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17.09.19 21:14:55
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.495.766 von SmartCap am 16.09.19 18:44:18ich habe den pivot podcast zur uber story gehört, besonders informativ fand ich's nicht, ist mehr talk geplänkel

Scott Galloway find ich ganz orginell - deswegen lese/höre ich öfter was er so im sinn hat

(er ist übrigens im board of directors von S. Schambachs neuer us firma, zumindest als ich das checkte vor ca 1 jahr)

Scott prophezeit 80% kursverlust nä 2 jahre für uber ...

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18.09.19 19:00:44
wg direkt anschreiben - im stark hierachisch tickenden deutschland werde ich dafür oft belächelt

in usa, skandinavien, auch holland - selbst in der uk bekomme ich oft von vermeintlich großen tieren eine antwort ...

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10.10.19 21:40:46
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.417.571 von faultcode am 05.09.19 12:54:22beim Rennen nach unten führt LYFT (6m-Basis) - heute mit Alltime Low. Entgegen dem Markt :eek:

--> UBER auch heute rot - aber nicht so deutlich wie LYFT:

--> IPO-Kurs war USD72 lt.…
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14.10.19 00:18:21
bei Lyft sind nur die nur Class A stocks im Handel
Another factor weighing on companies that have recently gone public is changes to the membership requirements in benchmark stock indexes.

Updated rules state that companies with multiple share classes can’t be added to indexes maintained by the S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC. Companies with multiple share classes also face restrictions at the FTSE Russell. The trickle-down of this is that many of the largest companies to IPO in 2019 (including Chewy, Lyft and Pinterest) are being ignored by US mutual funds and ETFs.

Goldman Sachs wrote: “Multi-class voting to insulate management from its own shareholders comes at a significant long-term cost.” Companies with multiple share classes are facing this fact, as their share prices are not being levitated through the inclusion in many popular and widely owned benchmark indexes.
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22.10.19 18:51:16
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.685.170 von faultcode am 14.10.19 00:18:21Ich räume meine Position derweil und vorerst --> auf Beobachtung:

Lyft stock jumps 5% after co-founders tell WSJ they see profitability a year earlier than expected…
Key Points

• Lyft co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer told the Wall Street Journal that the company could be profitable on an adjusted EBITDA basis as soon as next year.
• That’s one year earlier than the company previously projected.


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19.11.19 01:10:03
die Konsolidierung läuft:

Gett shuts down Juno ride-hailing service, hops in with Lyft…

...Juno, an app launched three years ago by entrepreneur Talmon Marco to compete with ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc., is no more.

Parent company Gett confirmed Monday that it was closing Juno's operations in New York and partnering with Uber rival Lyft Inc.

Marco created Juno after making $900 million off the sale of messaging app Viber to Japanese online retailer Rakuten Inc.

At the time, Juno had been known for paying taxi drivers across New York City to download the app with the idea that it would upend other ride-hailing competitors, whether it be Uber, Lyft, Via or Gett

Marco's plan didn't quite work, and he sold the company to Gett in 2017 for roughly $250 million.

Gett, known for its "surge pricing sucks" campaign, is backed by Volkswagen Group. The Israel-based company is part of GetTaxi Inc.


The company blamed the “enactment of misguided regulations in New York City earlier this year" for the closure.

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26.11.19 12:59:27
was meint ihr, lohnt sich langsam ein einstieg?
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07.01.20 02:08:31
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.955.438 von faultcode am 19.11.19 01:10:036.1.
Sexual-assault lawsuits cast shadow on Lyft’s reputation
Women say Lyft hasn’t done enough to protect passengers…

For years, Lyft has been the good guy of ride-hailing. In early days, its cars were adorned with whimsical pink mustaches. Its founders talked about improving peoples’ lives by reducing individual car ownership. And while Uber drivers grabbed headlines for assaulting passengers, somehow — despite many drivers working for both companies — Lyft remained unscathed.

That changed when dozens of women filed lawsuits against Lyft in recent months, claiming that they were sexually assaulted by the company’s drivers. The women said Lyft did not do enough to keep them safe, and several said that when they reported the incidents, Lyft did little or nothing to make it right.

“They didn’t even really say sorry at all. They just said, ‘OK, well we’re going to send you your money back,’” said Caroline Miller, 21, who says she was raped by a Lyft driver after a night out celebrating her birthday. “I didn’t even get an email. It was crazy. They kind of just pushed it under the rug, and were like, ‘whatever.’”

Miller is one of 19 women who jointly filed a lawsuit against Lyft in December. They argued Lyft could have done more to protect passengers by requiring in-car video monitoring and conducting fingerprint-based background checks, and they said Lyft does not adequately investigate customer complaints of sexually inappropriate behavior.


Die Aktie pendelt zwischen ~USD43 und ~USD46:

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02.03.20 01:03:24
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.299.091 von faultcode am 07.01.20 02:08:31die 2019Q4/Q4-Ergebnisse, und vor allem der ernüchternde Vor-Corona-Ausblick 2020e, kamen seinerzeit schlecht an, und zusammen mit dem allg. Markt-Crash letzter Woche ist die Aktie auf ein Allzeittief (am Do) gefallen:

Die "adjusted" und selbstkreierten Metriken, die positive Fortschritte zeigen sollen, wirken zunehmend kontra-produktiv im derzeitigen Börsenumfeld

Und so bleibt am Ende nur noch eine anhaltende Übernahme-Fantasie.
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06.05.20 23:04:14
Uuupsi - mal ein Unicorn mit guten Zahlen in Zeiten der Corona:

Lyft stock soars as sales near $1 billion despite coronavirus pandemic
Published: May 6, 2020 at 4:59 p.m. ET
Lyft loses nearly $400 million on $955 million in revenue, a much larger sales total than analysts expected after COVID-19 spread…

wobei, hier ist Erfolg schon sehr relativ bei: Lyft loses nearly $400 million on $955 million in revenue
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