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IPO: Büroraum-Anbieter WeWork strebt an die Börse | Diskussion im Forum

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Es handelt sich um einen automatisiert angelegten Thread zur Nachricht "IPO: Büroraum-Anbieter WeWork strebt an die Börse" vom Autor dpa-AFX

Der Büroraum-Anbieter WeWork hat die Weichen für einen Börsengang gestellt. Das Unternehmen gab am Montag in New York bekannt, bereits im Dezember einen entsprechenden Antrag bei der US-Börsenaufsicht SEC eingereicht zu haben. Weitere Informationen …

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WeWork’s Patrick Nelson: ‘The building is the hardware, we’re the software’

...Critics of the co-working craze have pointed out that sudden economic downturns can be disastrous for companies like WeWork, leaving them with long leases on space they cannot rent out. Nelson is eager to paint a picture of a company whose customers are not short-term tenants but “members” who are part of “an incredibly strong community” that transcends mere bricks and mortar.

In an interview given before news of the IPO broke, he describes his properties as a “gateway” to what he calls the “WeWork platform”. “The building is the hardware and WeWork is the software that we can put in it,” he says. <FC: :laugh::laugh::laugh:>


WeWork has not always made its numbers simple for the finance community to understand. The company’s first bond offering, about a year ago, introduced debt investors to what it called “community-adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation”, which unusually stripped out expenses such as marketing and design costs. <:eek::eek::eek:>

=> Halleluja :cry:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.564.603 von faultcode am 14.05.19 14:46:14Das reine Pyramidenspiel und der Ceo ist ebenfalls bestes Hochstaplermaterial.

WeWork to Raise Billions Selling Debt Ahead of IPO
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WeWork Wants to Go Public in September, Sooner than Expected

...Shared office space manager WeWork is looking to go public as soon as September, earlier than previously expected. The anonymous source said to Wall Street Journal that the company is expected to make its initial public offering paperwork public already in August. However, from the company, they declined to comment.

The truth is, this New York-based company, valued at $47 billion has been rumored to be planning a massive IPO for a long time by now. It seems now it’s been in the process of meeting with Wall Street banks to secure an asset-backed loan more than $5 billion in what could be an effort to downsize its upcoming stock offering.

Let us just remind you that the company reported huge net losses last year of around $1.9 billion in March on revenue of $1.8 billion....

=> OK, so lange muss der Markt noch halbwegs oben bleiben (SP500 z.B.); airbnb kommt wohl nicht mehr bis dahin

--> und dann geht's los! :laugh:
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WeWork beschleunigt IPO-Verfahren: Geht es bereits nächste Woche an die Börse?

Lange mussten interessierte Marktteilnehmer auf Details zu WeWorks geplantem IPO warten. Nachdem lange kein konkretes IPO-Datum bekannt war, könne es Medienberichten zufolge doch sehr schnell gehen.

• We Company-IPO könnte schon nächste Woche erfolgen
• IPO-Unterlagen geben wichtige finanzielle Details preis
We Company dürfte weitere Finanzierungsrunden benötigen

(FC: Format)

--> um es kurz zu machen: es muss schnell gehen :D
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IPO-Prospekt (FORM S-1) --> Link
<ein PDF wäre besser....>

=> Wow!

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IBM | 121,60 €

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