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Aufrufe heute 84.........
guter Wert dafür dass Sonntag ist und die Börsen dicht........
Ich bleib bei Renaissance weiter dabei..........werde morgen ein wenig zukaufen......und halten wie ne Geliebte dass sie mir nicht wegläuft.........
The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) suspended Rounds 3.2 and 3.3, stopping the implementation of Energy Reform and leaving investors wondering. What comes next?

According to Imagen Radio, the CHN’s decision prevented the government from receiving investments worth US$7B throughout the duration of the contracts, which would have led to the development of 46 fields.

Some industry analysts went as far as saying that suspending the tenders shows that the entity’s vision is aligned with AMLO’s controversial policies, which will force investors to look away from the Mexican market.

For Gonzalo Monroy, director of GMEC, focusing on Pemex alone, which is what AMLO plans to do, could be “disastrous” if the government does not get the results it expects in the medium term.

According to him, aside from the fiscal risk that the measure implies, the country’s energy self-sufficiency could suffer serious consequences too.

Round 3.2 aimed to award 37 onshore areas that could have left investments of more than US$3B; 25 firms were interested on competing in the process and 15 were already involved in the prequalification process.

Round 3.3 aimed to award nine unconventional fields and investments of US$2,3B were expected.

According to the source, the cancellation of the tenders also has to do with the fact that the new President has been open about his rejection towards fracking; technique with which the majority of Round 3.3 blocks were going to be developed. :confused:

Experts have assured that with this decision, Mexico would remain as a natural gas importing country because it would be giving up half of its prospective resources.

Bottom-line: The new president is known for his lack of knowledge of the industry, hence his “Energy Reform was a lie” statements, arguing that the country should have already seen results of contracts that were signed a year ago.

We would lie if we said we are not worried about AMLO and his tone with investors, but we are also confident of the fact that his social programs will not be able to be developed without the industry’s help.

Did we mention Pemex is still falling apart and in need of investment?

https://hydrocarbonsmexico.com/article/new-year-new-dilemmas…...nur mit Registrierung
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.596.781 von ratte177 am 09.01.19 21:15:04erstmal steigt der Ölpreis...und ob sich Mexiko auf dauer Importe leisten will/kann...gab doch schon mal riesen ärger wegen des maispreises:rolleyes:
18 000 Volumen heute in Canada :confused: Ist ja fast schon so wie eine Depotleiche hier. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
100 Stück Volumen bis jetzt. :laugh::laugh::laugh: Bin dann mal raus hier.
Bis AMLO weiß was er definitiv will, wirds wahrscheinlich noch Jahre dauern und gegen Fracking hat er sich klar und deutlich negativ geäußert. Gibts bessere Werte wo Bewegung drin :cool:

100 Stück, das sagt dann schon alles.
....und Tschüss :D

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