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21.04.21 20:23:02
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Hier ist einer besonders von GENM überzeugt:…

Whatever the market is smokin, I continue to buy, and given the in-ground resources, view the downside to be fundamentally very limited! :-)

Sieht das jemand ebenso?
Oder anders?

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21.04.21 21:18:39
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Kam gerade per Mail, demnächst vermutlich auch auf der Firmen-Homepage:

Generation Mining Announces Filing of Environmental Impact Statement
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22.04.21 09:11:47
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 67.904.213 von supernova1712 am 21.04.21 21:18:39Hier:
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27.04.21 09:56:59
Beitrag Nr. 174 ()…

Thunder Bay
Mine proposed for Marathon area has new plan to deal with tailings concerns

Jeff Walters · CBC News · Posted: Apr 26, 2021
Construction set for start July 2022

The mine site also has containment ponds in place, so water could be recycled through the operation. Discharge will take place and lead into Hare Lake, which eventually runs to Lake Superior.

"The ore body itself is pretty clean. It's not acid generating," said Anwyll.

"In the receiving area, we're certainly protective of the environment."

The company said it would spend $61 million upfront on its tailings operation, with an anticipated operating cost of $170.8 million over the life of the mine.

Generation Mining hopes to start construction on the platinum, palladium and copper operation in July 2022.

Construction is slated to take 18 months, and at times, will require up to 1,000 workers on site. About 430 jobs will be created once the mine goes into production.
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09.05.21 11:34:56
Beitrag Nr. 175 ()
Die Aktie konsolidiert in der Nähe des Allzeithochs.

22. Juli - bald wissen wir mehr...…

Generation Mining: the clock started ticking for Sibanye
May 5, 2021

Generation Mining (GENM.TO) announced the management committee of the Marathon PGM project joint venture has approved the feasibility study by majority vote so apparently the decision wasn’t unanimous. As Generation Mining currently has 80.7% of the voting rights in the joint venture, it likely pushed through the approval.

What’s more important is that the clock has started to tick for Sibanye-Stillwater (SBSW) which now has 90 days to decide whether it wants to exercise its back-in right to earn a 51% stake in the project. The deadline to make that decision is July 22nd, and whatever Sibanye-Stillwater decides to do, it will remove the uncertainty surrounding Generation Mining. At this point our gut feeling says exercising the back-in right will be the least preferred option by Sibanye-Stillwater and we expect the South Africans to either walk away (and either continue to contribute pro-rate or dilute down) or trying to make a run to acquire full ownership of the project. But that’s just a gut feeling and we’ll have to wait for July to see what Sibanye decides to do.

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