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"United States

Cannabis beauty has become so trendy that Wall Street analysts have started treating it as a standalone category


Canadians bought C$55 million of marijuana in the second full month of legal sales up 3.7%


ACT's parliament is set to hold an inquiry into a proposal to legalise cannabis, leading to a blow-up between Labor and the Greens

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23/02/2019 Can Hemp Boost Ohio's Farm Economy? - This week, Senate Bill 57, sponsored by Republican legislators Brian Hill and Stephen A. Huffman, was introduced in the Ohio Senate. The bill aims to legalize hemp cultivation and processing in Ohio as well as legalize the sale of hemp-derived products like CBD oil. The state-level legislation follows on the heels of December’s signing of the 2018 federal farm bill, or the U.S. Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, which removed hemp from its illegal classification under the Controlled Substances Act. “This an exciting opportunity for farmers to expand the crops they plant,” said Representative Hill in a statement announcing Senate Bill 57. “Farmers can rotate hemp to improve soil health while earning more profit than many traditional cover crops. I’m eager to see all the ways that Ohio will benefit from this legislation.”, reports Forbes.
23/02/2019 Pot Sales Edge Up in Sputtering Start for Canada’s Legal Market - Canadians bought C$55 million ($48.5 million) of marijuana in the second full month of legal sales, a modest beginning for a market investors anticipate will become a multi-billion dollar industry. Sales rose 3.7 percent in December from November’s initial tally of C$53 million, Statistics Canada said Friday in a broader report on retail sales. The December sales bring the total since the market was legalized on Oct. 17 to C$152 million. With analysts estimating the market could eventually be worth at least C$5 billion a year, there is still potential for sales to pick up as producers ease shortages of some strains and the province of Ontario starts opening a network of stores. Over the past two years, Canadian pot producers have seen their valuations rocket on expectations legalization will be a boon for business. The federal government is also still writing rules that would allow sales of edible products infused with cannabis. Public consultations on the new regulations closed Wednesday, reports Bloomberg.
23/02/2019 Pot Stock Testing Out Energy Drinks Surges 200% After NYSE Relisting - India Globalization Capital Inc. shares more than tripled in value Friday after it successfully challenged a New York Stock Exchange decision to delist the cannabis pharmaceuticals business over its foray into energy drinks. The stock had fallen to as low as 25 cents after getting relegated to trade over the counter in October under ticker IGCC. The exchange said the company “substantially discontinued the business that it conducted at the time it was listed or admitted to trading, and has become engaged in ventures or promotions which have not developed to a commercial stage or the success of which is problematical.” India Globalization argued it should not be penalized for moving to commercialize products in the U.S. cannabis industry. Shares rose as high as $1.28 in over the counter trading on Friday, reports Bloomberg.
22/02/2019 Hemp thieves warned to stop stealing plants with first commercial crop harvest underway - Biosecurity SA says thieves are targeting South Australia's first legal hemp crop and has issued a reminder that the product will deliver "absolutely no high". The South Australian Government agency's rural chemicals operations manager Michael McManus said he had become aware that some hemp producers were facing unwanted attention on their crops. The first commercial harvest of industrial hemp crops is underway. "It is just not worth the risk to try and steal them," Mr McManus said. "Industrial hemp should not be confused with medicinal cannabis or marijuana. This crop is essentially just like any other agricultural crop such as wheat or barley. Depending on the final purpose of the industrial hemp crop, spraying for insects and weeds can occur, so anyone thinking of stealing industrial hemp plants to either consume or smoke will experience absolutely no 'high'. They should also be aware that if crops have been sprayed, any consumption could in fact lead to a risk of becoming seriously unwell due to potential pesticide exposure.", reports ABC News.
22/02/2019 Multistate Cannabis Operators Facing Unique Challenges - Running a cannabis company across multiple states can be challenging -- each state has its own very specific rules on ownership, growing, packaging, testing and marketing. Multi-state operators (MSOs) often try to standardize their practices, but things get complicated quickly. They can also face opposition from local entrepreneurs. Standardizing ingredients and methods across operations in multiple states owned by a single company, can help that business run more efficiently. It's cheaper for example, to make the same type of product packaging in all states, rather than different packaging for each state. To implement this kind of uniformity, a company might pick the state with the most stringent rules, say in packaging rules related to child-resistance, and use those standards in all states, even in states with less restrictive rules. The packaging would be viable in all locations, and economies of scale could be achieved, reports Forbes.
