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    Report: Generation Mining – The high copper price saves the economics

    February 15, 2023
    Generation Mining has done everything right in the past four years and hopefully the market will reward the company for its efforts.
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    11.12.22 13:13:25
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    11.12.22 13:12:36
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    Generation Mining received Federal and Provincial Environmental approval
    December 10, 2022

    It took the company quite a bit of time but in the end hard work paid off and Generation Mining (GENM.TO) secured the approval of the environmental assessment by the Federal and Provincial authorities. This is by far the most important step in the permitting process and as the company now has the local first nations, the provincial and the federal authorities on board, it can now start putting the final pieces of the Marathon copper-palladium project together.

    Generation Mining can now apply for all the relevant permits to actually construct and operate the mine as the environmental permit was the cornerstone permit. We expect 2023 to be a busy year for Generation it will have to break ground at Marathon while securing a funding package to see it through the construction and commissioning phase of the Marathon PGM project which will produce a total of 1.9 million ounces of palladium and almost half a billion pounds of copper. We expect to see an updated capex estimate as we get closer to a final financing package and then it’s up to Generation Mining to build Ontario’s newest open pit mine.

    CEO Jamie Levy added an additional 50,000 shares to his position by completing an open market purchase at C$0.84 for a total of C$42,000. This brings his total position to 4.37 million shares and seeing the CEO buying more stock after receiving the important permits is a nice vote of confidence.

    Sind Jamie Levy und ich :D eigentlich die einzigen, die dieses Projekt interessant finden?

    Ich frag ja nur...

    Freundliche Grüße
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    01.12.22 10:30:04
    Beitrag Nr. 236 ()…

    Generation Mining Announces Federal and Provincial Approval of the Marathon Project Environmental Assessment
    November 30, 2022
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    22.11.22 09:44:15
    Beitrag Nr. 235 ()…

    Generation Mining (GENM.TO) has ticked a very important box in the permitting process for its Marathon PGM project (with palladium and copper as main metals). Last Saturday, the Biigtigong Nishnaabeg band approved the community benefits agreement with Generation Mining which basically means the company has the full support of BN.
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    16.11.22 09:40:55
    Beitrag Nr. 234 ()
    Corporate Presentation November 2022…

    Robust Feasibility Study Economics
    Favourable Metals in a Decarbonizing Economy – Palladium & Copper
    Disciplined, Experienced Leadership Team
    Marathon Project – 13 year mine life in a tier one jurisdiction
    Environmental Impact Study – Joint Review Panel Report sent to Federal
    Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Ontario Minister of
    Environment. Ministerial decisions expected to follow on or before
    November 30, 2022
    Trading at significant discount to NPV
    Project Financing Advancing led by stream with Wheaton Precious Metals,
    Debt Financing expected in near term
    Generation Mining | 0,498 €
    15.11.22 14:04:25
    Beitrag Nr. 233 ()

    Why Invest?

    Significant discount of share price to NPV - potential for 10x growth.
    Large resource with 13 year mine life, 245,000 ozs PaEq.
    Significant copper credit.
    Considerable amount of financing already complete, $240M stream deal with Wheaton Precious Metals.
    Excellent infrastructure nearby - Trans-Canada Highway, CPR rail line, Marathon local airport, new 230 kV power line (low carbon power in Northern Ontario).
    Exposure to non-Russian palladium supply.
    Strategic institutional investors include Sibanye-Stillwater-18.2%, Eric Sprott-9.1%, Lukas Lundin-6.2%, Osisko Mining-3.0%
    Officers & Directors own 7.0%
    Environmental permit expected late 2022.
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    14.11.22 13:43:55
    Beitrag Nr. 232 ()…

    Generation Mining Reaches Community Benefits Agreement with Biigtigong Nishnaabeg
    November 14, 2022
    Generation Mining | 0,433 €
    25.09.22 16:22:55
    Beitrag Nr. 231 ()
    Generation Mining (GENM.TO) is currently awaiting the final result of the permitting process for the Marathon Palladium-Copper project in Ontario but fortunately it doesn’t have to worry about funding while completing the process. Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM.TO, WPM) has wired the company the second tranche of the pre-agreed cash payments as part of the streaming deal. Generation Mining will receive a total of C$240M with C$200M payable in four tranches during the construction process.

    As part of the deal, Weaton Precious Metals had to provide C$40M in cash to Generation Mining during the permitting process and this should help the company to complete the permitting process and place orders for the long-lead items.
    Generation Mining | 0,540 C$
    25.08.22 10:28:36
    Beitrag Nr. 230 ()
    The fate of the Marathon project is now in the hands of the relevant authorities and the theoretical deadline to announce a decision is November 30 . That’s indeed just theoretical as there is no sanction if the ministerial decisions take longer than the standard 120 days but we will very likely see news in November or December.

    Upon a positive permit decision, Generation Mining can kick off the next phase of the development of the Marathon project by securing project financing and actually kicking off the construction activities. Securing a construction camp and mills is a strong signal, confirms the company is proactive and shows it is willing to hit the ground running and actually build the mine.

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