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06.03.22 15:23:58
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22.01.22 18:51:30
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E3 reitet auf der ESG Welle. Für viele Abnehmer wird CO2 Reduzierung ein wichtiges Thema werden. Nicht auszudenken wenn wann das Lithium dadurch teurer verkaufen kann als Lithium aus Minen Abbau
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16.01.22 19:08:01
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 70.522.829 von Optissimum am 16.01.22 10:30:11Das erklärt dann auch die Stärke der letzten Tage zur Peer
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16.01.22 16:01:43
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Gute Übersicht zu e3 und welches Potential für die Zukunft
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16.01.22 12:07:22
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Das sieht auch Chart-technisch sehr gut aus. Könnten gute Wochen werden. Ich sehe hier noch Ende/Anfang nächstes 10€.
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16.01.22 10:30:11
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E3 Metals Corp.
Jan 12
#E3News — We're pleased to announce the results of the first 50-cycle test performed using our Lab-Pilot Prototype. Glowing star

Peak lithium recoveries reached up to 97% consistent with our initial tests in December. White heavy check mark

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13.01.22 20:41:38
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Sehr interessantes Video
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13.01.22 14:29:41
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 70.476.887 von batg1999 am 12.01.22 07:45:46Danke für die News 🙂
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12.01.22 07:45:46
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Prototype Results Show High Sorbent Durability and Consistent Recoveries
CALGARY, AB, Jan. 11, 2022 /CNW/ - E3 METALS CORP. (TSXV: ETMC) (FSE: OU7A) (OTCQX: EEMMF) (the "Company" or "E3 Metals"), an emerging lithium developer and leading direct lithium extraction ("DLE") technology innovator, is pleased to announce the results of the first 50-cycle test performed using its Lab-Pilot Prototype (the "Prototype") that began operating in October. The Prototype is E3 Metals' largest scale DLE system to date with two separate trains capable of brine flow rates of up to 120L/hr.

A single batch of E3 Metals proprietary DLE sorbent was used to complete the 50-cycle test. Each cycle consists of a lithium extraction step, flowing raw brine from the Leduc Aquifer, a rinse step and a desorbant step that strips the lithium from the sorbent to produce E3's highly concentrated Li-IX solution. Results showed cumulative lithium extraction recoveries from the first cycle to the last cycle varied by less than 2%. Peak lithium recoveries reached up to 97% consistent with our initial tests in December. These results demonstrate the longevity and durability of the Company's proprietary sorbent. These results are an improvement from the criteria used in the Clearwater Lithium Preliminary Economic Assessment, which could potentially lead to better economics on a commercial scale basis.

Additional tests on another form of our sorbent have been completed on Train 2 of the Prototype.  Results are expected in the first quarter 2022.

"These are excellent results from our Lab-Pilot Prototype," commented CEO, Chris Doornbos. "Not only has the Prototype operated extremely well, the performance of the sorbent continues to demonstrate that it is a robust and highly efficient material. The performance parameters and data collected will be used to further refine the design of the upcoming field DLE Pilot Plant."…
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05.01.22 21:55:29
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Den Finanzbericht vom Q3 2021 ist veröffentlicht.

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