21/02/2019 Laura is prescribed cannabis, but she still relies on the black market - Laura Bryant was full of hope when she was finally approved for access to medicinal cannabis. Cannabis oil was the only treatment that relieved her debilitating pain but for many years she was forced to buy it on the black market. Despite her approval, she has found it impossible to find a doctor to prescribe it to her after recently moving back to Canberra. Tight federal and local restrictions mean GPs usually cannot prescribe the drug and there are less than a handful of local specialists authorised to prescribe it. Her supply of cannabis oil she received legally while living in Sydney ran out two days ago and she is now back to using black market cannabis. She has called every doctor and clinic in Canberra she could think of but no one is able to help, reports Canberra Times.
21/02/2019 Pritzker’s $39B budget relies on taxing marijuana, betting - New Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker proposed a budget Wednesday that relies partly on tax revenues from two industries that currently aren’t even legal in the state, which is saddled with billions of dollars in pension obligations and other debts. Pritzker’s $39 billion proposal includes more than $1 billion from legalizing recreational marijuana and sports betting, while also imposing a tax on insurance companies, hiking cigarette and e-cigarette taxes and raising $20 million from a tax on plastic bags. The Democrat, making his first major address to legislators just five weeks into the job, also wants to modify the albatross of the state’s $134 billion in pension debt, reports Washington Post.
21/02/2019 Weed Is Growing Into a Big Market for This Dutch Lighting Firm - The world’s biggest lighting company has been selling equipment to the horticultural industry for decades, building up its business outfitting greenhouses to grow plants like tomatoes, lettuce and roses. Lately, demand for a new crop has exploded onto the scene: Pot. A cannabis boom that began a few years ago in the lead up to legalization in Canada, Uruguay and some U.S. states is now fueling sales of equipment like so-called grow lights. The changes in legislation and surge in consumption have led farmers to seek out more controlled and energy-efficient cultivation in hothouses. “Where it’s legal, we participate,” said Eric Rondolat, chief executive officer of Signify NV, a spinoff of Amsterdam-based Royal Philips NV. “Worldwide we see an evolution in the thinking of cannabis production.”, reports Bloomberg.
21/02/2019 Cannabis Beauty' is becoming a real category as Sephora, others promote CBD-infused products - Cannabis beauty has become so trendy that Wall Street analysts have started treating it as a standalone category. As beauty products laced with CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and marijuana, continue to find their way onto the shelves of retailers including Sephora, Barneys and Neiman Marcus, analysts at Piper Jaffray are seeing further growth in this "beauty and the bong" industry. The trend could help boost the overall CBD market, which Piper pegs at worth $50 billion to $100 billion on day. Only a month ago, Piper Jaffray had viewed CBD-infused beauty products as a subcategory under the natural beauty market, but the hype has convinced the firm to elevate it as a real category. "Recall that we view the CBD beauty market as an extension of the broader natural & clean beauty movement that is taking hold within the industry. Google search trends suggest consumer interest in cannabis beauty has been picking up over the past year," Erinn Murphy, Piper Jaffray's senior research analyst, said, reports CNBC.
21/02/2019 France's Softening Stance On Cannabis Opens Up Huge Economic Potential - France still has some of the most stringent anti-cannabis regulations in Europe but things are slowly changing, opening up huge opportunities in the world's seventh largest economy (France's GDP growth has recently been overtaken by India and it has dropped from sixth place). This is good news for cannabis startups as France is the number one European country for cannabis use. Between 2015 and 2017, according to Statista, just over 11% of the French population said they had used cannabis over the previous year, the highest of any European country. Until recently, France had some of the most onerous punishments for cannabis use in Europe, with offenders receiving fines of €3,750 and a-year-long prison sentence. Germany and Italy amongst others, moved to decriminalise use and President Macron campaigned for a partial decriminalisation in order to free up police time to deal with more serious crimes, reports Forbes.
20/02/2019 Labor frontbench to push for household limit on legal cannabis plants - The Labor frontbench will flag plans to set a limit on the number of cannabis plants households can have, when a bill to legalise the drug returns to the ACT Legislative Assembly. It will also move to keep the number of plants an individual can legally grow at two and set restrictions to stop the drug being grown on verges. The parliament will debate in principle on Wednesday the private member's bill from Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson which removes the possession of under 50g of cannabis as a criminal offence and allows individuals to cultivate up to four plants. The bill has attracted general support from the rest of the Labor Party and the Greens, although both parties have a string of amendments to bring forward in coming months. The Labor executive is still drafting its amendments, but it is understood frontbenchers want to retain the current cultivation limit of two plants and bring in a total household limit.
