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Deutsche Bank to sell first contingent convertible bond in 6 years
Major step for Germany’s largest lender after years of tackling crises…

Deutsche Bank is to issue its first contingent convertible bond since 2014, an important milestone for Germany’s largest lender, which has been locked out of the market for years after losing the trust of investors as it lurched from crisis to crisis.

The bond issue has a minimum size of $1bn and will convert into equity if Deutsche’s common equity tier one capital ratio falls to less than 5.125 per cent, the bank said in a statement.

At the end of 2019, Deutsche’s CET1 ratio stood at 13.6 per cent. Analysts expect it to fall to 13 per cent this year as restructuring costs and higher regulatory requirements bite.

Additional tier 1 (AT1) bonds are the riskiest form of debt that banks can sell. They can be written off in times of stress and were introduced by regulators after the financial crisis to shore up bank balance sheets.

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19.02.20 23:02:03
Und schon ist keine Rede mehr von Lehmann 2.0

Ein Schelm wer böses dabei denkt

Dann kicken wir den Ball mal an die HSBC weiter .. die wird ja echt bös gebeutelt nun
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02.03.20 11:50:26
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.732.290 von IknoWmorEthaNu am 19.02.20 23:02:03
Zitat von IknoWmorEthaNu: Und schon ist keine Rede mehr von Lehmann 2.0

Ein Schelm wer böses dabei denkt

Dann kicken wir den Ball mal an die HSBC weiter .. die wird ja echt bös gebeutelt nun

DB läuft gut? Heute nur minus 4%. Ist das nicht wieder einen fetten BONI wert?
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04.03.20 00:24:16
Die Deutsche wird sich am Ende als Retter der Welt heruaskristallisieren, da das viele

Geld und damit eine einhergehende Hyperinflation drohen würde, einfach alles an diese

Bank transferiert wird und diese es stetig, treu und ohne Schwäche komplett verbrennen wird !!!!
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09.03.20 14:33:39
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.638.906 von faultcode am 10.02.20 21:37:32ALL TIME LOW:…
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24.06.20 22:12:01
Ich muss die Deutsche Bank wirklich dafür loben, 2019 die Finger von Wirecard gelassen zu haben:

Zitat von faultcode: Panther, Deutsche Bank/DB

Natürlich kann man im Nachhinein fragen: was gefiel der DB offenbar so schnell nicht an Wirecard?

Zur BaFin mit sowas zu gehen, wäre ja sowieso ein Witz gewesen.

Und so überrascht es (mich) auch nicht, daß selbst der DWS noch Anfang 2020 offenbar überhaupt nicht im Bilde war.

Also beendet man so ein Gespräch höflich und zügig, macht eine Notiz für's Archiv und geht seinem Tagesgeschäft weiter nach.
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21.09.20 01:29:41

The FinCEN Files investigation reveals that Deutsche managers, including top executives, had direct knowledge for years of serious failings that left the bank vulnerable to money launderers. Documents show two warnings sent to committees that included Paul Achleitner, Deutsche’s chair, and one sent to the bank's supervisory board.

Another top Deutsche executive, Christian Sewing, ran the audit division when one of its teams gave the Moscow office a clean bill of health, despite evidence that it could not even produce a list of its clients, let alone verify that they were who they said they were. Sewing is now Deutsche’s CEO.

The bank, responding to questions raised by this investigation, said it has acknowledged “past weaknesses” and “learnt from our mistakes,” while investing hundreds of millions of dollars to bolster its defenses against financial crimes. “We are a different bank now,” a Deutsche spokesperson said in a written response.

The spokesperson said Sewing was not personally involved in the review of the Moscow office and disputed aspects of Bank of America’s written account to the government, including the assertion that Achleitner met with an executive from that bank.

To make it all happen, the perpetrators needed a Western bank to work with them. They found one in Deutsche. It wasn’t the only bank that was involved, but prosecutors said traders in its Moscow office were motivated by “greed and corruption” and that one supervisor had apparently been bribed to facilitate the trades.

The companies that moved the money were some of Deutsche Russia’s most active clients, at times generating bigger commissions for the bank than any of its other customers in Russia.

The saga of the mirror trades is not yet over for Deutsche. In its most recent annual report, Deutsche said that the Department of Justice continues to investigate, and that the bank had set aside money in case of future fines.

A separate, simultaneous review found that the Moscow office’s anti–money laundering department was severely short-staffed and failing to properly monitor transactions.

