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12.10.17 15:07:51
macht Software für die Automatisierung von Arbeitsabläufen und wächst sehr schnell;

bisher ur in UK handelbar.
01.11.17 21:59:02
habs mal aus der MIT TechReview Top 50 Smartest Company übernommen.
21.11.17 15:10:39
vermute, Zahlen kommen erst im Januar
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21.11.17 15:48:28

kennst Du dich mit den britischen Firmen aus, die ähnlich wie Blue Prism an AI/KI arbeiten, und noch nicht von den bösen FANG´s geschluckt wurden?
Ich habe neuliche gelesen, dass in GB die besten Köpfe in den Startups und Firmen sitzen, wenn es um das Thema Künstliche Intelligenz geht.

Nach meinen Recherchen gibt es bisher nur eine reinrassige KI-Firma in Australien, alle anderen sind Institutionen, Universitäten Startups oder Startups im Tarnmodus. Meist SiliconValley -affin.

Oder eben nut Teilbereiche bei den Großen und Monopolen - FANG...
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21.11.17 21:15:32
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.236.385 von H2OAllergiker am 21.11.17 15:48:28
ein klares Nein;

habe kein Ahnung von KI
07.12.17 10:51:45
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.235.959 von R-BgO am 21.11.17 15:10:39
immerhin gab es das:
15 November 2017
Blue Prism Group plc ("Blue Prism" or the "Group")

Trading Update and Board Change

Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in Robotic Process Automation ("RPA"), today provides a trading update following the close of its financial year ended 31 October 2017 in addition to details of a forthcoming change to its Board of Directors.

Trading Update

The Board is pleased to report that Blue Prism continued to generate strong sales momentum in the second half of the financial year, driven by new customer wins and strong upsells with existing customers.

During the second half, the Group secured 400 software deals; of which 206 were new customers, 181 were upsells to existing customers and 13 were renewals. This momentum brings the total number of software deals secured during the financial year to 609; of which 324 came from new customers, 264 from existing customers and 21 from renewals. The Group achieved a 100% renewal rate in the financial year and all new customers were sourced indirectly via Blue Prism's global partner channel.

Given this commercial progress and recent new deals secured, the Board now expects to report revenue for the year ended 31 October 2017 comfortably ahead of current consensus expectations2 and an adjusted EBITDA loss1 broadly in line with current consensus expectations2. The Board is encouraged by the level of monthly recurring revenue at the year end and as such, now expects revenue for the current financial year to be above the upper end of the current analyst range.

Blue Prism will report financial results for the financial year ended 31 October 2017 on Thursday, 25 January 2018.

Board Change

The Board announces that Gary Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, will retire from his role and step down from the Board on 25 January 2018. Since joining Blue Prism in February 2015, Mr Johnson has led the development of the Group's financial platform, both ahead of and after the Group's 2016 IPO. The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his hard work and contribution to Blue Prism's progress to date.

The Board is pleased to announce that Ijoma Maluza will succeed Mr Johnson as Chief Financial Officer and as a member of the Board with effect from 25 January 2018. Mr Maluza will join the Group on 18 December 2017 and work alongside Mr Johnson in order to effect an orderly handover of duties and complete the delivery of Blue Prism's financial results for FY 2017.

Mr Maluza brings to Blue Prism significant experience of advising, working within and leading the evolution of technology and technologyenabledbusinesses.

He joins Blue Prism from ip.access Limited, where he currently serves as ChiefFinancial Officer. Prior to joining ip.access Limited, Mr. Maluza served as Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development Director of Xchanging plc between September 2008 and July 2016. In this latter role, Mr Maluza both supported and led a wide range of projects including investor relations activity, acquisitions and disposals and the process for the development and monitoring of Xchanging'scorporateandbusinessunitlevelstrategies.

MrMaluzaisaCharteredAccountantandafellowofICAEW(FCA), having commenced his career in 2002 at HW Fisher & Co., moving in 2005 to join NM Rothschild & Sons' Telecoms team, where he worked until 2008. Mr. Maluza read Economics at the University of Cambridge.

Alastair Bathgate, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Prism commented:

"It is encouraging to see the sales momentum we reported at the half-year stage continuing through the second half, particularlyinthefinalquarter,andonintothenewfinancialyearnowunderway.

Ourglobalpartnerbaseisengaged,our customers continue to seek out new ways to use our software to create real business value, and we look forward to another exciting year of growth.

On behalf of the Board and everyone at Blue Prism, I would like to thank Gary Johnson for his significant contribution over thepastthreeyears.

can now build upon with Ijoma's experience and energy as we welcome him to our team."
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13.12.17 07:24:55
Mittlerweile auch über Berlin handelbar.

