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Ein neues und interessantes Spiel im Marij Sektor - Die letzten 30 Beiträge

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Was wird den hier so rumgeheult??? Das ist halt Börse... es geht nicht immer nur Bergauf....
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.024.080 von BlackView am 22.10.18 20:57:49naja, speak easy und Mara.... nicht. Schauen wir mal, wir wissen ja was fehlt:cry:
schlachtfest im pot-sektor!😫
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Schlaue Aussteiger werden sich jetzt sicherlich auch hier ansiedeln.
Weil hier auch bald mit extrem steigenden Kursen zu rechnen ist.
Ist ja klar das sich speak hält die hat ja alles noch vor sich. :-)
Die ist ja noch nicht explodiert wie Aurora usw.
Die Aktienanzahl ist auch viel geringer wie bei den meisten anderen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.021.635 von BlackView am 22.10.18 17:02:09Speak hält sich super!!!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.021.458 von biansi63 am 22.10.18 16:44:05he, das geht aber schon länger so. wird jetzt hoffentlich das finale gen süden
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.020.555 von Vorstand am 22.10.18 15:16:33Oh heute gibts richtig auf die Mütze im Cannabissektor! War klar das die Stimmung nicht immer so bleibt!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.019.655 von BlackView am 22.10.18 13:19:23https://finance.yahoo.com/news/3-cannabis-stocks-pushing-growth-143000570.html
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okay danke. sehr interessant. da dürfte hc druck aufkommen. hoffentlich gibt es nun die lizenz. wahnsinn, das der stoff nach so einer kurzen zeit ausverkauft ist.🙄
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.017.066 von BlackView am 22.10.18 08:18:10Vielleicht hat es mit dem Link der letzten Freitag gepostet wurde zu tun (gehabt)

Hier steht als einer der möglichen Gründe für Lieferengpässe (Mitte vom Text / Bullet Point 2)

LPs are still awaiting their appropriate Health Canada sales license

Kann sein das Mister Trudeau‘s Administration angeordnet wurde mal den Finger rauszunehmen - mindestens einen :laugh: Spass

Ist ja o.k. wenn das ordentlich gemacht wird. Allerdings vermute ich, dass 90% von denen die eine Lizenz beantragt haben sich bei weitem mehr an die Vorgaben halten als die „Illegalen“. Aber das ist halt eine staatliche Regulierungsbehörde.

LPs are still awaiting their appropriate Health Canada sales…
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.017.051 von Schwabenpower82 am 22.10.18 08:15:51jo. die lizenz ist noch nicht da, aber andere news? vom we?
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.017.024 von BlackView am 22.10.18 08:13:35Laut Health Canada Homepage alles noch beim Alten.....
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.016.961 von RK_EURO am 22.10.18 08:06:42genau so! aber gibt es news? wer hat da informationsvorsprung?😁
moin. war jemand von euch am we bei der Canadian Cannabis Capital Markets Conference im Hilton Frankfurt City Centre?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.011.296 von Competizione67 am 20.10.18 17:02:13Da sind soviel professionelle züchter dabei. Die werden schon erkären, wie es läuft. Wachsen tun die pflanzen ja von selbst.
10 Tonnen nur Indoor. Heißt bei 10 € pro Gramm 100Mio Umsatz.
Canopy hat in 2017 40 Mio Umsatz gemacht.
Noch irgend welche Fragen. Was auch interessieren sollte ist das man in der Vergangenheit schon Cannabis angebaut haben.
D.h die haben ausreichend Erfahrung und sind keine Anfänger
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Die Frage die ich mir stelle ist: SpeakEasy ist ja ein Kollektiv von Cannabisbauern.... Hat jeder Bauer sein eigenes Stück Land? Oder werden sie das bekannte Speakeasy Land bewirtschaften?
Sehr gut. 😊Das wird der Knaller schlecht hin. Wir brauchen nur Geduld. Wie so oft im Leben.
Former Sun-Rype chairman helms now public Speakeasy Cannabis Club (EASY.C)

Chris Parry April 3, 2018
There was a time when, if you wanted a beer in Canada, you were drinking a Molson’s product.

Then we got smart and realized we didn’thave to drink swill, that there were brewmasters out there who cared about their product, and we could even brew our own product if the feeling swept over us – one that was based on quality rather than quantity, that tasted more like nature intended and less like someone had trained a cat to stand over the bottle.

The marijuana industry in Canada is hitting that point quickly, as every weed pitch I’ve heard recently has been less about building a million square feet of cannabis grow space, and more about finding the best growers, and putting them in manageable, low cost spaces where they can thrive, build a following, and focus on what they do best.

This is the smoker end of town, where an enthusiastic consumer market is thought to be likely to pay more for better end products.

Artisan products.

Products that will do what you ask of them and won’t disappoint.

To be interested in that as an investment, you’re going to be the kind of person who feels the market will pay a premium for a brand that people recognize, or that builds a dedicated audience, and that the Molson’s of the world will come looking for those before they will the bulk brands.

