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Cobalt wert in Australien bei uns noch nicht so bekannt.

Daten zur Info. Kürzel in Australien COB

Interessant zu lesen und beobachten.

Keine kauf empfehlung nur meine meinung.
War doch heute in australien ein schöner tag und das orderbuch schaut auch gut mal schauen wie wir ins

wochenende gehen.
Zur Info.

Yes the volume over the last 6 days has been strong and supported the rising SP. The impressive move above A$0.24 yesterday has setup COB for part 2 of its SP move which is to challenge its previous high closing price of A$0.335. COB broke out of its previous consolidation range on 31/10/17 so it is moving quickly which suggests that A$0.335 will be hit sometime soon.
This SP move is being supported by:
1. The strong market sentiment towards cobalt companies particularly non DRC companies.
2. The strong cobalt price US$60,000/ tn (2/11/17)
3. COB's R&R of 50ktns cobalt which has an in ground MARKEY VALUE = A$4b
4. A potential NPV = A$1.69 (Per fully diluted share after CR to support project CAPEX) (Refer my previous thread entitled "COB - a rough & ready NPV calculation")
5. COB being a "PURE" play. Not mixed up with Ni, etc. Means cheaper OPEX & CAPEX.

So all the stars are perfectly aligned to support the strong move in COB's SP. It took awhile to get going but the engine has now started and the accelerator is being depressed.

The Cobalt price is bouncing around US$60,000/tn at the moment and it feels as though it is trying to break above this price point to the exceptionally profitable ground above. I suspect this is not far away. My stuff only so please DYOR.

Fully agree with Mmoore and Bluesamurai and appreciate your postings. Holder since Feb. and following closely. I love the mgmt focus on low costs.What some investors miss is that beside the 100% focus on Cobalt, COB Cobalt deposit is Sulphite and not laterite = lower CAPEX and lower OPEX as much less acid is required for leaching. The latest metallurgical results of Oct 26th are excellent and reinforces the likelihood that COB will be a very low cost producer unlike ARL and CLQ which have laterites deposits and are dependant on Nickel prices as Cobalt is a by product for them. Glad to see the market finally noticed COB last week. MC at $ 28 Million right now (and only 95 Million shares) and in my opinion vastly undervalues the company. I have 400K shares with some bought 10 days ago and not about to sell any despite the current prices. If any pullback I'll buy more.

SourceURL:… urged to ease reliance on DRC for cobalt |
Reuters Tuesday November 07, 2017 12:56 AM

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GUANGZHOU, China, Nov 7 (Reuters) - China is depending too much on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for cobalt, a crucial component in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and should take steps to ensure security of supply, delegates said at an industry conference on Tuesday.
China, the world's top cobalt consumer, is "over-reliant" on the African country, which accounts for around half of global cobalt supplies, said Wu Lijue, chairman of Guangdong Jiana Energy Technology Co, a supplier of cobalt salts and other materials for EV battery cathodes.
Jiana itself, as well as compatriots including Huayou Cobalt Co and China Molybdenum , have all invested in cobalt-bearing assets in the DRC.
Speaking on the sidelines of the China International Nickel and Cobalt Industry Forum in Guangzhou, Wu told Reuters that China should consider upstream cobalt investments in Canada and Australia. Jiana has looked at potential assets in Canada, he said, without giving further details.
Xu Aidong, secretary general of Antaike's cobalt branch, said China "should develop some new channels" in its cobalt supply chain, by turning to other cobalt-producing countries such as Australia and stepping up recycling.

The risk of investing in the DRC was highlighted in late September, when the country briefly ordered a joint venture of Chinese investors known as Sicomines to stop exporting raw copper and cobalt. Wu noted that China has only 1 percent of global cobalt reserves and was exposed to price fluctuations due to its hefty reliance on imports.
Driven by the EV boom, China's cobalt consumption is set to rise by 17.4 percent this year to 54,000 tonnes, according to Ding Xuequan, vice president of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.
Wu said China needed to work out how to guarantee supply of battery raw materials and reduce their costs. The latter could be achieved by a combination of supportive policies and accelerated R&D work, he said.
Three-month cobalt is up 84 percent year to date at $60,250 a tonne on the London Metal Exchange, while nickel - another metal set to play a big role in the EV revolution - is up 29 percent to just under $13,000 per tonne.
The high cost of battery raw materials would also encourage development of alternatives such as "hydrogen batteries or other types of batteries," Wu said.

(Reporting by Tom Daly; Editing by Richard Pullin)

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