Desert Gold Ventures Inc.: Steht in 2020 eine Übernahme an? (Seite 2)

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14.07.20 11:29:26
Na das wollen wir doch mal hoffen. Muss ja nicht gleich sein. :-)
Desert Gold Ventures | 0,165 €
14.07.20 11:30:13
Na das wollen wir doch mal hoffen. Muss ja nicht gleich sein. 😆
Desert Gold Ventures | 0,165 €
15.07.20 12:08:18
Gold boom returns

Experts assume that in the year 2020 the production volume of gold will have reached its historic peak at around 118 million ounces. From 2021 onwards, the quantity of new gold will decrease. By 2029, production is expected to shrink by 45% to around 65 million ounces per year. The reason for this is obvious, as the major producers have seen their reserves shrink by around 34% since 2012, and on top of that it is becoming more and more costly to bring gold mines into production. The value drivers of the industry are therefore companies from the exploration sector, because they ensure that new gold is found.

The listed company Desert Gold Ventures (TSXV: DAU) focuses on exploration in West Africa. The company has secured projects with an area of more than 400 km2 and is collecting data on further gold reserves. In the past, geologists have repeatedly discovered gold in different structures and concentrations. The current drilling program is now aimed at defining the sizes of the deposits already discovered more precisely and also at discovering further structures containing gold. Above a certain amount of gold, it is expected that the company will be bought by a producer. In 2018, more than 200.00 USD per ounce in the ground has already been paid in Africa in takeovers. Desert Gold holds the expectation of being able to discover up to 6 million ounces in the areas. It is expected that the first results of the current drilling program will be published in the coming weeks.

Fazit: "Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit, der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit..." (RAMMSTEIN)

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17.07.20 07:31:55
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23.07.20 07:49:29
Also wenn Desert einmal bei 50% des ehemaligen Höchstkurses landen sollte, hätte ich nichts dagegen.

PS: Kleines Späßchen am Rande!

Desert Gold Ventures | 0,250 C$
28.07.20 12:51:03
Desert Gold, NetCents, SolGold, Triumph Gold - der große Schub kommt erst noch

Desert Gold Ventures | 0,176 €
29.07.20 08:01:14
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04.08.20 14:38:43
Desert Gold Provides Exploration Update in Western Mali

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17.08.20 11:52:00
Desert Gold gibt nicht vermittelte Privatplatzierung bekannt

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31.08.20 08:01:48

noch ein wenig pushen...🙃

Commerzbank, Desert Gold, Deutsche Bank - Geldmengen steigen deutlich

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Desert Gold Ventures Inc.: Steht in 2020 eine Übernahme an?