2118N1079 | WKN: A14U8U | Symbol: HA5
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... Euphorie ...
... und ich sehe auch immer mehr eAutos und Stromtanksäulen in den Straßen ...
... die Vorbestellungen klingen erfreulich ... aber ich kann nur hoffen, dass hier nicht zu viel versprochen wird ... denn die Teslarities geht um ... sprich die Zeiten haben sich geändert ... Aktionäre wollen Taten sehen ... ansonsten gibt es genug bessere Werte ...
Enthüllung am 10. September 2019 auf der IAA in Frankfurt
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Completion of BYTON’s global production base and preparing for delivery upon mass production by the end of the yearBYTON, being the Company’s venture capital investee, is a high-end smart intuitive electric vehicle manufacturer. Its plant construction, equipment installation and R&D on details are under smooth progress. Phase 1 of the global production base located in Nanjing has completed the roof works and the plant of which was constructed under industry 4.0 standard by adopting world-leading production equipment and technology. The construction of five major factories for stamping, coating, welding, assembly and battery have been completed and the main equipment has been installed. The installation of ancillary equipment is in progress and the entire production line is in the process of commissioning, which will be put into trial production in the third quarter.At the same time, M-Byte (mass production edition) will make its global debut in the third quarter, with the announcement of the pre-sale price, first model and key specifications, interest of first batch of users, etc., which will allow consumers to share our achievements and exploration of our vehicles from the concept to a real product. By the end of this year, BYTON will announce the detailed specifications, final price and specific policies on warranty, service and charging of the first model, M-Byte. Currently, hundreds of prototypes are undergoing all-round, stringent and extreme testing in the world, and a stunning high-end smart intuitive electric vehicle is on the horizon. Depending on the most frequently used basic features in daily driving scenarios, BYTON created customized interactive systems. The first batch of Internet partners, including Baidu, Ximalaya, Meituan, etc., will create a brand new social life platform for human-machine connections.
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