Belmont, turns 40 years old that speaks volumes to the management and plain hard rock mining toughne

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Good people, hear my words...
Belmont, is awaiting results from a $112k USD MT survey. The MT survey will show where the underground aquifers are and as well show where that water/brine has the highest probability for Lithium. Meanwhile 30 kilometers to the Australian company (Reedy Lagoon) who have completed their MT survey are drilling a 1 kilometre hole into the aquifer they discovered. FYI the only Lithium mine in America is the Silver Peak (ALB-NYSE) and they have flexed their senior water rights to the Clayton Valley shutting down all the "me to" juniors miners who surrounded them from ever going into production. Both Belmont and Reedy Lagoon do not share the same aquifer as Silver Peak and very well might be the next Lithium miners in America. FYI under Presidential Executive Order dated Dec.20.2017
#Critical minerals Article
"Why is the United States reliant on China and Russia for strategic minerals when we arguably have more of these valuable resources than both these nations combined? This has nothing to do with geological impediments. It is all politics."…
The above is a heads up that Lithium explorers just found some powerful friends in America.
Please view the recent USGS "Report card " for Belmont's Kibby Basin, Nevada. USA, Lithium project.…

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Greg Shafransky
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