Desert Mountain Energy und "The Saudi Arabia of Helium" in den USA

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TIGHT SHARE CAPITAL STRUCTURE: Outstanding shares: 28,554,012

High-grade Helium project in Arizona

Heliopolis Project in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin
•Worlds Best Address for Helium
•Prolific Historic Production:eek::eek::eek:
•24,475 acres under lease

Among the highest He grades in world produced there ranging from 8% to 10% vs. benchmark commercial grades of 0.3% to 1%. :eek::eek::eek:

Worldwide shortage of Helium reflects huge demands from high tech and the new economy. Helium is now the “High Tech Rare Gas”.
•He supplies are limited with U.S. National Helium Reserve in Amarillo, TX projected to be exhausted in 2020. The worlds largest supplier for 70 years.
•Worldwide market size approximately $1.5 Billion and projected to grow sharply. The U.S. Currently now provides approximately 40% of worldwide supply.
•Current prices range from $164 -$200 per thousand cu ft. (Mcf) for Grade A (99.995% pure) He.
•Well positioned to provide a secure source of He supply to users in the high tech and aircraft industries in nearby California, the Western U.S. and worldwide.
•Many existing and potential sources of He are in high risk countries far from end users: Qatar, Algeria, Russia, Tanzania.
•Proven management team includes highly experienced oil & gas professionals with Helium experience in Arizona.
•Exploration program now commencing with plans to drill first well in 2018.


CEO hatte mit Pan African Mining (PAF.V) einen großen Erfolg. Spin-Off von PAF war African Queen, die jetzt nach Reverse Split in Desert Mountain Energy (DME.V) umbenannt wurden.

Bin mal mit einer ersten Position zu 0,19 CAD rein. :cool::D
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Die Aussichten sind nicht schlecht und geben Anlass zur Hoffnung, jedoch sollte die erste Verwässerung nur 3 Monate nach dem Split nicht vorenthalten werden:
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.940.212 von zz74 am 08.06.18 10:46:59Von irgendwas müssen die Arbeiten ja auch bezahlt werden.

Ich schreibe einen Scheck für diese Finanzierung.
11.06.18 16:59:37
Desert Mountain Energy Acquires Further Tranche of 12,228 Acres of Strategic Helium Leases in Arizona's Holbrook Basin

June 11, 2018 / TheNewswire / Vancouver, British Columbia -- DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP. (the "Company") (TSX.V: DME) is pleased to announce that it has now acquired a further tranche of 12,228 acres under lease for helium, oil & natural gas from the Arizona Department of Land within the prolific Holbrook Basin of Eastern Arizona. The new leases are situated in Navajo, Apache and Coconino Counties. This now brings the Company's total acreage under lease in the Basin to 36,702 acres. The Company initiated its exploration and land acquisition program in the Basin in the 4th quarter of 2017.

As noted in the Company's PR dated February 28, 2018, two of the world's richest historic producing helium gas fields, the Pinta Dome and the Navajo Springs, are situated in this region. They are noted for their exceptionally high grades of helium gas produced ranging up to 8%-10% versus the industry benchmark of 0.3% to 1% for commercial grade. The new leases are highly prospective for helium as well as oil & natural gas. They bring to six the total number of distinct areas over which leases have now been secured by the Company in the Holbrook Basin.

This latest tranche of leases adds acreage to the Company's flagship Heliopolis area in Coconino County, as well as adding three additional areas in the NE portion of the Basin in the vicinity of the Pinta Dome Field. The new areas are characterized by anticlinal features, monoclines and other geological structures with surface expression, together with reservoir rocks and salt and anhydrite caprocks, giving them potential to serve as trapping mechanisms for commercially significant helium reservoirs.

Approximately 800 acres of the new leases are in Apache County in an area called the Chambers Area, which is situated in the NE corner of the Holbrook Basin approximately 9 miles NE of the prolific Pinta Dome Field and below the Defiance Uplift. This area is characterized by stratigraphic traps and appears to be highly prospective.

