Vital Metals der erste REE Produzent in Nord Amerika?

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$0.11/share target von Canaccord
Strategically placed to service the development of a North American critical minerals supply chain — Canaccord initiates on rare earths producer @Vital_Metals
$VML with an $0.11/share target, highlighting Nechalacho's strategic location and potential for a >20-year mine life:…
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14.09.21 23:46:26
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Wird die australische Aktie rocken?

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09.09.21 23:44:15
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Dank Dety1 bei Avalon publiziert:
Zitat von Dety1: Und wer gerne einmal ein Video und Fotos sehen möchte, wie es vor Ort überhaupt aussieht in Nechalacho :…
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05.09.21 20:39:44
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Schöne Übersicht .... über seltene Erden
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.015.467 von Oginvest am 10.08.21 22:51:07Vital hat das Agreement heute 11. August 2021 auch publiziert:

Vital Metals LTD Enters Agreement to Acquire Heavy Rare Earth Projects

Vital Metals’ Managing Director Geoff Atkins said: “The acquisition of the Projects provides Vital with a unique opportunity to become a producer of both heavy and light rare earths. Having commenced operations of Canada’s first rare earths mine at our Nechalacho project in Northwest Territories, Canada, the potential to develop the Kipawa project will allow us to produce a full suite of rare earths. It has potential to increase Vital Metals’ position as a strategic player in the North American critical minerals supply chain at a time where demand continues to grow.”

“Part of Vital’s corporate DNA is our ability to identify the most efficient and effective way to develop rare earth projects. Similar to Nechalacho where we have applied an alternative development strategy to greatly reduce capital costs and development timelines, we see similar opportunities for improvements to the existing development strategy at Kipawa and we look forward to defining our development strategy over the coming months.”

“Further, we see the acquisition of this project as an ideal opportunity to cement Vital’s place as a leading rare earths producer not just in North America but globally. The introduction of heavy rare earths into our product suite will increase the value of the rest of our offering as we will be a single supply source for both heavy and light rare earths.”

“In addition, Kipawa is the only rare earth project in the world in which Toyota directly invested, with an initial stake of 49% which was converted to a 10% NPI in 2014.”

“A key element of our success to date at Nechalacho has been the minimization of environmental impacts by introducing sensor based ore sorting and the contributions made by the Indigenous and other nearby communities, not only through the overall support provided, but also in achieving high levels of Indigenous and local employment and contracting opportunities. Vital looks forward to establishing similar partnerships and relationships with the Indigenous and local communities of the Kipawa and Zeus projects and using the low impact processing technology that has been successfully demonstrated at the Nechalacho project.”
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11.08.21 04:15:00
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Handel ist wieder aufgenommen.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.015.398 von Oginvest am 10.08.21 22:35:40weil hrees ein sauhartes, kostspieliges business sind? lynas musste ja auch gerettet werden, sonst wären die heute weg. du kannst die vier (nd, pr, dy und tb) halt nur sauschwer voneinander trennen. deshalb ist der ansatz von vital ja auch so schlau.
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10.08.21 23:57:53
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.015.467 von Oginvest am 10.08.21 22:51:07Term Sheet Conditions

The Term Sheet contemplates the acquisition by VML of a 68% legal and beneficial interest in the Kipawa project, and all of QPM’s rights, title and interest in the Joint Venture Agreement with IQ, and 100% legal and beneficial interest in Zeus project. Key terms of the Term Sheet are as follows:

QPM agrees to sell to VML or an affiliate of VML (the “Purchaser”) the Projects for a total purchase price of C$8m payable as follows:
C$150,000 deposit on signing the Term Sheet;
C$2.35m on acquisition of the Projects;
C$2.5m on the first anniversary of acquisition;
C$1m on the second anniversary of acquisition;
C$1m on the third anniversary of acquisition; and
C$1m on the fourth anniversary of acquisition.

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Vital Metals der erste REE Produzent in Nord Amerika?