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29.01.20 18:11:51
Ein weiterer Titel, zu dem es noch keine Diskussion gibt.

Summit: Einer der wenigen Player gegen Multiresistente Keime

• Presentation:…

• AGM:…

• Float: 28 %. Issued share capital: 335,873,208. The percentage of Ordinary Shares not being held in public hands is 72%. Shares held in treasury: Nil Ordinary shares. There are no restrictions on the transfer of Ordinary Shares in the Company.

• Cash: A proposed fundraising of approximately $50 million through a subscription and placing of new ordinary shares and warrants to existing investors (the 'Fundraising') was announced on 6 December 2019. The Fundraising requires approval by shareholders at a general meeting of the Company to be held on 23 December 2019. If the Fundraising is completed, the net proceeds, together with the Company's existing cash resources and funding agreements, are expected to extend its cash runway to 31 January 2021. Cash and cash equivalents at 31 October 2019 of £13.6 million compared to £26.9 million at 31 January 2019. Cash position does not include the proposed Fundraising of approximately $50 million announced on 6 December 2019 (see Corporate Highlights above for further

• Burn Rate: Loss for the three months ended 31 October 2019 of £7.0 million compared to a loss of £8.1 million for the three months ended 31 October 2018. The Company today announces that it has changed its accounting reference date from 31 January to 31 December with immediate effect. Also circa 2,5 Mio Pfund pro Monat, also circa 24-32 M im Jahr

• Pipeline: Antibiotics (Urgent/High CDC/WHO Status), 1x Phase 3 against CDI, 3x Discovery Phase und 1x Preclinical Gonorrhea

Warum investieren?

- Gute Pipeline mit wichtigen Produkten
- Nach Finanzierungsrunde mit Cash ausgestattet
- Neuausrichtung nach DMD Failure
- Finanzierung nach Managementangaben bis 2021 gesichert
- Level der Finanzierungsrunde war bei 22 Pence, die amerkanischen ADS also circa bei 1,50 Dollar

Heute kleiner Crash auf 1,25 Dollar, also super Einsteigemöglichkeit!
29.01.20 18:18:39
Kurs klettert wieder langsam nach oben. Spezielle news zu dem Crash habe ich nicht gefunden
Summit Therapeutics | 1,320 $
29.01.20 18:22:01
Über das Hauptprodukt

o We were also pleased to announce recently the proposed $50 million investment into Summit that will primarily be used to support the ongoing Phase 3 clinical programme and commercial preparatory activities for ridinilazole. We look forward to continuing to advance ridinilazole through our landmark Phase 3 clinical trials that remain on track to report results in the second half of 2021
o The Phase 3 clinical programme remains on track for expected reporting of top-line data in the second half of 2021. The trials had enrolled a total of 128 patients as at the end of November 2019 with over two thirds of the 300 planned clinical trials sites having been opened.
o Reported new Phase 2 clinical trial data that showed ridinilazole improved patients' quality of life compared to vancomycin, including statistically significant improvements in measurements of physical and mental health. Additional data from the Phase 2 clinical trial provided mechanistic insights into how ridinilazole preserved the diversity of the gut microbiome in patients with CDI to maintain the balance of the metabolome of active chemicals made or modified by gut bacteria that help prevent C. difficile recurrence. These new results were reported at the ID Week Conference held in Washington DC in October 2019.
o Commercial and medical affairs hires have been made in the United States to support work to prepare for a potential launch and to secure future market access for ridinilazole, if approved.
Summit Therapeutics | 1,320 $
29.01.20 18:49:51
Bei 1,38 wieder. Wer mit bei 1,26 Dollar eingestiegen ist, hat 10 % mehr :)
Summit Therapeutics | 1,380 $
29.01.20 18:53:41
Unter 1,43 Dollar immer noch ein Schnäppchen.

Die neuen Aktien sind zu 1,43 Dollar (22 pence x5 = 1 ADR an der Nasdaq) rausgegeben worden

Summit Therapeutics | 1,380 $
29.01.20 19:10:00
Letzter Post von mir für heute noch. Wer das letzte Dokument liest, sieht, dass der Großaktionär nach der KE 72 % halten wird. Geringer Float dadurch und deswegen möglicher Übernahmekandidat!
Summit Therapeutics | 1,366 $
05.02.20 20:32:16
Hervorragend entwickelt. Schon über 33 % im Plus :)
Schade, dass sich keiner sonst interessiert
Summit Therapeutics | 1,679 $
05.02.20 20:33:22
Analystentargets übrigens bei mindestens 3 dollar
Summit Therapeutics | 1,679 $
08.02.20 11:23:57…

Afterhours up bei 1,75 Dollar. Steigt weiterhin :D
Summit Therapeutics | 1,670 $
15.02.20 13:01:46
Oben verkauft, unten neu wieder eingekauft. Guter Einstiegszeitpunkt!
Summit Therapeutics | 1,460 $

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