Approximately 6428 acres of the new leases are in Navajo County in an area called the Woodruff East Area, which is situated in the NE corner of the Holbrook Basin approximately 12 mi S-SW of the Pinta Dome Field. It is characterized by the presence of one anticlinal feature.

Approximately 2400 acres of the new leases are in Navajo County in an area called the Woodruff Southeast Area, which is situated in the NE corner of the Holbrook Basin approximately 15 mi SW of the Pinta Dome Field. It is characterized by the presence of one anticlinal feature. This area underwent some Potash exploration decades ago. According to published reports, a potash test well in this area called Arkla Exploration No. 7-State blew out while drilling, suggesting high gas pressure attributed to salt movement in the Basin.

The remainder of approximately 2600 acres of the new leases are in Coconino County contiguous to the Company's existing leases in the area called Heliopolis. This area, which is the Company's flagship area for helium exploration, now comprises an aggregate of 18,234 acres. It has two large anticlinal features, excellent cap rock and is characterized by the prolific Coconino sandstone reservoir rocks.

According to Irwin Olian, CEO of the Company, "We are extremely gratified to have been able to acquire three major tranches of leases for helium, oil & gas in the Holbrook Basin, which now cover 36,702 acres in six discreet structural areas throughout the Basin. Headed by our flagship Heliopolis area, these areas are highly prospective for helium gas and appear to possess the structural prerequisites to serve as effective trapping mechanisms. In assembling our land package in Arizona, we have been mindful to avoid all National Parks, National Monuments and State Parks, as well as areas of sensitivity to the Native-Americans,

including known Indian ruins, caves, burial grounds and other archeological sites. The Company was originally a spin-off from Pan African Mining Corp., which had the largest mineral exploration portfolio in Madagascar, where our management team successfully developed three projects in one of the world's most sensitive eco-systems in concert with the local communities. That experience has given our team considerable sensitivity to environmental and social issues and we are committed to bringing that same conscientious approach to working in harmony with Arizona's environment and indigenous peoples."


20.06.18 23:39:53
Frisby's Bulls And Bears
Stuff That Interests Me

Talking Helium and Desert Mountain Energy with Irwin Olian

Posted: 20 Jun 2018 05:59 AM PDT

A company interview today as I talk to Desert Mountain Energy (TSX-V.DME) CEO, Irwin Olian, about his company's move into the helium space.…
17.07.18 21:06:38
Worldwide Helium Industry Analysis By Segments

Key Players: Air Liquide, Air Product, Praxair, RasGas, PGNiG, Linde, Exxon and Gazprom

Types: Purity helium, High purity helium, Ultra high purity helium and Industrial-grade helium

Applications: Scientific uses, Gas tungsten arc welding, Flight, Controlled atmospheres, Industrial leak detection and Minor commercial and recreational uses

Countries: Japan, USA, China, South East Asia, Europe and India

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WD's Purple reign continues: 12TB helium disks for vid spy tech…
17.07.18 21:17:09
Solo Oil ist umgerechnet auf Basis 50 Mio. CAD bei Helium One eingestiegen. Die IPO-Bewertung dürfte dann eher bei 100 Mio. CAD liegen.

Desert Mountain kostet ein Zehntel der Pre-IPO Bewertung von Helium One.

Beide Firmen werden voraussichtlich in Q4/2018 mit den Bohrungen starten.

Welche Aktie hat das bessere Chance-/Risikoverhältnis?!? :cool::D;)…
18.07.18 07:25:11
Erste Tranche der Finanzierung (640.500 CAD) erfolgreich abgeschlossen. :cool:

Desert Mountain 3,202,500-share private placement

Desert Mountain Energy Corp (C DME)
Shares Issued 28,554,012
Last Close 7/17/2018 $0.18
Tuesday July 17 2018 - Private Placement

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced June 7, 2018.

First tranche

Number of shares:3,202,500 shares Purchase price:20 cents per share Warrants:1,601,250 share purchase warrants to purchase 1,601,250 shares Warrant exercise price:30 cents for a two-year period Number of placees:20 placeesFinder's fee:$19,740 cash payable to Haywood Securities Inc.


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