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Hedge Funds bauen gerade ihre Long-Position ab


--> SBUX ist im NASDAQ 100 u.a. enthalten

--> momentan zweitschlechtester Wert

--> SBUX z.Z. bei ~USD90.2 --> siehe oben: ich sehe frühestens ab ~USD83 eine Stabilisierung (und darunter bei ~USD76), während nach oben bei ~USD96 Beton angerührt wurde
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02.10.19 13:11:51
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--> demnächst sollte auch der GD50 nach unten drehen
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24.02.20 15:15:45
Starbucks and Skechers among most exposed to coronavirus disruption in China: Cowen…

Starbucks Corp. and Skechers USA Inc. are among the companies with the most exposure to disruption in China due to the coronavirus, according to Cowen analysts.

Starbucks said it would've raised its guidance when it announced its earnings in late January, with Cowen saying the company has the greatest exposure in its restaurant coverage. But the illness outbreak shuttered more than half of its stores in the region. Starbucks shares were down 3% in Monday premarket trading. Skechers has 20% estimated revenue exposure in China, according to Cowen data, and 40% growth exposure.

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18.03.20 21:10:10
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Starbucks announces share buyback program for 40 million shares ahead of virtual shareholder event…

Starbucks Corp. said Wednesday that it has authorized a share repurchase program for 40 million shares.

The announcement comes ahead of the coffee giant's virtual shareholder event, which will begin at 10 a.m. PT. This is in addition to the 16 million shares remaining as of Dec. 29, 2019 from the previous buyback program.

Starbucks previously announced that it was moving to a "to-go" only model in the interest of social distancing as the coronavirus outbreak wears on. Starbucks is expanding its relationship with Uber Eats nationwide at the end of April, making it available in 48 states. The company has previously announced its worker compensation offering during the pandemic.

The company has added a mental health benefit, offering 20 free counseling sessions annually. Store managers across the U.S. and Canada will also receive mental health training this summer to help them aid workers who are dealing with mental health issues.

And in China, where 90% of stores are now open, Starbucks announced a $130 million investment in Coffee Innovation Park, which will open in 2022. The facility will include coffee roasting, a distribution center and distribution center. The investment is the largest outside of the U.S. and the first in Asia. Starbucks aims to have 6,000 stores in China by 2022.

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Zitat von faultcode: ...18.3.
Starbucks announces share buyback program for 40 million shares ahead of virtual shareholder event ...

..und nun ist dieses Geld weg:

Starbucks is asking landlords for a year’s worth of rent breaks…

The chain is renegotiating rents after its sales plummeted in recent weeks during the pandemic shutdown.

Starbucks Corp. has asked the landlords for many of its corporate-owned units for a year’s worth of rent breaks as part of its strategy to improve its finances coming out of the coronavirus shutdown.

The letter, sent the day after the Seattle-based coffee giant started reopening its U.S. locations last week, was written by the company’s chief operating officer, Roz Brewer.

It requests 12 months of concessions, starting June 1, “to support modified operations and adjustments to lease terms and base rent structures, so we can withstand this uncertainty together.”

Restaurant Business has obtained a copy of the letter, and several sources have said the letter was sent to many of the company's landlords.

A Starbucks spokesperson did not comment on the letter but did refer to the company’s recent earnings call with Wall Street analysts in which the company said it was having “ongoing conversations” with landlords.

“We are having ongoing conversations with our landlords in various markets regarding what may be commercially reasonable lease concessions in the current environment,” CFO Patrick Grismer said. “We’ve not yet confirmed those arrangements and it’s really premature to indicate what that relief may look like. But it is something we’re pursuing.”

The request was “not well received,” according to one real estate source, while another called it “ridiculous.” Landlords and other real estate professionals were taken aback at the length of time the company wants lower rent.

The letter nevertheless indicates the challenges facing even a large-scale company like Starbucks, which has more locations in the U.S. than all but one chain, Subway, but is facing an unprecedented hit on its business.

Starbucks has 8,800 company-operated units, while licensees operate another 6,250.

Starbucks closed more than half of its company-owned locations in late March and into April, with same-store sales down by 25% in the stores that were open last month, suggesting total same-store sales down by as much as 75% last month.

The company expects to reopen more than 90% of its locations early next month, but its locations are reopening with modified operations, notably contactless pickup, delivery, curbside and grab-and-go.


--> warum sollen die Vermieter nachgeben? Damit andere Mieter auch solche Forderungen durchsetzen?

=> man könnte fast meinen, daß Management arbeitet daran, SBUX wieder auf die USD50 zu schicken
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12.06.20 00:10:40
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8-K -- Report of Starbucks Corporation dated June 10, 2020
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19.02.21 13:14:12
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 63.993.099 von faultcode am 12.06.20 00:10:4026.1.
FY21 Guidance: GAAP EPS in the range of $2.42 to $2.62; Global comparable store sales growth of 18% to 23%. Consolidated revenue of $28B to $29B.
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