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Uber lost a key court ruling on Friday, which could hurt its business model in one of its biggest international markets.

The U.K.’s Supreme Court has decided that drivers of the ride-hailing app should be classified as workers, which means they are entitled to holiday pay and the minimum wage.

The crucial ruling from the country’s top court has broad implications for the so-called gig economy, and could mean Uber faces large compensation claims.

The case about the employment rights of Uber drivers is similar to one brought to the courts in California last year.

In the U.K., Uber argued that it acted solely as a technology provider and was a booking agent for drivers who are approved by Uber London. The ruling says: “The Supreme Court disagrees.”

In a move that could have a major financial impact on the company, it also ruled that drivers were deemed to be working when they were looking for passengers and not just driving them.

The court documents said: “The Supreme Court also holds that the employment tribunal was entitled to find that time spent by the claimants working for Uber was not limited (as Uber argued) to periods when they were actually driving passengers to their destinations, but included any period when the driver was logged into the Uber app within the territory in which the driver was licensed to operate and was ready and willing to accept trips.”


Uber loses key legal fight, which could hurt its business model in the U.K. and hit gig-economy companies…
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Eine solche Niederlage in UK, einem Land was nicht gerade für besonders hohe Sozialstandards bekannt ist, könnte auch andere Länder bewegen.
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"How did you go bankrupt?"
"Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly."
Mike Campbell from "The Sun Also Rises", Ernest Hemingway, 1926
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Brussels bans Uber drivers from picking up rides through the app
Uber says it’s searching for a solution with taxi associations and the city’s regional administration.…
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Travis Kalanick is at war again. The ex-Uber CEO's kitchen startup is angering local residents, and one neighborhood is at a 'boiling point.'…
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Wie geht es mit Uber Technologies weiter, 2021 schon profitabel?
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Hi Leute!
In unserem Podcast geht es diese Woche um Über und Volkswagen!
Hier der Link:…
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