Dolly Varden Silver - high-grade Silberprojekt

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Dolly Varden Silver

Sollte sich die Börsenampel bei Silber letztlich doch für Grün entscheiden
dürfte Dolly Varden signifikant profitieren

2016 versuchte Hecla Mining die Nummer 5 unter den Silber Mining Companies
Dolly Varden zu übernehmen und scheiterte
Soweit ich mich entsinne hatte auch Colorado Resources vor einiger Zeit
erfolglos versucht nach DV zu greifen

Dolly Varden holte sich als neuen CEO Gary Cope
der zuvor die noch gut erinnerliche Orko Silver an Coeur d'Alene
verkaufen konnte

Es gibt eine erste Resourcenschätzung
und nach dem erfolgreichen Bohrprogramm in 2017
Erwartungen diese kräftig ausdehnen zu können

"The current *estimated resources as of August 2015 are Indicated Resources of 3.07 M tonnes, grading 322 g/t Ag for 31.8 million ounces silver, plus Inferred Resources of 0.90 M tonnes, grading 373 g/t Ag for 10.8 million ounces silver."

"Ben Whiting, Vice President of Exploration:
In my opinion, there is an opportunity to double or triple the Mineral Resources in the Dolly Varden Mining Camp with a resource-focused drilling program. Three of the four new exploration discovery targets have thicknesses and grades comparable to or exceeding those of the existing deposits. Target sizes and grade ranges are presented for the exhalative-style and epithermal vein-style of deposits.”
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"Dolly Varden Silver Corporation is a mineral exploration company focused on the Dolly Varden silver properties located in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, 25km by road from deep tide water. The 8,800 hectare (88km2) properties host a robust high-grade mineral resource and are considered to be highly prospective for hosting further high-grade deposits, being on the same structural and stratigraphic belts that host numerous other, on-trend, high-grade deposits, such as Eskay Creek and Brucejack. The Company’s common shares are listed and traded on the TSX.V under the symbol DV and on the OTCBB system under the symbol DOLLF."

Share Capital
Total Issued & Outstanding 45,874,768
Warrants Outstanding 4,552,550
Options Outstanding 4,470,000
Fully Diluted 54,897,318

Jeder Aktienhandel ist mit Risiken verbunden und selbstverständlich völlig eigenverantwortlich DYODD
10.03.18 00:55:01
Dolly Varden Silver Corp. - President's Message to Shareholders
Dolly Varden Silver Corp.
Jan 04, 2018, 08:30 ET

"......The team in Alice Arm had an incredibly successful drill campaign resulting in FOUR new discoveries which have changed the outlook for the future of Dolly Varden in a very positive way. These discoveries will be followed up with 2018 drilling which should start to delineate the size potential of these exciting new targets......
Financially, Dolly Varden is healthy with over $6.6 MM in the treasury and no debt......"…

Das Bohrprogramm von 2017 im Detail:

Jan 8, 2018…
10.03.18 01:03:22
Hecla Tried To Buy This Junior
January 21st, 2018

"Today, we want to share the story of a what we believe to be a truly unique junior silver explorer. It is a junior potentially well-positioned to receive a buyout offer in the future;......…
10.03.18 22:23:33
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Youtube Interview:

Ellis Martin Report with Dolly Varden Silver Corp's Ben Whiting
24.03.18 02:30:13
PODCAST: Dolly Varden Silver VP on “Four New Discoveries in a 100-Year-Old Mining Camp”

"It was four Scandinavian prospectors found the project in about 1911, and its first production was in 1919 to 1921, when it was the richest silver mine in the British Empire....."…
28.04.18 17:24:47
Wird Dolly Varden Silver zur nächsten Erfolgsstory
der Belcarra Group?

"Our model is to look at exploration projects that we think can get to a size that will attract one of the major miners."

Dolly Varden $DV and the Belcarra Group:…
28.04.18 18:24:38
Was haben Diese "Belcarra" denn bis Jetzt gerissen?
Irgendwas zum NICHT wegrennen dabei??

Ich denke eine Übernahme sooner ooooor later ist nicht HÖCHSTgradigST unwahrscheinlich.
09.05.18 01:25:46
"Dolly Varden Silver Corporation (TSX.V:"DV" – U.S.:"DOLLF") (the "Company", or "Dolly Varden") is pleased to announce that an $8.9 million program has been approved by the Board of Directors for the 2018 exploration season. The largest expenditure will be for diamond drilling of approximately 25,000 metres in 60 to 75 drill holes."…

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Dolly Varden Silver - high-grade Silberprojekt