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ROUNDUP/'WSJ': FBI ermittelt wegen Falschangaben zu Model 3 gegen Tesla (Seite 5) | Diskussion im Forum

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Panasonic Residential Solar Business Charges Forward with Cross-country Premium Installer Program Expansion
Panasonic bei Solardächern im stärker im Wettbewerb mit ihrem Kunden Tesla:


...Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America today announced a cross-country expansion of the Panasonic Residential Solar Installer program with the addition of six Premium installers located across three regions, enabling more homeowners access to the Panasonic Solar Modules HIT® portfolio.

Launched in the U.S. in 2016, the Panasonic Solar Premium Installer program provides value-added benefits and business opportunities to partners who meet Panasonic's high standard of excellence. The program has seen impressive growth in the last two years, now with 24 Premium installers and more than 150 Authorized installers.

"The Panasonic Solar installer program is growing at a rapid pace, as demonstrated by today's announcement and program expansion," said Jack O'Donohue, sales and business development manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. "This group of installers are leaders in their region, and we look forward to working together to help more Americans across the country make the transition to solar technology."...
Global delivery hell & Working capital (WC)

a/ wenn man bei seiner Automobilfabrik keine sinnvollen Gleise mehr hat, muss man halt Jahre später so einen Blödsinn schreiben --> die Doofis glauben's eh

b/ ne, das ging auch schlecht, weil man sich für die Wunderzahlen in Q3 ja eh schon auf die Streckbank gelegt hat

c/ man könnte böswilligerweise jetzt schon unterstellen, daß das Ergebnis in Q4 nicht mehr ganz so doll wird wie noch in Q3 und v.a., daß das WC in Q4 wieder negativer wird - ist auch irgendwie eine Art verkappter Gewinnwarnung:

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Tesla slashes prices on home solar systems to spur sales

...Tesla Inc has cut prices on its residential solar systems by as much as 25 percent in a bid to lift lagging sales after the company streamlined its sales and marketing organization, a company official told Reuters.

Effective on Thursday, price quotes for potential solar customers will be between $3,000 and $5,000 lower, representing savings of between 15 and 25 percent, according to Sanjay Shah, the company’s senior vice president of energy operations.

Since Tesla’s acquisition two years ago of SolarCity, which at the time was the nation’s largest residential solar company, the company has sharply cut the vast sales organization that underpinned its rapid growth.

Last year, Tesla stopped selling solar door-to-door, and earlier this year it ended a long-standing deal to sell solar at 800 Home Depot stores - a relationship that some analysts estimated brought in roughly half Tesla’s solar sales but added up to $7,000 to the cost of a residential system...
L.A. Times: How Elon Musk might make $920 million in Tesla debt go away
By Russ Mitchell -- Nov 15, 2018 | 6:00 AM

A big pile of debt comes due at Tesla on March 1 – $920 million worth. But starting in two weeks, the company has a chance to make it disappear.

The debt is in the form of convertible bonds, a special kind of instrument that can be converted into shares of Tesla stock under certain conditions. If conditions are met, and all bondholders convert, Tesla would suddenly gain $920 million worth of much-needed financial flexibility.

To spark a conversion, Tesla needs to boost its stock price to $359.87 or higher at some point in the three-month period between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28. The higher the price goes, the more likely holders will convert.

A successful conversion would go a long way toward helping Tesla meet Chief Executive Elon Musk’s bold financial goals. He’s told stock analysts to expect positive net income and positive free cash flow in the upcoming quarter ending in December, with “aspirations” for profits in “all quarters going forward.”

If the overall stock market’s recent swoon continues, the $359.87 strike price might be hard to reach. Tesla shares now trade at around $345.

Still, Tesla’s volatile stock has bucked general market trends before, and could do so again.

Tesla “trades like a hyper growth company,” said Scott Lummer, who heads Savant Investment Group in Oakland. “It could be one good news event away from selling at $400 or above, or take a dive on bad news, like the company not meeting its production goals.”

What might raise Tesla’s stock price higher enough to encourage conversion? Elaborate introductions of proposed future products the company has staged in the past — such as a solar-tile roof in 2016 or a semi truck last year — didn’t move the stock price much. (Neither the roof nor the truck is close to commercial deployment.)