By 2014, Christian Sewing, a Deutsche lifer who had started as a 19-year-old apprentice in the small German city of Bielefeld, was working his way up the corporate ladder and was chief of Deutsche’s audit division, the bank’s internal watchdog.

That summer, a team from his division turned its attention to Moscow; by fall the investigation had concluded. Despite all their colleagues’ documented concerns, the auditors gave Deutsche’s Moscow office a “green” rating, records reviewed by BuzzFeed News show.

Deutsche declined requests to interview Sewing, but a Deutsche spokesperson said that he “had no direct or indirect involvement in the 2014 audit.”

The spokesperson added: “That was consistent with the well-established protocols at the time concerning which audits were escalated to the Global Head of Audit.” Deutsche also said Sewing helped to uncover the mirror trades later.

By the start of 2016, the volume of Russian money flowing into the US financial system was raising alarms at Bank of America. A team of experts from the bank flew to Deutsche’s London office seeking answers.

But the meeting was interrupted when one of Deutsche’s managing directors arrived. He told the Bank of America investigators they were not authorized to talk to anyone in London and asked them to leave.

The SAR says that the matter was escalated within Bank of America, with one of its senior managers “scheduled to meet with Paul Achleitner” in a few days. The SAR adds, “Achleitner indicated the matter would be addressed” with the bank’s CEO at the time, John Cryan.

Bank of America declined to comment for this story. Asked about the SAR, Deutsche Bank responded that “our review of the situation indicates that the events did not take place as implied.”

It added: “It would not have been the place of Paul Achleitner to get involved managing the interactions with Bank of America, nor do we have any record of him doing so.”

The bank declined to make Achleitner available for an interview.

The report also did not name Achleitner specifically. But it described instances when concerns about broken anti–money laundering systems were flagged to board committees on which he sat. The problem of understaffing was raised repeatedly, and Deloitte concluded that the bank’s compliance teams had been “undermined by limited allocated resources.”

Deloitte also found that the bank’s transaction monitoring software had issued 108 alerts about the mirror trading companies between 2011 and 2015. Nonetheless, during that time Deutsche kept the transactions moving.

By the time regulators caught up with Deutsche, Wiswell was gone. He had decamped to Bali, where he now lives with his family, and did not respond to requests for an interview. He was pictured last year at the gala dinner of the Florence Biennale art festival, with a beaming smile on his face and a glass of champagne in his hand.

Homeland Security documents indicate that Tovmas Grigoryan, the Los Angeles bookkeeper who allegedly absconded with money from clients’ small businesses, fled the country, likely for Russia. (FC: wie Jan Maršálek :D )

Following its investigation into Deutsche and the mirror trades, the New York State Department of Financial Services determined that “greed and corruption motivated” some of the bank’s Moscow employees. In a consent order that resulted in a fine for the bank, the department said there was evidence of around $3.8 million of alleged bribes going to one of the Moscow bankers and a close relative.


Frage: warum klären eigentlich nicht deutsche Behörden solche (möglichen) Gesetzesverstöße bei der Deutschen Bank?

=> warum muss quasi der ganze Müll dazu immer in den USA landen? (die nun selber wegen Untätigkeit am Pranger stehen)

SAR = suspicious activity report
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21.09.20 06:27:56
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.137.570 von faultcode am 21.09.20 01:29:41FC, Du hast es immer noch nicht verstanden oder???

Im Kapitalismus regiert das Geld und die Regierung ist nur "der Ordnung halber" vorhanden, weil in der Demokratie notwendig.

Gesetze sind so geschrieben das sie wie Gummibänder von denen gedehnt werden können die das nötige Kleingeld haben.

Was glaubst du eigentlich wo Du bist???
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17.11.20 13:36:23
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.137.570 von faultcode am 21.09.20 01:29:41...
Die Deutsche Bank warnt angesichts der immer neuen Rettungsprogramme vor der wachsenden Macht des Staates in der Wirtschaft. "Es kann nicht nach dem Gieskannenprinzip weitergehen. Das schadet unserer Volkswirtschaft", sagte Konzernchef Christian Sewing (50) am Montag beim CDU-Wirtschaftstag in Berlin.

Breit angelegte staatliche Subventionen setzten auf Dauer falsche ökonomische Anreize. Unternehmen müssten sich an die neuen Gegebenheiten anpassen, auch wenn dies mit Schmerzen verbunden sei. "Wir müssen ein gewisses Maß an kreativer Zerstörung zulassen."

Deutsche-Bank-Chef fordert -- Mehr Firmen sollten pleitegehen…

--> richtig! Fangen wir einfach mal mit der Deutschen Bank an :p
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