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Flugzeugbauer Boeing vor Großaufträgen für 737-Max (Seite 5) | Diskussion im Forum

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Boeing: Regulatory Capture and Broken Covenants
<auch in den nächsten Monaten wird es einen ganzen Schwall an FUD-Artikel zum Thema Boeing geben; da bin ich mir ganz sicher>

Investors hoping for a swift return to normalcy should think again

The market imagines that everything will return to normal ere long. Yet with hundreds of deaths and significant uncertainty on the part of potential customers about the air-worthiness of the 737 MAX, reality could prove far uglier for Boeing.

With a balance sheet stretched by an overindulgence in stock buybacks in recent years, the company could end up paying a steep price for its laxity. The equity does not currently reflect the very significant risks facing the once honored aerospace giant.
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How Airlines Are Defending Dormant 737 MAX Jets From The Ravages Of Corrosion, Insects And Time

Boeing expects aviation regulators to sign off on its fixes for the 737 MAX and a revised training regime early in the fourth quarter, but given previous delays and new technical issues that have arisen over the past few months, some industry watchers think the plane’s return to service could slip further. Southwest Airlines has taken the 737 MAX off its flight schedule till January 5; Air Canada has scrubbed the plane through January 8.

A Southwest spokesman said that once the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration declares the model airworthy, the airline expects it will take 120 hours of work on each plane to get them ready to fly again, and 30 to 60 days for the airline’s whole fleet.

One giant task: cleaning the planes. Dust can collect inside planes stored in the desert if the doors are vented, requiring a thorough vacuuming, says Zemanovic, and if the storage facility doesn't have a concrete wash pad with drains to properly dispose of large amounts of soapy water, workers may have no choice but to wipe down the plane by hand, a laborious process that he says could require a “couple hundred” man hours. Two necessities for the job: 27-foot high work platforms and a mammoth supply of cleaning wipes.

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The Multiple Problems, and Potential Fixes, With the Boeing 737 Max
A look at the plans to correct the aircraft’s flight-control system that contributed to two fatal crashes and the plane’s grounding

=> gute Animationen der 4 Problemfelder:
• The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS)
• Angle-of-attack disagreement
• Runaway stabilizer
• Trim wheel

--> das MCAS ist also nur ein Teilbereich, wenn auch ein wichtiger
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Trump poised to hit EU with billions in tariffs after victory in Airbus case
WTO ruling sets stage for early confrontation between US and new leaders in Brussels.

Updated 9/14/19, 5:34 PM CET
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