Aber irgendwie habe ich ein Problem mit der Umrechnung... 1255 Pence sind doch 14,22€. Wieso ist die Taxe in Berlin deutlich über 15€?
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15.12.17 23:45:20
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.435.815 von XTrack am 13.12.17 07:24:55Habs wohl herausgefunden - der Makler in Berlin scheint sehr träge zu sein. War jetzt gut bei dem Downturn zu erkennen, die Taxen wurden nicht wirklich realtime angepasst.
19.12.17 18:39:29
Wegen Taxen, beim Handel in GB gibt es eine Stempelsteuer, die bei jedem Kauf Verkauf direkt abgezogen wird, deswegen wird der Spread hier höher ausfallen denke ich.…
25.01.18 10:17:02
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.387.239 von R-BgO am 07.12.17 10:51:4525 January 2018

Blue Prism Group plc

("Blue Prism" or the "Group")

Full Year Results for the Year Ended 31 October 2017

Significant strategic and commercial progress

Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in Robotic Process Automation ("RPA"), is pleased to announce full year results for the year ended 31 October 2017 (the "Period").

Financial Highlights

· Revenue increased 155 per cent to £24.5m (FY16: £9.6m)

· Recurring licence revenue represented 90 per cent of total revenue (FY16: 85 per cent)

· Exit run-rate (recurring licence revenue) increased to £2.8m per month at 31 October 2017 (31 October 2016: £0.95m per month)

· Adjusted EBITDA loss of £8.3m (FY16: £4.7m)*

· Cash and cash equivalents at 31 October 2017 were £16.3m (31 October 2016: £11.8m)

* Adjusted EBITDA loss is EBITDA loss adjusted to exclude share-based payments and foreign exchange (losses)/gains.

Operational Highlights

· Secured 609 software deals (FY16: 189), comprising:

o 324 new customers (FY16: 96)

o 264 upsells across 131 customers (FY16: 81 upsells across 47 customers)

o All scheduled renewals were achieved in the period, securing 21 renewals (FY16: 12 renewals)

· Further growth in customer base, which now stands at 477 (FY16: 153)

· All new customers sourced through our global partner channel

· International expansion continuing:

o US customer base stands at 135 (FY16: 26), with 109 new customers (FY16: 18), 63 upsells (FY16: 19) and 3 US renewals (FY16: 0) secured this year

o Emerging geographies growing fast, with APAC customer base now at 52 (FY16: 3)

o Sales and services operations opened in Japan, Australia and India

· Global employee base grown to 187 (FY16: 86), of whom 65 are US based

· Continued investment in the Group's software, with the launch of Blue Prism Version 6

· Further developed and standardised the ecosystem that surrounds and supports our growth:

o Technology Alliance Program expanding Blue Prism's interoperability with third party software

o Certification Programme established to ensure partner quality standards

o Advanced Blue Prism skills development efforts, increasing the number of accredited developers to 3,096 and establishing an Education Services division to drive training initiatives

Post Period End

· Announced that Gary Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, retires today from his role and Board position and is succeeded in both positions by Ijoma Maluza who joined the Group on 18 December 2017

The Company has this morning also launched a process to raise up to £40m in a Placing, carried out by way of an accelerated book build. Details of the Placing can be found in a separate announcement issued this morning.

Alastair Bathgate, CEO, commented:

"We are fast approaching the second anniversary of Blue Prism's admission to AIM and these results show just how far we have come in a short period of time. The significant sales momentum we have seen this year and the 609 software deals we have signed - more than three times the number signed in the prior year - underscores our confidence in our product and the market's readiness to engage in the potential of RPA.

As we move in to the new financial year, we will continue to focus on the many ways in which this commercial momentum is being driven. Our opportunity for geographic expansion continues to broaden; our sales partners are highly engaged and effective, continuing to deliver long term, valuable customers; and we are investing in educating developers, partners and customers on the power of RPA and the required skills to take advantage of it. Our rapidly growing Technology Alliance Program, which increasingly positions Blue Prism as the 'Operating System' for digital workforce deployments, presents us with further opportunities to develop new revenue streams.

The Group has had a strong start to the first quarter of FY18 and as such now expect revenues for the full financial year to be comfortably ahead of existing market expectations. Funded by the anticipated net proceeds of the Placing we have announced today, the additional investment planned for FY18 to support our global growth is expected to increase our revenue growth in the next financial year. The 2018 financial year shows every sign of being yet another exciting year of growth for Blue Prism."
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