20/02/2019 The Nursing Home With A Medical Cannabis Program The Feds Can Live With - In hospitals and nursing care facilities across the country, patients are systematically denied access to medical cannabis, even if they are located in states where it is legal. The reason behind this is simple. As long as the vast majority of these institutions rely on funding from Medicare and other federal sources, they opt not to put those funds at risk by allowing a Schedule 1 controlled substance onto their premises. In a conversation with Hebrew Home CEO, Dan Reingold, he explained that immediately upon New York’s legalization of medical cannabis, it became a priority for him to ensure that Hebrew Home residents could benefit from it. He had observed firsthand how cannabis provided relief to his father while he was suffering from terminal cancer, which convinced him of its efficacy.
20/02/2019 Medical marijuana is on the rise in Australia, but we still don't know a lot about how it works - ABC revealed more than 3,100 medicinal cannabis scripts had been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) since the Federal Government relaxed restrictions in March 2018. According to experts, these people were just the tip of the iceberg. It has been estimated as many as 100,000 Australians self-medicate with cannabis they've acquired illegally. Advocates of the drug say it offers a safe and effective solution to people with intractable medical conditions. But critics, and some of Australia's leading medical experts, argue there's limited quality evidence to support the use of medicinal cannabis in most conditions, reports ABC News.
20/02/2019 Last Year Was About Hype, Now Cannabis Companies Need To Execute - A patchwork of regulations is making it difficult for cannabis companies to grow to their full potential. 2018 could have been dubbed the Year of Cannabis. By the end of December, all but four states in the U.S. allowed some form of legal cannabis — 33 for medical use, 13 for CBD only, and 10 that also allow for adult recreational use. The newly passed farm bill made hemp legal and removed CBD from the controlled substance list. And roughly 66% of Americans support legalization. Investors have been equally enthusiastic. Cannabis companies raised roughly $14 billion in 2018 compared to about $3.5 billion in 2017, according to Paul Penney of Northland Capital Markets. In 2019 those investors will be paying closer attention to how cannabis companies, primarily multi-state operators (MSOs), execute their plans for growth, reports Forbes.
20/02/2019 It’s Getting More Expensive to Get High - Almost everyone, from President Donald Trump on down, agrees that Americans are getting gouged when they buy the kinds of drugs you can find at CVS or Walgreens. They pay a high price for other drugs too. That’s one finding of the latest Bloomberg Global Vice Index, an annual tracker of the cost of drugs that may be illegal. Americans would need to shell out $846 for a “basket of vice’’ made up of four generic groups of drugs: opioids, cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine-type stimulants. It’s the third-highest price in the world, behind only New Zealand and Australia – and up more than 40 percent from a year earlier, reports Bloomberg.
20/02/2019 Canberra's cannabis legalisation faces several hurdles, here's what's being proposed - Local politicians are looking to cultivate Canberra's status as the cannabis capital. The ACT's parliament is debating whether recreational use and possession of marijuana should be allowed in some circumstances. The law, proposed by Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, seems to have the support of the Government — but there are a few sticking points that could see the plan go up in smoke. The bill would allow Canberrans to carry, use and grow small amounts of cannabis — but selling the drug would remain illegal. Individuals would be allowed to carry up to 50 grams of the drug, and grow two plants. But the laws are still being debated, and the Government has its own amendments to clarify how ownership is determined, where plants can be kept and what weights at different stages would be considered legal and illegal, reports ABC News.
20/02/2019 Uproar after Greens & Liberals move for cannabis inquiry - The ACT's parliament is set to hold an inquiry into a proposal to legalise cannabis, leading to a blow-up between Labor and the Greens. The Greens sided with the Liberal party to refer Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson's private member's bill that would allow people to get high off their own supply to the tripartisan health committee in the Assembly on Wednesday. The move triggered an uproar from Mr Pettersson and Labor minister Chris Steel, who then accused the Greens of delaying the legislation because it was not a Greens bill. “I think people watching would be really scratching their heads on the Greens position on this," Mr Steel said, reports SMH.
