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Cenovus Energy | 14,02 C$
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Forward P/E: 7.5 laut Refinitiv

Cenovus and Headwater announce bought deal secondary offering of Headwater common shares worth approximately $114 million…

Headwater Exploration (HWX) wird mittlerweile zu sehr steilen Multiples mMn gehandelt -- das Secondary offering macht also Sinn:

Cenovus is selling the Common Shares as part of its plan to reduce net debt levels towards its $10 billion interim target and accelerate shareholder returns. Through its active development plan and early success, Headwater has accelerated the value generated from the Marten Hills asset and continues to progress its exploration program. The Offering will expand Headwater's free-trading float and is expected to provide new and existing shareholders with enhanced trading liquidity.
Cenovus Energy | 12,52 C$
19.07.21 22:37:22
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Cenovus Energy | 6,557 €
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08.06.21 23:46:33
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die Analysten kommen mit Upgrades fast nicht mehr hinterher:

2021-06-08 16:15:00 GMT DJ Cenovus Energy Inc Price Target Raised to C$14.50/Share From C$12.00 by JP Morgan


Cenovus Energy | 11,92 C$
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04.06.21 00:18:48
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Cenovus Energy | 11,12 C$
01.06.21 16:04:12
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 68.234.437 von faultcode am 18.05.21 22:46:02..und Gap!

Cenovus Energy | 10,55 C$
18.05.21 22:46:02
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Oilsands firms expected to spur $60 billion in cash flow over two years…

A group of five large Canadian oilsands companies are expected to generate about $60 billion in net cash flow over the next two years and spend only half of it on dividends and capital expenditures, leaving the rest for debt repayment and sharing with shareholders.

In a report, analyst William Lacey of ATB Capital Markets says the companies are expected to duplicate their sterling financial performance of the first quarter of 2021 for the rest of this year and in 2022, provided that benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil prices remain near US$60 per barrel.

The five companies, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Suncor Energy Inc., Imperial Oil Ltd., Cenovus Energy Inc. and MEG Energy Corp., are expected to bring in $59 billion more in cash than they spend on operations, from which about $23.2 billion will go to capital budgets and about $9 billion to dividends.

The report says that will leave about $26.8 billion to pay down debt, buy back shares for cancellation and use to increase dividends.

Lacey says the five companies have been consistent in setting debt and shareholder return targets for all near-term cash flow rather than spending on growing output organically or through buying other companies or assets.

The report says the Canadian firms are attractive for investors in comparison with American rivals because they are more heavily weighted toward oil production.

“Assuming that WTI prices remain in the realm of US$60 per barrel, we believe that the combination of material free cash flow yields and exceptionally low (stock) valuations will be too attractive for generalist investors to look past, especially in light of ongoing inflationary pressures and the resultant rotation towards tangible assets,” the report concludes.
Cenovus Energy | 6,718 €
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07.05.21 12:52:52
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Cenovus makes strong progress on Husky integration and synergies…
Generates $1.1 billion in adjusted funds flow in first quarter 2021

CALGARY, Alberta, May 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX: CVE) (NYSE: CVE) delivered solid operating and financial performance in the company’s inaugural quarter of operations following the acquisition of Husky Energy Inc. on January 1.

With its disciplined and methodical approach to integrating Husky’s assets, the company has made significant progress in the first three months of the year and is firmly on track to deliver on its targeted acquisition synergies and 2021 budget and production guidance. Cenovus produced nearly 770,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/d) in the quarter, and generated adjusted funds flow of more than $1.1 billion, cash from operating activities of $228 million, free funds flow of $594 million and net earnings of $220 million.

“With the extensive due diligence we undertook prior to the acquisition of Husky, and our experience since the close of the acquisition, we’re highly confident we’ll deliver at least $1 billion in synergies this year and reach our planned $1.2 billion in annual run-rate synergies by the end of 2021,” said Alex Pourbaix, Cenovus President & Chief Executive Officer. “If the current commodity price environment is sustained, we expect to approach our $10 billion net debt target this year, prior to the benefit of any asset sales.”


Cenovus Energy | 6,603 €
17.02.21 22:55:38
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Energy is now the largest sector in the GS Retail Favorites basket after its latest monthly rebalance.
Cenovus Energy | 5,650 €
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