Anticipation of the Model 3 is what drove Tesla stock to a near-record closing price of $383.45 on June 26, 2017. Musk spotlighted 50 new “production” cars in a crowded live-streamed event that July at the company’s Fremont factory, where he promised a base price of $35,000. Around that time, he told analysts to expect a production rate of 10,000 a week sometime in 2018.

The actual base price today is $46,000 and Tesla has not yet reached a consistent weekly rate of 5,000.

Tesla’s stock price hit $387.46 in intraday trading this past August 7 — its high point so far this year — when Musk tweeted he had “funding secured” for a deal to take the company private at $420 a share. That proved untrue, which got Musk into trouble with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The stock price plunged.

Shares shot up again, though — by 9%, from $288.50 a share to $314.86 — on Oct. 25, the day after Tesla announced a rare, $255-million profit that was far higher than most analysts expected. Since then, the share price has gradually climbed into the current $345 zone.

During an October earnings call with analysts, Musk hinted at the possible introduction of an electric pickup truck. But more than ever Tesla investors seem more interested in hard financial results than visions of the future. One way to boost sales: Tesla has joined General Motors and Nissan to lobby Congress for an extension of the $7,500 federal tax credit on electric-car purchases, which begins running out for Tesla on Jan. 1. If successful, a stock bump would almost surely follow.

The bond market is betting the strike price will be exceeded. The Tesla convertibles, which pay a slim interest rate of 0.25%, traded at $106.50 on Wednesday. A price above $100 par value is a gamble that the bonds are worth more than their principal amount.

“It’s likely nearly all bondholders would want stock if the stock is trading above $359.87,” said David Whiston, stock analysts at Morningstar. “If the stock is below $359.87 by March 1, when the bonds mature, then holders probably will want cash and the bond will just mature for cash.”

Paul Huettner at Chicago investment firm Chilmark Partners said if anybody converts, it’s unlikely to happen until the last minute, shortly before the March 1 deadline: “The only way any bondholder will convert is if they believe the benefit of getting shares will outweigh that of taking cash on March 1.” Converting much earlier risks a share price falloff before the converted shares can be sold, whether held short term or long.

One reason the bonds are trading above par, he said, is on the chance Tesla will change the conversion rate, making any exchange a better deal. Right now the rate is 2.7788 per $1,000 — meaning a bond holder would receive 2.7788 shares for every $1,000 in bond par value. At the strike price, that equals $359.87 a share. The farther the stock goes beyond that price, the higher the potential profit.

Offering more shares on conversion could make bondholders happy, but there’s a downside: diluting existing shareholders’ stakes as more shares flood the market. (Under the bond agreement, Tesla can choose to pay the bonds off in cash, rather than exchange debt for stock. But given its cash needs, that’s highly unlikely.)

How much dilution matters to Musk — who owns about 20% of Tesla shares — or other shareholders is unclear. Anyone buying Tesla at current prices isn’t worried about dividends, which Tesla does not pay, or a few cents of earnings per share. They’re betting the company will blast off like Apple or Amazon.

That’s why the best way for Tesla to lift its share price high enough to trigger a conversion and save $920 million is to prove that Model 3 sales continue to grow and costs are being kept low enough to produce a healthy profit.
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zwei weitere Insiderverkäufe

--> von letzter Woche:

• CFO Ahuja Deepak: https://www.secform4.com/filings/1318605/0001494732-18-00001… --> Aktien-Verkauf zu ~USD1.2m
• Director RICE LINDA JOHNSON: https://www.secform4.com/filings/1318605/0001494732-18-00001… --> Aktien-Verkauf zu ~USD1.0m


=> die Anwaltskosten sind hoch ;) -- da käme es auf das bischen Verfehlung auch nicht drauf mehr an, falls obige Verkäufe auf Info's basieren, die noch geheim sein sollten :D

=> wobei man sagen muss, die Insider haben hier - bis auf Ausnahmen (da ja auch zuvor viel bedacht mit Stock options) - immer schon reichlich verkauft (*):

(*) man muss aber auch dazu sagen, daß dieses Muster bei US-Unternehmen generell gewöhnlich ist - selbst dort, wo der Chart seit 2009 (bis ~Mitte 2018) immer nur nach oben ging (+):
• das Negativmuster vom Eindruck her entsteht hier aber (mMn) durch Verkäufe - nach längerer Pause - nach dem besten Quartal der Firmengeschichte

d.h., daß das Verhältnis bei Tesla aus Käufen zu Verkäufen (|250/987|10Y) = ~0.25, bedingt durch EM's Käufe, überdurchschnittlich hoch ist im Vgl. zu dem, was ich so quercheckte

