Allianz SE: Oliver Bäte - der neue Joe Ackermann/Deutsche Bank ?

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      schrieb am 27.03.23 22:06:43
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.562.538 von BlackZock am 27.03.23 21:26:37Zockermaus, was genau wollen Sie uns eigentlich immer mitteilen ? Wissen Sie selbst nicht, korrekt ?
      Allianz | 206,65 €
      schrieb am 27.03.23 21:26:37
      Beitrag Nr. 103 ()
      Könnte ne SKS werden. Würde auch sonst zum momentanen Chartbild und der Nachrichtenlage passen. Ziel wäre dann um die 175-180 Euro. Egal ob mit oder ohne Dividende.

      Würde momentan auf keinen Fall long gehen. Bei 175 Euro sähe das aber dann anders aus.
      Allianz | 206,70 €
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      schrieb am 23.03.23 16:19:05
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      Allianz bla, Blu,bla,bla
      Dividende 10€40
      Analystes bla,Blu,bla ,bla: 🤣🤣
      Allianz | 207,90 €
      schrieb am 21.03.23 13:06:31
      Beitrag Nr. 101 ()
      Wir wissen doch, dass bei der Allianz jedes Jahr Überraschungen auftreten. Solange die Dividende steigt, interessiert mich das als Kleinanleger überhaupt nicht.
      Allianz | 207,20 €
      schrieb am 21.03.23 12:38:44
      Beitrag Nr. 100 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.510.672 von faultcode am 19.03.23 21:34:10March 21, 2023 at 9:13 AM GMT+1
      Pimco, Invesco Face Losses in Credit Suisse Debt Writedown…
      Newport Beach, California-based asset manager Pimco is the largest holder of the Swiss lender’s AT1 bonds with around $807 million of the securities — the riskiest in the bank’s debt stack — according to a person familiar with the matter who isn’t authorized to speak publicly. The Credit Suisse notes are set to fall to zero and were quoted at prices of a few cents on the dollar on Monday.

      Because of the extraordinary government support, the takeover is set to trigger a complete write-down of 16 billion francs ($17.3 billion) of the bank’s AT1 bonds in order to increase core capital.

      Pimco also holds almost $3 billion of Credit Suisse senior bank bonds, some of which have risen by around 25 cents on the euro on Monday compared to Friday’s levels, the person said. That may have offset some of the losses from its AT1 exposure.

      Representatives for Pimco and BlackRock declined to comment, while Invesco did not immediately respond to requests for comments.


      => Herr Bäte, was nun? Auch klagen?
      Allianz | 207,30 €

      Trading Spotlight

      ASEP Medical Holdings
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      Große Kurschance vor Fortsetzung der 10X-Rallye!? mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 19.03.23 21:40:06
      Beitrag Nr. 99 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.510.672 von faultcode am 19.03.23 21:34:10AT1 = Additional Tier 1 (bonds) == CoCo bonds:

      The contingent convertible capital instruments (CoCos) also known as Additional Tier 1 bonds are hybrid bonds that combines debt and equity elements. Its defining characteristic is that it may be converted into shares if the CET1 capital ratio drops below a specific level.…
      Allianz | 200,75 €
      schrieb am 19.03.23 21:34:10
      Beitrag Nr. 98 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.022.117 von faultcode am 04.01.23 14:36:42...
      Pacific Investment Management Co., Invesco Ltd. and BlueBay Funds Management Co. SA were among the many asset managers holding Credit Suisse AT1 notes, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Their holdings may have changed or been sold entirely since their last regulatory filings.

      Pimco and BlueBay declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg News on Friday, before the deal was announced.


      Credit Suisse’s $17 Billion of Risky Bonds Are Now Worthless…
      Allianz | 200,75 €
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      schrieb am 04.01.23 23:32:20
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      schrieb am 04.01.23 15:00:35
      Beitrag Nr. 96 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.022.117 von faultcode am 04.01.23 14:36:42ich habe mittlerweile den Eindruck, daß alles, was jenseits des Atlantik's in der von ihm geführten Firma so ein bischen an Oliver Bäte vorbeigeht, oder wenn doch nicht, er nicht so recht weiß, was er dann tun soll.
      Allianz | 210,95 €
      schrieb am 04.01.23 14:36:42
      Beitrag Nr. 95 ()
      Hallo Herr Bäte, was ist da loa?

      Pimco Ranks as 2022’s Biggest Loser in $6.5 Trillion ETF Market…
      Investors pulled nearly $3.6 billion from over 20 Pimco and Allianz-branded funds, the biggest cumulative outflow ever for the asset manager, Bloomberg data show. That exodus also ranked as the largest among US issuers in 2022, a year when ETFs absorbed over $580 billion of inflows overall.

      Volatility rocked Newport Beach, California-based Pimco’s bond-heavy ETF lineup in 2022 as a historically aggressive Federal Reserve attempted to combat the worst US inflation in four decades. While fixed-income ETFs raked in billions overall, the bulk of that cash flooded into passive funds. Given that Pimco’s largest bond ETFs are actively managed, investors were quick to exit, according to Bloomberg Intelligence’s James Seyffart.

      “While Pimco has a somewhat diversified fund offering, they’re pretty dominantly an active fixed-income shop and the worst place to be for a fund company in 2022 was running active fixed-income funds,” ETF analyst Seyffart said. “So 2022 was not great for them.”

      While Pimco, Allianz SE’s asset management unit, did have some success stories last year — its long-dated, zero-coupon Treasury fund attracted roughly $600 million — pain at its biggest ETF dwarfed everything else. A record $4.4 billion exited from the $8.8 billion Pimco Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF (ticker MINT), which once reigned as the largest active ETF, despite record demand for short-dated products.

      Pimco didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

      There are tons of competitors out there for it now, and if people were using MINT as a sort of cash-like position, those investors likely moved money to alternatives like money market funds,” Seyffart said.

      Allianz | 210,40 €
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      Allianz SE: Oliver Bäte - der neue Joe Ackermann/Deutsche Bank ?