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Carl Icahn: Kasse gemacht: Star-Investor stiegt vor Lyft-Börsengang aus (Seite 2) | Diskussion im Forum

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Unicorns Like Lyft Have a Ton of ‘Restricted’ Stock. Here’s Why That Matters.…

Take Lyft for instance. Its stock is trading 1% below the $72 offering price and 18% below where the stock opened on its first day of trading. Lyft’s market value is currently $20 billion or $23 billion depending on how you treat its restricted stock units. A $3 billion spread is significant—it’s 15% of Lyft’s reported market capitalization.

How is that possible? Lyft told investors in its filings it would have about 284 million shares outstanding immediately after it sold stock to the public. It also told investors in the same filings it was excluding about 47 million restricted stock units when calculating its shares outstanding. That’s 16% of the 284 million figure, and it is the reason investors who say Lyft is worth $20 billion or $23 billion are both right.

Those 47 million restricted units are issued to individuals. They can’t be traded yet and their ultimate award is dependent on things like employee performance and tenure with the company. Not all the 47 million restricted shares will hit public markets some day, but a lot will...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.313.789 von faultcode am 09.04.19 15:42:53
Crash nach IPO

--> die Unicorn-IPO-Party ist vorbei, bevor sie eigentlich richtig angefangen hat

=> mMn eine Blaupause für den Uber-IPO (und airbnb). Nun sind alle gewarnt.

=> der Lyft-IPO hätte so aussehen sollen wie der (zeitgleiche) von Tradeweb Markets (TW) --> über den hier fast niemand spricht bezeichnenderweise:…
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.327.442 von faultcode am 11.04.19 04:02:44..und auch heute - an einem leicht grünen NASDAQ-100-Tag - wird Lyft tiefergelegt:

3 Reasons Why Lyft Stock Fell 20% Last Week --> Short selling, die Lock-up-Vereinbarungen umgehen??

1/ Shorting
2/ Wall Street nicht begeistert
2/ Uber IPO

--> zu 1/:

Lyft is threatening litigation against Morgan Stanley, accusing the firm of supporting short-selling…

...Lyft has threatened litigation against Morgan Stanley, accusing the firm of supporting short-selling for investors who are subject to lock-up agreements.

In a letter sent to Morgan Stanley on April 2, Lyft questioned the firm about its alleged role in helping market certain products that would help pre-IPO investors bet against the stock.
The letter was prompted by reporting in the New York Post, which said Morgan Stanley had been selling a short product to pre-IPO investors and cited three sources close to the situation.

Lyft asked Morgan Stanley to go on record saying that they did not create such a product, and that they had engaged in the proper due diligence in marketing such a product.

The letter, which copied Lyft’s lead underwriters JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, also asks that if Morgan Stanley did engage in such activity that they stop immediately and turn over a list of shareholders who participated.

While the letter requested that Morgan Stanley respond by the end of the day on April 2, two source close to the matter said that as of late Friday, the firm had yet to do so formally. Both people asked for anonymity discussing private details involving the dispute.

However, a Morgan Stanley spokesperson provided a statement to CNBC, saying that the firm “did not market or execute, directly or indirectly, a sale, short sale, hedge, swap or transfer of risk or value associated with Lyft stock for any Lyft shareholder identified by the company or otherwise known to us to be the subject of a Lyft lock-up agreement.”....

=> wenn Morgan Stanley Recht haben sollte, sieht das Bild für Lyft noch schlechter aus
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.354.160 von faultcode am 14.04.19 23:28:34..und als wenn das nicht schon genug Ärger wäre, kommt hier der nächste:

• der Arbeitsplatz bei solchen Ride sharing-Unternehmen

Lyft Sued for Defective App Design Following Crash That Injured Pedestrian…

...A South Florida lawsuit has accused ride-sharing company Lyft Inc. of operating an "unreasonably dangerous" app that puts the public at risk.

The complaint filed Thursday in Palm Beach Circuit Court names the San Francisco-based company as a defendant, alongside its subsidiary Lyft Florida Inc., Lyft driver Wilky Ilet and rental car company The Hertz Corp., which partners with Lyft.

The plaintiff is Palm Beach County resident Teresa Brookes, who suffered extensive injuries, including brain trauma, after the Lyft driver struck her as she crossed State Road A1A on Jan. 4.

According to plaintiffs counsel, Domnick Cunningham & Whalen shareholder Jeanmarie Whalen, Brookes was leaving work at The Breakers Palm Beach Resort at the time of the crash. Whalen said the incident was caused because the driver who hit Brookes was distracted by the Lyft app.

"These drivers are required to constantly monitor that app in order to obtain rides and generate revenue for Lyft, and in this instance, for Hertz as well," the Palm Beach Gardens attorney said.

The vehicle involved in the crash, a 2017 Kia Optima, was part of the Lyft Express Drive initiative. The program is a partnership between Hertz and Lyft, and allows Lyft drivers to rent vehicles to pick up passengers....
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.354.172 von faultcode am 14.04.19 23:32:49
Lyft-owned Citi Bike is pulling its electric bikes off the streets after brake complaints, ...
Einen hab ich noch:


• Citi Bike, which is owned by Lyft, has removed its electric pedal-assisted bikes from circulation following reports of overly powerful brakes.

• Streetsblog New York reported the pedal-assisted bikes first began disappearing from the Citi Bike map over the weekend.

• DC's Capital Bikeshare and San Francisco's Ford GoBike, which are also both owned by Lyft, also pulled their electronic bikes, citing similar reasons.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.327.442 von faultcode am 11.04.19 04:02:44
kein Boden
..immer noch nicht:

=> kein Boden heißt halt auch:
• kein PPT bislang in Sicht (Plunge Protection Team)
ist wohl die frage obs uber besser macht?
immerhin sind solche fahrdienste, zmndst in europa, noch sehr umstritten.
die ersten Klagen rollen auch schon rein
Lyft Investors Sue Over Slump, Claiming IPO Was Overhyped…

...Lyft Inc. was sued by investors who claim the ride-sharing company overstated its market position when it went public last month, leading to a dramatic plunge in its stock price.

Two separate class-action complaints against Lyft, as well as its officers and directors and underwriters, were filed Wednesday in state court in the company’s hometown, San Francisco.

Since going public March 28, Lyft has declined 17 percent to $59.51. That compares with the offering price of $72. The stock sold off sharply amid larger rival Uber Technologies Inc.’s filing for an initial public offering last week, as investors will soon have another option to bet on the potential of ride-sharing and gig-economy.

The investors claim Lyft was exaggerating in its prospectus when it said its U.S. market share was 39 percent. In both suits, the plaintiffs also dinged the company for failing to tell investors that it was about to recall more than a 1,000 of the bikes in its ride-share program.

The company didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on the lawsuits...

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