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27.07.20 09:14:30
Heute News.

Fazit: Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen, aber sieht aus, als wenn es in die richtige Richtung geht. Es geht weiter um Optimierung und Anpassung auf Kundenwünsche

Habe noch ein paar dazugekauft.



Key points:

• FYI commences additional trial production of HPA from the Company’s pilot plant
• Further production of HPA required to support high demand and requests by potential
customers for detailed product qualification
• FYI will deliver larger size samples to selected potential off-take parties
• HPA production to incorporate product finished to specialty specifications requested
by several parties
• Product qualification expected to expedite long-term supply agreements for FYI’s
HPA product
• HPA is a critical mineral in multiple growth applications including lithium ion batteries
and LED applications.

FYI Resources Ltd (ASX: FYI) (“FYI” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that following
positive feedback and multiple requests from various potential off-take groups for
additional HPA product, FYI has commenced a further production campaign of high purity
alumina (HPA) from the Company’s wholly owned pilot plant facility located in Welshpool,
Western Australia.

Commencing today, FYI will start a second stage of production of its superior quality, HPA
from the Company’s custom-built pilot plant. Trial samples generated from the pilot plant
will be sent to prospective customers to further their detailed qualification process.
FYI’s metallurgical technical team will operate the plant continuously (24/7) over one week
producing at a rate of 1 kilogram per hour. The pilot plant replicates FYI’s HPA flowsheet
that has been engineered after 2 years of detailed development studies designed to
produce high quality HPA at bottom quartile operating and capital costs.

The generated HPA product is expected to be consistent with recovery and efficiency
parameters of samples delivered in the stage one piloting phase with an average target
grade exceeding 99.995% Al2O3.

In working closely with a number of potential customer groups towards developing
commercial off-take agreements, FYI will incorporate specially requested finishing
processes to half of the HPA material in order to meet specific product specifications for
particular applications to facilitate a more favourable and expediant qualification process.
The product finishing will be conducted under controlled environment to maintain product
purity and quality by one of FYI’s project development partners whom is a leading
participant in the HPA industry.

FYI Managing Director Roland Hill said “We are delighted to recommence HPA pilot
production. This campaign will have the dual purpose of confirming design criteria for our
innovative process flowsheet and importantly also for generating additional HPA trial
product for customer assessment purposes. This stage of works continues to provide derisking of the project and further demonstrate our HPA production capabilities using conventional processing technologies.

We are confident that in combining our innovative process flowsheet and next- generation
understanding and development of the HPA product that we are working towards a
sustainable and economically competitive advantage.

Importantly, the continued pilot production study demonstrates the consistency and quality
of the product in line with the targeted lowest quartile cost production based on the recent
DFS estimates.”

FYI will continue to provide updates on the pilot plant production and outcome

To view the pilot plant in operation during the DFS studies – please see the following link on
the Company’s website: Link to video of pilot plant in operation

Authorised for release by Managing Director, Roland Hill.
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31.07.20 11:57:14
Quartalsbericht, lesenswert.

Es wird nach neiner Sicht solide weitergearbeitet.…


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28.09.20 22:37:22
hab mich lange gefragt warum die so billig sind wie bei doch einigen Werten.
mittlerweile hat die Vernunft gesiegt.. gut dass ich mal aus langeweile in der Gurkenzeit nachgekauft hab.
(Andromeda das Gleiche...)…
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