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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.321.486 von Rossi1985 am 22.08.19 19:42:05Ich habe noch alle und gehe davon aus das es wieder Aufwärts geht wenn die Lizenz da ist und gute Umsatzzahlen kommen. Ich bleibe dabei
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Ich lege bei dem Kurs auch immer weiter nach und habe noch keine einzige verkauft.
Heritage Cannabis Holdings | 0,287 €
Auch nach wie vor dabei. Zur Legalisierung #2 wird es bestimmt noch ein paar news geben 😋
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.321.486 von Rossi1985 am 22.08.19 19:42:05
Zitat von Rossi1985: Haben hier bereits alle geschmissen?
So ruhig war das hier ja noch nie 🤔
Wann setzt wohl die gegen Bewegung ein?

Es ist zwar seit Wochen/Monaten immer die gleiche Leier,aber hier passt wohl ein Spruch von Kostolany “An der Börse kommen erst die Schmerzen, dann das Geld.“

Heute Nacht hat Clint auf diesen Post von einen Facebook Usergeantwortet:

Anyone else frustrated with CANN performance? The manipulation is really obvious. I think who ever is controlling are sp is getting fed information they shouldn’t have access to. Management should keep their mouths sealed. Not normal that a deal with cron makes the sp dump. It’s literally our first nice sized deal signed on paper.. & this happens before every NR.. pumps up a week before then news comes and shorts send us back further. When will this all stop? How is cibc getting away with the downticks at 3:59 everyday... I’ve gotten called from my bank for doing last min buys or dumps like that... Clint Sharples i know you can’t really control the sp on the daily but it’s an ongoing problem thats hurting our progress. If someone was robbing your house daily wouldn’t you try figuring out w way to stop the thief? I have been long in cann for years (since umb) again i am happy and lucky with my gains but no one likes being manipulated. I just want us to grow to valuations that our competitors are holding but that won’t happen without losing who ever is controlling our sp... (short squeeze)

Antwort von Clint

I do empathize with what you're saying, however I don't necessarily agree with it. I don't believe that our stock is being manipulated by anyone, however we do have A LOT of algo trading happening in our company, and they are programmed to do certain things. It's not necessarily illegal, and even if we did decide to go after them, what would be the gain? Wasted money and wasted time in order to get someone to stop dropping 500 shares on the bid at 3:59:59? That isn't the reality of what our company is or where we're going....albeit very aggravating. The management at Heritage is focusing on delivering real shareholder value, for the near and long term. "Near" and "Long" are important words here. I'm not going to mortgage the future for the current, and not going to ignore the current for a future that may never happen if I do. It's a balancing act, and we're doing it quite well in my opinion. Personally, I'm quite thankful that we chose to pivot this company 11 months ago and take the path we did, otherwise we would be "just a grower", getting mercilessly hammered every day as people realize we are growing a commodity that is being sold for less and less every week as more and more supply comes on line. We have a plan, we are executing on this plan, and I have A LOT of confidence that our plan will be successful.
Facebook User
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2er Post Facebook User
Listen from all his responses he basically confirmed that he knows we are being manipulated by algos but simply isn’t worried about it. And says he is not responsible for leaks (cause he knows they were out there) or else he’d deny them straight out. But yet try and turn down a concern that you should either ignore or deny and then hopefully go do something about it. I’m no big investor but not everyone that calls you is on your team. You could be giving your enemy the info he needs to write his algo. The algos have been in sync with news & leaks I’ve gotten. You look at it as a negative comment but I’m actually frustrated that with all the hard work and big deals you signed i believe we could be higher. Maybe Clint taking the time to write an email to iiroc issuing a concern that the same house has been downticking the sp a cent every day at 3:59 would have been better use if time than answering me.

Antwort von Clint
Clint Sharples
Communicating with shareholders is part of my job. I do it in many ways...this is just one of them. I choose which ones I respond to depending on time or the subject. I chose to respond to you, because I keep hearing people saying what you were over and over. Let's put an end to it right now. There is no conspiracy here. Stock trading is subject to algorithms. We are too. So be it. It's doesn't affect our company's performance, so let's get over it. As for the "things being kept secret", the deals we do often include dozens of people, and Cronos was one of them. I'd like to meet the person who could keep that a secret for the four months this deal took. Things aren't always as easy as they seem...
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.323.844 von Beron am 23.08.19 08:22:30Die Fragen und Antworten stammen,aus der Heritage Cannabis Facebook Gruppe.
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Clint hat so recht und wir werden in einigen Monaten vor Lachen nicht mehr in den Schlaf kommen. Das ganze ohne Hype, einfach durch grundsoliden Aufbau eines großen und nachhaltigen Unternehmens.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.323.844 von Beron am 23.08.19 08:22:30Natürlich wird es Clint nicht interessieren, wer die letzten 500 Shares des Tages kauft. Der hat andere Sachen im Kopf als das.

Es ist eher das Ärgernis des Kleinanlegers. Man kann aber als "Shorter" bei einem Unternehmen wie Heritage in der derzeitigen Situation viel Geld machen.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.327.705 von ThatsIt35 am 23.08.19 14:44:17Ja nur verpuffen News oder besser gesagt sogar gute Deals bei der aktuellen Marktsituation im nichts,also warum Perlen vor die Säue schmeißen.

Ich für meinen Teil warte einfach und wenn es irgendwas an Infos gibt,kann man sie hier ja einstellen,ist aktuell nicht viel los,hatte dir auch ne BM gesendet vor ein paar Tagen.
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Irgendwann wird der Rubel rollen.
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