In short, you believe your multiple will come not from construction, but from acquisition.

I am one of those people.

Speakeasy Cannabis Club (EASY.C) is not a name most of you will recognize, but that’s mainly a symptom of having gone public, like, today. In fact, it’s such a hidden treasure, so sparkly and new, the website hasn’t been indexed by Google yet (find it atwww.speakeasygrowers.com).

But this isn’t some tiny urban shed with hipsters mollycoddling four plants under LED death rays, nor a fly by night market guy creation.

Speakeasy sits on 290 hectares of prime Okanagan agricultural land, the sort that has given the world some of the best wines, cheeses, and apples for generations. Previously, this land gave birth to Sun-Rype, a national juice brand that started as a collective of local growers and blossomed into a major Canadian industry, that feeds every kid in the country.

Speakeasy is looking to take that model and incorporate it into the world of BC Bud which, if you think about it, remains the greatest weed brand the world has ever known.

Ain’t nobody asking around at the club for that ‘primo Maritime ganja’. BC Bud was a brand name before brand names were legal. It brought a premium price tag, so much so that a lot of the time when you bought it, it would turn out it wasn’t from BC after all.

BC Bud gave smokers across North America an education that the stuff they were huffing behind the bike shed was, in fact, local ditchweed, and that something better existed in the world.

Most of that came from the Okanagan, so much so that early Health Canada machinations were rumoured to have penalized the applications of growers from southern BC because they assumed any operation out of that region would be crooked.

Today, it’s swung the other way. The success of DOJA/HIKU Brands (HIKU.C) has pointed a spotlight at BC’s fertile farm country and the gates are swinging open.

Soon to go public listing Greentec Technologies (GTEC) has amassed a collection of artisan grower brands from across the country, but the Okanagan is where they’re based. HIKU is right up the road. Down on Harvey Avenue, cannabis lounges and dispensaries have populated and flourished.

Kelowna is becoming Canada’s Colorado. If you’re a good grower, it’s ground zero.

And Speakeasy’s plan is to build the sort of facility that they can all share, building not just a brand, but many brands, and lowering costs by taking advantage of the Okanagan sun, shared resources, shared marketing, and soil that ranks among Canada’s holiest.

Currently, the company has constructed over 10,000 square feet of grow, and has presented Health Canada with its evidence package; the final step before cultivation license granting.

There was a time when that would be just another step in a long and much delayed process. There was a time when a company saying they’d sent in their package was met with a shrug, because that could be followed by years of silence.

Not anymore. The average wait for a license from this stage is around 20 days. The end license, if everything is in order, is less a crap shoot and more a formality. From what I understand, Health Canada only had ten questions that needed answering, which speaks to a strong likelihood of smooth transition.

When that license drops, phase II of their facility – an 80,000 sq. ft. expansion – comes next. The plan is to include an extraction lab, genetics lab, and a facility capable of producing 10,000 kg of product annually.

This may not be a struggle. These growers have produced before.

In fact, there’s twelve years of marijuana production under the old rules among this team, and ten times that in general farming for generations prior.

Experience is a key asset, but it extends to beyond the fields in this instance. Speakeasy Chairman Merv Geen is a former Chairman of Sun-Rype Brands, having taken it from IPO to $94 million takeout when Jim Pattison turned it private. He was also Director of the British Columbia Fruit Growers Association, BC Tree Fruits Ltd, and BC Fruit Packers.

What Merv Geen did with Sun-Rype, now-CEO and family member Marc Green has done with marijuana. He’s been active in the legal medical marijuana industry for a decade, having consulted with growers participating in the MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR programs, helping them build their businesses and adhere to licensing needs.

The Okanagan has always had strength in the unity of its growers. From the rapid expansion of the wine industry to the way it integrates with local cheese and fruit and resort hotels, small growers have thrived out there and led the way for the agricultural industry Canada-wide.

That business model, of connecting smaller growers and giving them strength through a united front end and brand, is one that marijuana growers can learn from. With the licensee count now up to over 90, the ability for a smaller grower to build a national brand is limited. Making a living is one thing, but real success comes from consumers buying your product on a wide scale, and Geen has built such an entity before.

That this entity sits on an amount of land that is Canada’s largest single weed-based agricultural holding is worth noting.They’ve got a lot of growing to do.

— Chris Parry
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.007.897 von BlackView am 19.10.18 21:11:50Konsolidierung. Die lizenz solkte jetzt kommenm
warjm sind alle pot-aktien heute so massiv unter druck?
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.006.508 von adamski777 am 19.10.18 18:30:14das sind gute nachrichten😊
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.003.628 von thereitis am 19.10.18 13:34:39Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm !
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.003.256 von BlackView am 19.10.18 13:00:05es wurde alles gesagt, das ding läuft :)
Wie Weihnachten - es kommt sicher, man muss nur warten.

Schönes WE!
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heute gibts gar nichts zu diskutieren?!
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