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ROUNDUP/Frist abgelaufen: EU-Staaten wollen Guaidó als Interimspräsidenten | Diskussion im Forum

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Es handelt sich um einen automatisiert angelegten Thread zur Nachricht "ROUNDUP/Frist abgelaufen: EU-Staaten wollen Guaidó als Interimspräsidenten" vom Autor dpa-AFX

Im Kampf um die Macht in Venezuela wollen Deutschland und mehrere andere EU-Länder den Parlamentschef Juan Guaidó künftig als legitimen Übergangspräsidenten betrachten. Eine entsprechende Erklärung wurde im Laufe des Montags erwartet. Zuvor war ein …

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The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

Guaidó is known as the president of the opposition-dominated National Assembly, but he was never elected to the position. The four opposition parties that comprised the Assembly’s Democratic Unity Table had decided to establish a rotating presidency. Popular Will’s turn was on the way, but its founder, Lopez, was under house arrest. Meanwhile, his second-in-charge, Guevara, had taken refuge in the Chilean embassy. A figure named Juan Andrés Mejía would have been next in line but reasons that are only now clear, Juan Guaido was selected.

...“There is a class reasoning that explains Guaidó’s rise,” Sequera, the Venezuelan analyst, observed. “Mejía is high class, studied at one of the most expensive private universities in Venezuela, and could not be easily marketed to the public the way Guaidó could. For one, Guaidó has common mestizo features like most Venezuelans do, and seems like more like a man of the people. Also, he had not been overexposed in the media, so he could be built up into pretty much anything.” ...


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