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      schrieb am 08.03.24 21:45:20
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      Dividende 1,68 USD, Valuta 7.3.

      Cummins Inc. | 269,13 $
      schrieb am 23.02.24 22:23:18
      Beitrag Nr. 130 ()
      Habe ein Umtauschangebot für ATMUS FILTRATION TECH. bekommen.

      Echt nervig, wenn man bei Cummins auf der Seite guckt, ist das hier der Info-Text dazu:…
      ... der bei mir aber nach ein paar Sekunden verschwindet, wenn man die URL aufgerufen hat und dann landet man auf der Cummins-Hauptseite.

      Darum geht es:
      "Im Rahmen des geplanten Umtauschangebots haben die Aktionäre von Cummins die Möglichkeit, alle, einige oder keine ihrer Stammaktien von Cummins gegen Atmus-Stammaktien einzutauschen, vorbehaltlich der Bedingungen des Umtauschangebots. "

      Das ist das abgespaltene Unternehmen:

      Muss ich mir Mal näher ansehen...
      Cummins Inc. | 244,15 €
      schrieb am 08.12.23 17:21:08
      Beitrag Nr. 129 ()
      Dividende 1,68 USD, Valuta 7.12.

      Schon ein paar Monate her, aber jetzt erst gesehen:
      Cummins baut mit Daimler Truck und Paccar eine Batteriezellenfabrik.…
      Cummins Inc. | 232,31 $
      schrieb am 19.09.23 12:47:05
      Beitrag Nr. 128 ()
      Die Bekloppten scheinen nicht auszusterben. Augenscheinlich gibt es immer noch Bauernfänger, die KO-Scheine als Anlagealternative preishudeln. Cummins ist ein großer player, da kann man wunderbar puts und calls kaufen/verkaufen, anstatt den Ko-Mist.
      Cummins Inc. | 224,90 €
      schrieb am 10.09.23 13:56:56
      Beitrag Nr. 127 ()
      Dividende 1,68 USD, Valuta 07.09.

      Hydrogen engines | Cummins and Tata to spend $425m on Indian H2 ICE factory…

      Cummins takes 100% ownership of hydrogen electrolyser subsidiary Hydrogenics after buying Air Liquide's 19% stake…
      Cummins Inc. | 219,50 €

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      East Africa Metals
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      schrieb am 04.06.23 13:19:34
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      Das scheint zu passen mit den News

      Weitere Analysen sind hier zu finden
      Thread: Charts 2023 by Chartier
      Cummins Inc. | 203,40 €
      schrieb am 02.06.23 22:53:30
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      Dividende 1,57 USD, Valuta 01.06.23
      Cummins Inc. | 202,35 €
      schrieb am 26.05.23 12:27:09
      Beitrag Nr. 124 ()
      Atmus Filtration Technologies Announces Pricing Pricing Of Its IPO Of 14.1 Million Shares Of Its Common Stock Owned By Cummins At $19.50 Per Share

      NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 26, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc. (Atmus), the Filtration business unit of Cummins Inc. (Cummins; NYSE: CMI), today announced the pricing of its initial public offering (IPO) of 14,124,409 shares of its common stock owned by Cummins at a price to the public of $19.50 per share. The shares are expected to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on May 26, 2023 under the ticker symbol "ATMU." Atmus is not selling any shares and will not receive any proceeds from the sale of shares in the offering. The offering is expected to close on May 30, 2023, subject to customary closing conditions.

      Cummins Inc. | 194,85 €
      schrieb am 25.05.23 20:43:44
      Beitrag Nr. 123 ()
      Vermute dies könnte auch hier von Interesse sein:

      US business borrowing for equipment falls 8% in April- ELFA survey

      Zitat von Oginvest: May 24 (Reuters) - U.S. companies borrowed nearly 8% less in April than last year to finance equipment investments, industry body Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) said on Wednesday.

      The companies signed up for new loans, leases and lines of credit worth $9.7 billion last month, compared with $10.5 billion a year earlier.

      "It is not clear whether increased borrowing rates are constraining liquidity or if this decrease in originations is merely a blip in an otherwise healthy marketplace," ELFA Chief Executive Ralph Petta said.

      ELFA, which reports economic activity for the nearly $1-trillion equipment finance sector, said credit approvals totaled 77.3%, up from 75.3% in March.

      Washington-based ELFA's leasing and finance index measures the volume of commercial equipment financed in the United States.

      The index is based on a survey of 25 members, including Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) and financing affiliates or units of Caterpillar Inc (CAT.N), Dell Technologies Inc (DELL.N), Siemens AG (SIEGn.DE), Canon Inc and Volvo AB (VOLVb.ST).

      "Separately, (the) survey indicates that a growing segment of business heads is somewhat pessimistic about the short-term outlook for the economy, in general, and the equipment finance industry, specifically," Petta said.

      The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, ELFA's non-profit affiliate, said its confidence index in May stood at 40.6, a decrease from 47.0 in April. A reading above 50 indicates a positive business outlook.…
      Cummins Inc. | 211,29 $
      schrieb am 25.05.23 20:17:49
      Beitrag Nr. 122 ()
      Cummins engine filtration unit IPO to brave debt ceiling jitters
      May 25 (Reuters) - Cummins Inc (CMI.N) is pressing ahead with plans to price the initial public offering (IPO) of its engine filtration division on Thursday, defying the market volatility fueled by concerns over the lack of a deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

      The carved-out division, Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc, is seeking to raise about $275 million by signing up investors to the IPO on Thursday evening, before its shares start trading in New York on Friday.

      It is a bet that market volatility, which can be detrimental to IPOs because it dents investor confidence in a company's valuation, will not derail the offering. The markets have been on edge over the timing of an eventual deal between the White House and Republicans in Congress to raise the debt ceiling ahead of the June 1 deadline set by the U.S. Treasury.

      Despite the elevated volatility, however, the Cboe Volatility Index, known as Wall Street's "fear gauge," remains below 20, the level many bankers say makes it difficult to price IPOs. The VIX has been above 20 most of the time since the first quarter of 2022, as the war in Ukraine and interest rate hikes by central banks fueled market jitters. This created an IPO drought, with only a few stock market hopefuls bucking the trend.

      Companies have raised about $2.2 billion in the first quarter this year, compared to more than $42.6 billion during the same period in 2021, according to Dealogic.

      The Atmus IPO follows in the steps of Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ.N) consumer health business Kenvue Inc (KVUE.N), which raised $3.8 billion earlier this month in the largest IPO of this year.

      Atmus provides filtration products for trucks, off-highway industrial equipment and power generation systems.

      Columbus, Indiana-based Cummins will control about 83% of the company's shares after the listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

      Cummins Inc. | 211,44 $
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