Sona Nanotech - schnellster Coronavirus-Test?

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Sona Nanotech - schnellster und spezifischster Coronavirus Test?

"Sona will integrate its proprietary nanotechnology into a disposable lateral flow test platform to create a new rapid test for Covid-19. Though best known for its use in the home pregnancy test, lateral flow technology is used in the detection of a range of viruses and infectious diseases including hepatitis, HIV and Ebola.

There is currently no lateral flow test specific to Covid-19. Until now the majority of testing completed for Covid-19 uses molecular-based technology (PCR), a testing platform that typically costs more than $200 per test, frequently takes 2-4 hours to produce results, and requires specialized laboratory equipment and skilled technicians to operate.

When completed, Sona’s Covid-19 test is expected to produce results in 5-15 minutes and is anticipated to cost less than $50. It will not require any additional laboratory-based equipment and can be administered by a layperson at the point of care.

Sona’s Covid-19 test will offer a unique advantage over other lateral flow tests as it detects the presence of the Covid-19 virus. To date, the only competitive lateral flow tests that have been announced for sale are serological assay tests, which are designed to identify IgM and IgG antibodies present post infection.

Serological tests are susceptible to producing false positive and false negative results if a patient is suffering from any one of a variety of unrelated infections (I.e. ear or tooth infection, regular flu, etc.). Sona’s test is being developed to indicate a positive result only when the Covid-19 virus is present, allowing for direct and clear interpretation.

Sona’s test can be used as a screening tool to rapidly identify patients as being ‘at risk’ or ‘not at risk’ of Covid-19. This will help ease the burden on health practitioners and allow resources to be diverted to those who need it most.

The test could be ideal for use in a variety of scenarios, such as:

An in-home test and monitoring
To identify if patients require further testing or treatment in a clinical setting
To verify if patients are ready for release from quarantine
To screen individuals prior to entering closed public venues such as cruise ships and airplanes"
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27.03.20 13:59:08
Sona Nanotech - Allianz mit dem Healthcare-Big Player GE Healthcare Life Sciences

2020-03-18 18:14 ET - News Release

"Sona has been approached by and is currently in discussions with health departments of several countries regarding the provision of rapid-response test kits. Simultaneously, the company is advancing discussions with manufacturers in several countries in order to facilitate production protocols reflective of their country's regulatory compliance regime, many of which have been reduced. Some countries are expected to allow manufacturers to move immediately from prototype to sale.

Sona will provide further updates on its rapid-response COVID-19 test as warranted. Sona's COVID-19 rapid-response test development consortium include GE Healthcare Life Sciences, The Native Antigen Co., Bond Digital Health, and scientific advisers Fiona Marshall and Sandy Morrison."…
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27.03.20 14:25:56
Sona Nanotech

gehandelt vorwiegend an der CSE in Kanada
auch über deutsche Broker

Gestriger Schlusskurs 1,17 CAD

Wieder im Blue Sky
sobald die 1,20 CAD überwunden ist

Jeder Aktienhandel ist mit Risiken verbunden und selbstverständlich völlig eigenverantwortlich DYODD
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27.03.20 18:55:11
Teilübersetzung zur Sona Nanotech Webseite

"Der Covid-19-Test von Sona wird einen einzigartigen Vorteil gegenüber anderen Lateral-Flow-Tests bieten, da er das Vorhandensein des Covid-19-Virus nachweist.

Bisher sind die einzigen kompetitiven Lateral-Flow-Tests, die zum Verkauf angekündigt wurden, serologische Tests, die dazu dienen, nach der Infektion vorhandene IgM- und IgG-Antikörper zu identifizieren.

Serologische Tests sind anfällig für falsch positive und falsch negative Ergebnisse, wenn ein Patient an einer von mehreren nicht verwandten Infektionen leidet (z.B. Ohr- oder Zahninfektion, regelmäßige Grippe usw.).