--> ingesamt ist die Sache mit Insider-Käufen und Verkäufen sehr kompliziert, und sollte generell eher tief gehängt werden (im Normalfall ;) )

--> so spielt z.B. die Insider-Eigentümerstruktur eine große Rolle mMn, so daß manche Unternehmensvergleiche vollkommen in die Irre laufen
SpaceX is Said to Reduce Loan Deal to $250M from $750M - Bloomberg
November 19, 2018 5:21 PM EST

--> so viel zur Einstellung der Wall Street (mittlerweile) zu EM's Unternehmungen

--> er kriegt noch Geld, aber nicht mehr so viel, wie er gerne hätte

--> daher auch zuletzt die ganze Daimler- und aktuell die Supercharger-Twitterei :eek:

=> das hat alles einen Grund (im Irrenhaus)
Tesla hints at seeking new battery suppliers in blow to Panasonic
November 20, 2018 03:27 JST

Elon Musk says Shanghai factory will 'most likely' draw on multiple sources...

Zitat von faultcode: ...
[das ist und war auch längere Zeit meine einzige (reine) Short-Position überhaupt, weil ich ganz gerne Pivot-Werte nehme statt breite Indizes.]...
--> :laugh::laugh::laugh:

=> wer hätte - Hand auf's Herz - Mitte 2017 gedacht, daß ausgerechnet dieses Bilanzwunder The last man standing werden sollte?!? :eek:
Tesla is asking Gigafactory workers to volunteer and work through Thanksgiving..
.. as it pushes to make 7,000 Model 3s per week and keep the company profitable


-- Tesla's Gigafactory will stay open during Thanksgiving as Elon Musk attempts to ramp up production to 7,000 Model 3s a week, according to an internal email viewed by Business Insider.

-- "For Thanksgiving, we will be working in Model 3 Module and Pack Production. We're asking for volunteers to help us support these areas. Managers will follow up with each critical area to develop the volunteer list," the email stated.


It's extremely important that we achieve a 1,000+ vehicle per day rate on a sustained basis in the next few weeks, both in order to ensure new Tesla owners receive their car this year and that we achieve a financially healthy quarter.

Last quarter was great, but now we need to prove financial sustainability, which is fundamental to achieving our goal of helping the world become environmental sustainable.

Please be laser-focused on achieving a build rate of 7,000+ high-quality Model 3's per week. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Note, the build rate will continue to increase in Q1, as we start shipment to Europe and Asia.





In another email sent to employees, Musk said he'll be walking the entire Model 3 production line "from cells to finished vehicles" on November 27th and 28th to ensure that each and every line is doing 50 units per hour, which would bring Tesla to 1,000 finished vehicles per day.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.272.363 von faultcode am 21.11.18 21:39:58@faultcode: Vielen Dank für diesen interessanten Thread. Werde ich mir bei Gelegenheit in Ruhe durchlesen. Dazu passend ein neuer Blog-Beitrag von Ruerd Heeg auf Seeking Alpha: https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/5978721-ruerd-heeg/523925…

"After my previous blog the company published great results. Gross margins were unbelievably high, much higher than those of other car manufacturers. That is weird with all the reported inefficiencies in production and delivery hell. In addition I think the company under-reserves for warranty costs. I think Q3 profit is just a one-time event and won't be repeated in the next quarters.

I do not think there is direct public evidence of fraud at Tesla. It was suspicious though that the Chief Accounting Officer left after a month. That was in September just before the company announced great results in October. Apart from an accounting miracle he left a lot of money in options on the table."

Twitter is a good source for the latest news on Tesla, including new findings suggesting fraud at Tesla. For example today I saw a thread suggesting Tesla sold cars in Q3 without removing them from the inventory and without doing the necessary cost accounting. Unfortunately I have not saved it. Here is my thread on Twitter on Tesla's inventory, for 2 days ago. Tesla probably overstated its finished goods inventory in its 10-Q over the third quarter of 2018. Let me know what you think.

Nichts ist spannender als Wirtschaft :)

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