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Crispin Odey und Tesla:
• Crispin Odey scheint immer noch einer der größeren Bären und Shortseller bei Tesla zu sein

Crispin Odey's Flagship Fund Nets 5% Weekly Gain As 'Leveraged-Long' Hedge Funds Pummeled By Record Pullback…
The year got off to a pretty brutal start as Odey's bet against Tesla drove his fund deep into the red. But with markets in turmoil, perhaps more investors will start to take notice of themes like the threat of 'Falling Angels' triggering a blowup in the corporate credit market.

Most of this money hasn't gone into capital spending and expansion to boost profits and revenue, Odey claims. Instead, companies have lavished borrowed money on stock buybacks

"We [the economy] have long ago stopped allocating capital efficiently," he said. "A long time after savings have gone, credit will still be there, and it’s horrible.".


Ich erwähnte Crispin Odey mal bei WDI, z.B.:…
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Elon Musk muss seinem Freund helfen, damit sein Sprachrohr erhalten bleibt.

Schon aufschlussreich, daß sich EM überhaupt für Vorgänge eines aktivistischen Investors (Paul Singer) bei einem anderen Unternehmen interessiert:
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China supply chain

Offenbar verbaut Tesla in China zumindest teilweise AP HW 2.5 statt 3.0. Es wäre auch ein Wunder, wenn die supply chain für Elektronik Bauteile durch den Corona-Virus nicht betroffen wäre. Hier also möglicherweise ein erster Beleg.

phoenix10 (smartish)

2/Customers paid for Hardware V 3.0 but, due to electronic supply constraints, they installed Hardware V 2.5 instead and did not notify their customers.
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der FUD ist wieder im Mainstream angekommen:…



--> aber zunächst ist die TSLA-Aktie mit dem Füllen von Gaps beschäftigt:

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.864.109 von xwin am 03.03.20 13:09:37In response to customer complaints that some newly delivered #China-made #Tesla Model 3s are equipped with a lower version of HW2.5 hardware instead of the HW 3, the company said this was caused by the supply chain disruption during work resumption, and promised free HW3 upgrade.…

Ansich ... kann man sowas machen aber erst einmal auch nicht den vollen Preis nehmen und den Käufer informieren. Stillschweigend eine HW zu verbauen, die das versprochene selbst nach Aussage des Unternehmens nicht liefern kann (ansich wird ja selbst die HW3 wird kein FSD können) ist schon nahe dem Betrug.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.865.441 von faultcode am 03.03.20 15:07:45weil ich schon bei FUD bin:

• Waymo hat ihre erste externe und auch gleich mächtige Finanzierungsspritze bekommen:

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo raises a whopping $2.25 billion in first external funding round…
• In its first external investment round, Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo announced a $2.25 billion funding round led by Silicon Valley investment firms including Silver Lake.
• The funding also comes from firms Andreessen Horowitz, AutoNation and Alphabet.
• It comes as Alphabet’s Other Bets companies look to outside sources for funding.


--> ich gehe davon aus, daß irgendwann in (ferner) Zukunft hier ein IPO anstehen wird


CNBC first reported last summer that Waymo still largely relied on human safety drivers, and the company only started offering fully autonomous rides around that time. Last fall, Morgan Stanley cut its valuation on Waymo by 40% from $175 billion to $105 billion, concluding that the industry is moving toward commercialization more slowly than expected.

Ein interessantes Detail im Text:

Investors in the latest round include Alphabet itself, along with outside firms including Silver Lake, Andreessen Horowitz and AutoNation, which disclosed Monday that it invested $50 million in Waymo.

--> da schau her: Silver Lake ist bei einem Wettbewerber von Tesla dabei. Das sind die, die jahrelang bei SolarCity dabei waren:

Zitat von faultcode: ...• Silver Lake Partners soll Lazard darüber informiert haben, SC keine weiteren Mittel mehr zur Verfügung stellen zu wollen...

