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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.249.888 von faultcode am 30.12.19 15:50:18
"joint venture GAC Nio"
Nio's stock soars on heavy volume after report of funding secured
Shares of Nio Inc. soared 13.3% on heavy volume in premarket trading Wednesday, after reports that the China-based electric vehicle maker secured funding needed for 2020.

Trading volume ballooned to over 9.6 million shares, making the stock the most actively traded ahead of the open. A report in Sina Finance said the financing is about $1 billion....

--> GAC soll der Investor sein:

Nio and GAC Auto's joint venture aims to raise $216 million

--> allerdings liest sich das hier schon anders:

Nio, the electric vehicle manufacturer, and GAC, the Chinese-based car manufacturer, launched the joint venture GAC Nio and it's currently seeking $216 million to help boost its expansions.

Why it matters: Signals that GAC Nio is seeking funds externally may mean that interest from its namesake investors is flagging. With it, the possibility of further collaboration between the two companies is vanishing, and hope from some of Nio’s investors that the EV maker could be rescued by GAC is also disappearing.

GAC Nio’s first EV model may compete with GAC’s premium EV, Aion LX, launched last year. It bears striking resemblance to the GAC SUV and is similarly priced.

GAC and Nio set up the JV with registered capital of around $72.2 million in April 2018. Both companies hold a 45% share, and the remaining 10% has been reserved as employee incentive compensation.

Details: GAC Nio is seeking to raise around RMB 1.5 billion to finance growth with a pre-money valuation of the same amount, according to a Chinese media report.

• It reportedly plans to increase investment in product development, user community, and sales network expansion.
• The company is about to close the financing, according to a company spokeswoman, who declined to give further details.
• The EV maker last month unveiled its first mass-production model, the Hycan 007, a five-seat SUV with an estimated 643 kilometers (400 miles) of range.
• Delivery has been scheduled for April this year with a conservative annual target of 15,000 units, Liao Bing, the Founder and CEO, said.
• Similar to Nio, the company is using a direct sales model featuring self-owned showrooms, called Hycan Park. GAC and Nio will provide delivery services.

--> eine unklare Situation
Nio (A) (A) | 3,760 €
Umsatz in Deutschland und USA ist riesig, was ist da los?
Nio (A) (A) | 4,475 $
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.382.734 von faultcode am 15.01.20 14:57:01Schwere Achterbahnfahrt im China-EV-Land -- einschließlich einer Handelsaussetzung zwischendurch :eek:

Nio (A) (A) | 3,845 €
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.387.624 von faultcode am 15.01.20 22:22:50naja so schlimm finde ich das gar nicht... bis auf den Aussetzer

bin gespannt wie es weiter geht... wollte entweder hier oder bei Xiomi nach legen... aber ich glaub das wird nichts mehr...
Nio (A) (A) | 3,845 €
bin am überlegen BYD zu verkaufen und hier wieder einzusteigen... habt ihr paar Anregungen?
Nio (A) (A) | 4,365 $
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.399.738 von MoneyMike90 am 16.01.20 22:12:32denke BYD ist besser aufgestellt, aber der kurs fuckt einfach nur ab 😒
Nio (A) (A) | 4,370 $

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