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03.12.20 17:01:00
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LFP = lithium iron phosphate batteries (von CATL) <cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate>

Behind Tesla LFP Model 3: Sales Up, Range Down…
<aus dem Chines.>

MIC LFP Model 3 received a new round of scrutiny as its range started to act abnormal. Several owners found issues with LFP battery after receiving the car. In winter conditions, the range is significantly reduced and the battery cannot be charged 100%, while company’s instruction on charging once a week still need to be done.

A Beijinger who owns LFP Model 3 uses his car for short distance travels. In the night he parks it in an underground garage and during the day on a parking lot. The owner said after it fully charges the car, display shows 420 km, but after driving it for 214 km, there is 5% left. After charging 52 kWh for 1h, the display shows 420 km again.

Although it meets my needs, the difference with officially declared 468 km is not small. In reality, you might say that range over 200 km is my bottom line, the owner says. There is not a small number of people that had similar issues like this owner.

On one hand, people who waited for LFP brought price cuts got their delayed gratification, but on the other, LFP made MIC Model 3 more like an old car, also charging anxiety increased too.

LFP Battery R&D Cycle Cut in Half

In winter conditions, LFP battery does lose a lot of capacity. After one of my clients bought it, he got angry really fast, an experienced Tesla dealer told Sina. Now, a lot of people are asking the dealer for ternary MIC Model 3, but there is less and less of them in stock.

He told Sina about a customer that asked him to help him find MIC SR Model 3 with ternary battery. The next day he got one as a favor, but the car was in another city store.

It was a leftover car or display car. But then again, in future you will not get a chance to spend RMB 240 K to get a Model 3 with LG Chem ternary battery, the dealer said.

Buyers started to fight for a handful of LG ternary Model 3s. There were many of them who wanted to buy SR, but have pulled strings to get ternary LR used vehicles, which were either the cars that were driven under 7-day free of charge return scheme or were display or test drive cars with RMB 10–20K discounts, he told our reporter.

This shows that LFP Model 3 range decrease started to affect consumer confidence.

Tesla’s LFP project was rushed. 21700 battery development cycle was 23 months, LFP’s was under 12 months, former Tesla employee that recently resigned from the company says.

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03.12.20 18:53:33
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ich vermute spontan, daß das wegen ein paar Tweets (ich glaube schon seit gestern Abend) wegen der Goldman Sachs "Research note" ist (siehe oben).

Wie dem auch sei: man kann mMn nach wie vor getrost annehmen, daß "die Wall Street", außer eben JP Morgan (+), mit Tezzla "im Bett liegt".

Es ist einfach viel zu lukrativ für die dort Beteiligten. Der Rest ist denen egal. Job-Garantien gibt's sowieso nicht.

Mit anderen Worten: man kann mMn schon fast wieder auf eine weitere Kapitalerhöhung in 2021e wetten.

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03.12.20 18:59:13
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.939.568 von faultcode am 03.12.20 18:53:33der "alte" Ersatz. Ist nicht das erste Mal:
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03.12.20 19:00:19
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.936.358 von xwin am 03.12.20 15:25:41
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03.12.20 20:06:30
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03.12.20 22:25:23
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks Level 5 Full Autonomy for 2021


E.W. Niedermeyer

Have we considered the possibility that Elon Musk is trapped by a gypsy curse, doomed to predict that Level 5 autonomy will happen next year again and again in an infinite loop?

I think we should at least start considering the possibility.


Ach so ... hmmm ja das könnte die Erklärung sein. :laugh:
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04.12.20 00:17:51
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.937.837 von faultcode am 03.12.20 17:01:00-> jetzt auch bei Insideevs :

Tesla Reportedly Skipped Battery Testing For LFP-Powered Model 3 Made In China…


Bremsen und Batterie testen ist für Langweiler. Radaufhängungen, Bumper- und Dachverklebung und Pedalpotentiometer auch. :rolleyes:
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04.12.20 14:27:15
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ich mag dieses "E.L.O.N M.U.S.K" ;)
Evo Morales in Chimoré/Bolivien am 11.11.2020

We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.

nebenbei: EM hat diesen Tweet gelöscht (der mit "stimulus" ist noch da):

Elon Musk, Partner der Brandenburgischen Landesregierung
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04.12.20 18:17:21
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Sag ich doch: die Firma verdient operativ kein Geld und ist der allergrößte Schnorrer:

Tesla profitiert am meisten -- Milliardenschwere Batterieförderung wird zum Staatsgeheimnis…

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04.12.20 22:38:25
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told friends and associates he plans to move to Texas…

Musk said in May that he was selling all his houses and then proceeded to list his California properties. Friends and associates say he’s told them he’s moving, although there’s no record of a change in residence yet.

Elon Musk’s pay package from 2018 means he’s getting significant stock awards based on Tesla’s market cap increases and hitting financial targets.

Texas has no state income tax, while California’s is the highest in the country.


... Möchte Musk ein paar Aktien versilbern ? Er hatte ja indirekt gewarnt. Im Mai und Oktober (?) dass er sie kurzfristig recht hoch bewertet findet und vor ein paar Tagen die zweite Warnung, dass sie zusammenfallen könnte (in Abhängigkeit der Marge).

So könnte er ja später eigentlich immer sagen, dass er gewarnt hatte. Eigentlich ist das fair.
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ROUNDUP/'WSJ': FBI ermittelt wegen Falschangaben zu Model 3 gegen Tesla