Der Sona-Test wird so entwickelt, dass er nur dann ein positives Ergebnis anzeigt, wenn das Covid-19-Virus vorhanden ist, was eine direkte und klare Interpretation ermöglicht."

"Derzeit gibt es keinen spezifischen Lateral-Flow-Test für Covid-19.

Bis jetzt verwendet die Mehrheit der für Covid-19 durchgeführten Tests die molekular-basierte Technologie (PCR), eine Testplattform, die normalerweise mehr als 200 Dollar pro Test kostet, häufig 2-4 Stunden dauert, um Ergebnisse anzuzeigen, und für deren Durchführung spezialisierte Laborausrüstung und qualifizierte Techniker benötigt werden.

Wenn der Covid-19-Test von Sona abgeschlossen ist, wird erwartet, dass er in 5-15 Minuten Ergebnisse liefert und voraussichtlich weniger als 50 Dollar kostet. Er erfordert keine zusätzliche Laborausrüstung und kann von einem Laien am Behandlungsort durchgeführt werden."
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28.03.20 21:14:06
Draganfly, Zoom, Teladoc Health and Sona Nanotech Lead Coronavirus Stocks on the Move…

Momentan scheint Abbott für die Tests in der Poleposition
aber "it still needs a portable device to be analyzed by a tech
and it's a molecular based test."

Und da dürfte Sona/GE Healthcare Chancen haben
ein in mehrerer Hinsicht überlegenes Testkit in den
Markt zu bringen

Man muss ja leider befürchten
dass der Bedarf sowieso höchstwahrscheinlich nur durch viele Anbieter
gedeckt werden kann
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30.03.20 19:56:07
Sona enters manufacturing deal with European firm

2020-03-30 13:06 ET - News Release


Sona Nanotech Inc. has entered into service and supply agreements with a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) in Europe for the manufacture of its COVID-19 virus-detecting, rapid-response test. The Company also entered into a letter of intent agreement with an international distributor representing the health authority of a G20 country for the purchase of 2,000,000 test kits. The Company cautions that its test is still in development but expects to complete a functional prototype and confirm third party validation tests in the near future. R&D work is being done in Germany and Scotland, with consortium partners, and at the Company's lab in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where qualified laboratory technicians are working with samples of the virus' antigen and antibodies, under the supervision of the Company's Chief Technology Officer, Head of R&D, and President and CEO. The Company expects to benefit from the regulatory relief offered by the FDA to expedite the availability of diagnostics associated with the COVID-19 disease, subject to certain conditions.…
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01.04.20 20:40:56
Sona Nanotech Awarded $4.1 Million from NGen for Rapid Development and Launch of COVID-19 Antigen Test

Halifax, Nova Scotia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 31, 2020) - Sona Nanotech Inc. (CSE: SONA) pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $4.1 million grant from NGen, Canada's Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, to develop and commercialize its Covid-19 rapid-response antigen test. This non-repayable grant will be used to accelerate the development of a prototype and scale manufacturing capabilities with a view to deploying this Covid-19 virus-detecting, point-of-care test with Canadian medical authorities as soon as possible.

The Supercluster funding is pursuant to a $50 million initiative led by NGen and announced by Prime Minister Trudeau today. The initiative will support companies as they prepare to produce critically needed technologies, equipment, and medical products to aid in the fight against COVID-19.……
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02.04.20 20:14:58
Sona Nanotech direkt an der CSE verfolgen…
Sona Nanotech | 1,200 $
02.04.20 23:11:12
Sona Nanotech auf Twitter:

> Maxim Equity Research setzt Price Target bei 3 US$

> Jim Megann vom Sona Board morgen Live Session auf Instagram

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03.04.20 15:56:19
2 Coronavirus Stocks On Watch: Part 2
April 02, 2020

Viele Augen in Nordamerika jetzt auf SONA
könnte ziemlich volatil weitergehen
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