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Sproutly Canada Inc. - die wird der Renner! (Seite 13)

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Vancouver (British Columbia), 28. November 2018 - Sproutly Canada Inc. (CSE: SPR, OTCQB: SRUTF, FWB: 38G) („Sproutly“ oder das „Unternehmen“) freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass Michael Bellas, CEO und Gründer der Beverage Marketing Company (www.beveragemarketing.com), in das Board of Directors des Unternehmens aufgenommen wurde. Herr Bellas ist eine renommierte Führungskraft der Getränkeindustrie mit einer Erfahrung von über 45 Jahren bei der Zusammenarbeit mit führenden Getränkeunternehmen aller Kategorien. „Herr Bellas zählt zu den renommiertesten Persönlichkeiten der Getränkeindustrie und wir freuen uns sehr, dass er nunmehr Teil unseres Board of Directors ist“, sagte Keith Dolo, President und CEO von Sproutly. „Seine Erfahrung in der Getränkeindustrie, die er bei einigen der weltweit größten Unternehmen und Marken im Getränkebereich gesammelt hat, unterstützt die Mission von Sproutly“, fügte er hinzu. „Ich bin seit langer Zeit in der Getränkeindustrie tätig und habe immer nach innovativen Technologien und Unternehmen gesucht, die die Branche revolutionieren könnten. Im Rahmen meiner Prüfung der Gesellschaft habe ich mit globalen Getränkeunternehmen zusammengearbeitet, um ein besseres Verständnis der APP Technology zu erlangen. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass Infuz2O beträchtliche Wettbewerbsvorteile gegenüber Emulsions- und Verkapselungsmethoden aufweist und eine Reihe von Herausforderungen bei der Formulierung löst, die diese etablierten Technologien mit sich bringen“, sagte Herr Bellas. „Die von Sproutly lizenzierte APP Technology wird die Herstellung echter Konsumgetränke mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen aus Cannabispflanzen zur Realität machen“, sagte er abschließend.

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Sproutly engagiert ehemalige Führungskraft von SC Johnson und Pepsi

2018-12-06 07:27 ET - News Release

Mr. Keith Dolo reports


Sproutly Canada Inc. has hired Bryan Semkuley to the senior leadership team as president of Sproutly to accelerate the company's strategic objectives of becoming a leading cannabis formulations company focused on beverages.

"We are pleased that Mr. Semkuley has chosen to join the leadership team of Sproutly as President," said Keith Dolo, CEO and Chairman of Sproutly. "Bryan brings significant experience in branding, marketing, sales, and most importantly global product innovation and expertise from recognized multinational consumer packaged goods and beverage companies. Our ability to continue executing on our business objectives, defining our competitive advantages, and attracting top talent to our management team and board of directors further validates our commitment to becoming a leading cannabis company with a clear focus on the beverage category," he concluded.

Bryan Semkuley is a seasoned executive with over 30+ years leading global innovation and marketing teams for Fortune 200 companies including Kimberly-Clark (NYSE:KMB), Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD), and Labatt. Mr. Semkuley will focus on the execution of the Company's strategic objectives, development of its operational plan, and will work diligently to tie in the different vertical divisions of sales, marketing, product innovation, operations, and branding to deliver top-line growth.

Mr. Semkuley has extensive experience and a proven established track record of building new and existing brands and businesses through new product development, channel relationships and commercial innovation. Prior to joining Sproutly, Mr. Semkuley was Vice President, Global Innovation/Industrial Sector at Kimberly-Clark, a US$19B NYSE-listed American multinational consumer packaged goods company focused on personal care products. Before joining Kimberly-Clark, Mr. Semkuley spent over 25 years at Anheuser-Busch InBev, a US$130B NYSE-listed beverage company, and Labatt as Vice President Global Innovation, Vice President Global Brand Marketing, and Vice President Marketing, amongst other roles.

"Bryan's experience leading R&D, marketing and product innovation teams of more than 70 plus key staff, specifically focused on new product development, new global revenue streams, and creating brands that win, will provide value through Sproutly's continual advancement to become a leader in cannabis beverages and formulations," said Keith Dolo.

Mr. Semkuley commented, "I look forward to joining the Sproutly team and building the business during a very exciting time for the industry. Building new brands and businesses has been a passion of mine. I look forward to future success of Sproutly, especially with our exciting technologies."

The appointment is subject to customary approvals of the Canadian Securities Exchange.


Quelle: www.stockwatch.com
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.379.143 von techinvestor69 am 06.12.18 14:07:38Sproutly meldet Ernennung eines neuen Präsidenten von Anheuser-Busch InBev und Kimberly-Clark

ORIGINAL: Sproutly Canada, Inc. Discusses Innovation and Expansion in Exclusive Audio Interview with NetworkNewsWire

2018-12-11 08:30 ET - News Release

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkNewsAudio - NetworkNewsAudio (NNA), a NetworkNewsWire (NNW) Solution that delivers clients unparalleled visibility, recognition and brand awareness in the investment community, today announces the online availability of its interview with Sproutly Canada, Inc. (OTCQB: SRUTF) (CSE: SPR) (FRA: 38G), a client of NNW focused on becoming the leading supplier to the cannabis beverage and edibles market.

The interview can be heard at http://nnw.fm/o6H35

NNW’s Stuart Smith introduces Sproutly president and CEO Keith Dolo in an interview that highlights the company’s strategy to pave a leading-edge in the cannabis industry.

Dolo explains Sproutly’s mission to become the leading supplier to the cannabis beverage and edibles market. The company is a Canadian licensed producer that operates a purpose-built facility in Toronto with intent to cultivate high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis utilizing a revolutionary technology gained through its recent acquisition of Infusion Biosciences. The move allows Sproutly to combine purpose-built capabilities and premium cannabis to create what Dolo describes as, “the world’s first and only truly water-soluble cannabis solution and bio-natural oils.”

According to Dolo, these will deliver revolutionary brands and top-products to both Canadian and international markets that are distinguished among traditional oils and beverages currently available.

Sproutly’s delivery process allows consumers to control the dosing via a water-soluble cannabis solution. The technology enables the capability of bio-availability and effects within five minutes (rather than the standard 45 to 120 minutes) and output/removal of effects between 60 and 90 minutes (instead of the standard effects lasting anywhere from four to eight hours, or up to one or two days for products currently on the market).

Dolo then discusses Sproutly’s plan to market its products internationally in 2019. The company’s recent venture with Global Canna, the largest tier 3 producer in Jamaica and all of Montego Bay, will enable creation of unique Jamaican-based products from their grow facilities to be distributed throughout the Caribbean. The company is further pursuing additional distribution agreements, with a focus on Canada, Jamaica, Israel, Australia, and the entire European Union throughout countries that allow shipping, distribution and consumption of regulated cannabis products.

With a leadership team that combines decades of in-depth experience, including expertise growing well-known Fortune 200 and 500 companies and experience in the CBD and beverage space both in North America and internationally, Dolo claims that, “As much as we right now are a cannabis company, if you will tune in in about 30 to 60 days, you’ll see our company graduate to more of a CBD beverage organization.”

For investors looking at Sproutly, Dolo notes, “As the industry determines how to solve the problems with beverages and the quick onset, the quick offset and the formulation capacity, essentially, Sproutly and our Infusion Biosciences [subsidiary] have really already solved the issues that plague the cannabis beverage and edibles industry… We’ve created a number of unique products and formulations with extremely fast onset and fast offset profiles to allow individuals to control the doses.”

This, Dolo explains, combined with the company’s unique business model and its positioning as a licensed producer and technology company create distinct advantages for Sproutly.


Quelle: www.stockwatch.com

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