--> mit anderen Worten: ein alter und etablierter Finanzierungspartner aus dem Silicon Valley zeigt Elon Musk nur noch die kalte Schulter
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Ignoring search warrants and pulling strings: How Tesla avoided a full OSHA inspection…
For more than two months last year, Tesla barred Nevada workplace safety officers from conducting a comprehensive inspection of the manufacturing operations at the Gigafactory outside of Reno, even denying entry when inspectors showed up with a sheriff's deputy and a warrant signed by a judge.

The standoff began in March when inspectors with Nevada's Occupational Safety and Health Administration tried to follow up on an investigation into equipment that had severely injured two women, one of whom had the tip of her finger sliced off.

After two months of fending off inspectors, Tesla resorted to pulling political strings to bring an end to the standoff, successfully thwarting a complete inspection of the factory.

One day after rejecting inspectors with a warrant, Tesla called one of Gov. Steve Sisolak's cabinet members and relied on Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford to broker a meeting to negotiate how much access inspectors should have to the massive factory outside of Reno.

The resulting agreement reached by the Sisolak administration – which limited where inspectors could go in the factory, which company documents they could review and who they could talk to – flouted the advice of those charged with ensuring the safety of Nevada's workers.

The agreement was not in the best interest of the safety of more than 7,000 workers inside the factory, according to Nevada OSHA's chief administrative officer, Jess Lankford.

"That's a great question," Lankford said to the Reno Gazette Journal when asked whether the outcome of the May meeting was enough to protect workers at the Gigafactory. "I don't believe we've had a good chance to look at conditions employees are working under (at the Gigafactory). My personal feeling is more work needs to be done to fully understand the complexity of the program and whether employees are effectively protected from the hazards associated with it."

Tesla's communication team completely ignored multiple requests for comment from the Reno Gazette Journal.

The standoff came to light after multiple public records requests were submitted by the Reno Gazette Journal to Nevada OSHA and the Storey County Sheriff's Office.

The Reno Gazette Journal, in partnership with The City Podcast, investigated working conditions at the Gigafactory in 2018, finding the factory, which was granted more than $1.3 billion in tax incentives, generated more than 90 visits by OSHA inspectors during its first three years of operation, far more than any other factory in the region.

The Gigafactory also generates a flood of 911 calls. In 2018, someone called 911 from Tesla more than once a day on average.


Despite compromise, much of Gigafactory remains a mystery

In the end, OSHA inspectors were allowed into specific areas of the factory and were given five days to interview Gigafactory employees at random. While Tesla said inspectors could review some company documents, the company still hasn't turned over its injury logs and other safety planning documents, Lankford said.

During its limited inspection, OSHA officers found no evidence of brown drinking water or that employees were exposed to silica. They also found no violations occurred when the employee lost consciousness and fell and no health concerns associated with the new glue.

Inspectors did observe multiple safety hazards during their five day inspection, including trip and fall hazards and an improper device used to prevent falls. Inspectors recommended only one violation be cited. Limits on employee interviews prevented OSHA from issuing other citations, according to the inspection report.

Tesla told inspectors it abated all of the hazards noted in the inspection, the report said.

As of the publication of this story, OSHA has not conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Gigafactory.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette Journal, Fierro urged Tesla to participate in the agency's voluntary protection program, in which OSHA safety officers provide companies with rigorous safety consultation.

"The advantage of that is that we have consultants go out and do workplace investigations looking for hazards, they identify hazards and if the employer fixes them within a reasonable amount of time, then they get no fines from OSHA," Fierro said.

In its May 30 letter outlining the agreement brokered at the attorney general's office, Tesla indicated it was "intending to pursue participation in that program." As of mid-February, Tesla had not followed through on the application process, Fierro said.

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State may sell $50M in unused Tesla facility equipment in storage…
Panasonic's pullout will result in the loss of 380 jobs, but Tesla said it may hire some of the workers. The company also said its employment in Buffalo now tops 1,500, which would allow it to avoid a $41.2 million state penalty had it fallen short of the target by April 2020.

State officials said they must verify Tesla's employment, which includes contract workers hired through staffing agency who can qualify to become Tesla employees after 90 days. Tesla's starting wage is $17 an hour.

--> die GF2-Farce
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