19/02/2019 This year's Oscars swag bags include cannabis chocolates - Every year the top Oscar nominees receive swag bags that have included gifts from luxury holidays to sweat-absorbing patches, worth upwards of $100,000. This year, they can calm their nerves ahead of the awards on Sunday with a range of cannabis-infused products that will be included in the goody bags. Chocolates infused with 10mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the part of the cannabis plant that creates a high, will be sent to nominees including Glenn Close, Regina King, Mahershala Ali and Melissa McCarthy. The sweet treats are produced by Coda Signature, a company that makes edibles like truffles and chocolate bars and single-serve chocolate squares that include 10mg THC. It also makes a range of bath bombs that "eases tension and relaxes the mind." For those unused to eating products containing THC, the company advises "start low, go slow" on its website, suggesting people consume 1-5mg to begin with. For those who prefer not to ingest cannabis, a facial moisturizer from High Beauty is also in the bag, a product that includes cannabis sativa seed extract, but not THC, reports CNBC.
19/02/2019 Tough cannabis policies do not deter young people - study - There is no evidence that tough policies deter young people from using cannabis, a study has found. Analysing data about cannabis use among more than 100,000 teenagers in 38 countries, including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany and Canada, the University of Kent study found no association between more liberal policies on cannabis use and higher rates of teenage cannabis use. “My new study joins several others which show no evidence of a link between tougher penalties and lower cannabis use,” said Prof Alex Stevens, from the University of Kent’s school for social policy, sociology and social research. “This is useful information for governments as they consider the best way to deal with cannabis. As it is, the harms and costs of imposing criminal convictions on people who use cannabis do not seem to be justified by an effect in reducing cannabis use", reports TheGuardian.
19/02/2019 Medicinal cannabis makes life bearable - After years of unrelenting pain, Christian Read, who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) approached a local GP about possible treatment with medicinal cannabis and was offered a low dose. He said "within a week" he realised it was making a difference. "It's been remarkable how quickly it transformed my day-to-day living," Mr Read said. For patients like Mr Read, accessing alternatives such as medicinal cannabis had been difficult until the Federal Government relaxed restrictions in March 2018. 56-year-old Beth McDougall was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and experienced excruciating pain in her chest, so her oncologist wrote her a prescription for medicinal cannabis oil. Before using cannabis oil, Ms McDougall was waking every two hours to take strong painkillers such as oxycodone. She now says she can sleep for up to six hours if she adds cannabis oil to her cocktail of medications. "It hasn't been this 'wow' miracle cure. It's just made my life better", reports ABC News.
19/02/2019 Marijuana Tax in New Jersey? It Could be $42 an Ounce - Gov. Philip D. Murphy and Democratic legislative leaders in New Jersey have reached an agreement that could place the state on a path to legalizing recreational marijuana this year if they are able to win enough support in the state legislature. The agreement, which establishes how marijuana would be taxed and sets parameters on a committee to regulate the drug, marks a significant step forward for Mr. Murphy’s promise to introduce the roughly $50 billion national recreational cannabis market to a major population center on the East Coast and on New York City’s doorstep. But while the state legislature is controlled by Democrats and has embraced a progressive agenda, such as raising the minimum hourly wage to $15, efforts to legalize marijuana has divided lawmakers. Some African-American legislators, led by Ronald L. Rice, a state senator from Newark, are wary of supporting legalization because of the impact it may have on low-income and minority neighborhoods. Also, most Republicans in both chambers oppose legalization, reports New York Times."
Mein # 1 Cannabis Stock Pick für 2019

Michael Vodicka ist ein weltweit tätiger Aktienanalyst mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung im Handel und Investment. Seine Forschung wurde in einigen der angesehensten Publikationen der Branche vorgestellt.

Er investiert seit 2013 und ist führend in der Cannabisbranche.


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Michael Vodicka ist ein weltweit tätiger Aktienanalyst mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung im Handel und Investment. Seine Forschung wurde in einigen der angesehensten Publikationen der Branche vorgestellt.

Er investiert seit 2013 und ist führend in der Cannabisbranche.


Gefällt mir sehr gut.

Hi, ich würde eigentlich auch ganz gerne in AusCann investieren, aber wieso kennt der Kurs nur den Weg Richtung Süden ?
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Hab zwar auch ein bißchen in HotCooper gelesen, aber verlässliche Infos bekommt man in so Foren ja leider auch nicht (eher Meinungen/Einschätzungen und dann kommt es immer drauf an wie der Verfasser eingestellt ist zum Wert / Pro oder Contra)
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