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10.03.21 14:17:02
Die Zahlen sind raus. Wobei es ungeachtet dieser ein spanendes Jahr 2021 für ZYNE zu werden scheint.…
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15.03.21 22:07:49
Ähm, was ist bitte schön gerade mit dem Kurs passiert und warum hat sich einer an der Nasdaq 1,5 Millionen Aktien gekauft

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07.05.21 22:21:05
Zynerba receives FDA guidance for Phase 3 trial design for Zygel in rare genetic disorder

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ZYNE) announced that the FDA has issued guidance for a confirmatory Phase 3 trial of Zygel in patients with Fragile X syndrome ("FXS"), a rare genetic disorder causing developmental disability.

Named RECONNECT, the randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study will enroll about 200 children and adolescents.

It is expected to start in Q3 2021, and positive results could be adequate to submit a New Drug Application for Zygel in patients with FXS, the company said.

“If the results are positive, Zygel could become the first FDA-approved treatment option for the significant unmet medical need that affects patients with FXS and their families,” commented Armando Anido, CEO of Zynerba.

The 18-week study is designed to confirm the positive results seen in a subset of responders in the company’s CONNECT-FX trial.

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Zynerba Zygel transdermales Cannabidiol (CBD)