New Found Gold - IPO soon?

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WKN: A2QBFY | Symbol: NFG
TSX Venture
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13.01.22 18:34:54
Beitrag Nr. 173 ()
New Found Intercepts 56.69 g/t Au Over 2.45m at the New Keats Footwall Zone Discovery…
New Found Gold | 8,090 C$
12.01.22 21:26:49
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Meldung vom 6. Januar

New Found Intercepts 70.65 g/t Au Over 5.25m at Golden Joint Main Vein, Extending Zone to 285m Vertical Depth…
New Found Gold | 8,400 C$
15.12.21 12:38:34
Beitrag Nr. 171 ()
New Found Provides Update on Queensway Exploration Program & Anticipates Resumption of Assay Releases Shortly…
New Found Gold | 7,030 C$
24.11.21 23:58:23
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 70.022.476 von rolleg am 24.11.21 21:30:24Eigentlich bin ich gegen Verwässerung, aber in diesem Fall ist es klasse!

Erstens ganze ZWEI Dollar ÜBER aktuellem share price und
zweitens, ganz gegen die üblichen Gepflogenheiten auch noch OHNE warrants:
... 5,000,000 common shares of the Company that qualify as “flow-through shares” for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “FT Shares“) at a price of $9.60 per Share, for gross proceeds to New Found of $48,000,000.

Dass Erich weitere 50mio investiert nimmt Verunsicherung aus dem Markt und bringt für New Found Gold wieder mehr Vertrauen!
New Found Gold | 7,530 C$
24.11.21 22:35:23
Beitrag Nr. 169 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 70.022.476 von rolleg am 24.11.21 21:30:24Er kanns einfach nicht lassen 🤑
New Found Gold | 7,530 C$
24.11.21 21:30:24
Beitrag Nr. 168 ()
New Found Announces Closing of $48 Million Investment by Eric Sprott…
New Found Gold | 7,330 C$
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15.11.21 12:21:38
Beitrag Nr. 167 ()
New Found Announces Acquisition of Royalty Interests Underlying its Keats-Golden Joint-Lotto Discoveries…

Website wurde "überarbeitet"
New Found Gold | 8,510 C$
11.11.21 22:53:35
Beitrag Nr. 166 ()
New Found Announces Update to $48 Million Investment by Eric Sprott…
New Found Gold | 7,780 C$
11.11.21 12:17:30
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Ob der gute alte Bob Recht hat?...

Goldfinger: Okay, and speaking of New Found Gold (TSX-V:NFG), they announced some potentially troubling news this morning. Seems there’s some bias in how they’re sampling the core and sending it to the lab. The stock is down 20% as I speak. Do you have any comments on that?

Bob Moriarty: That’s a really interesting situation and it goes back to my comments about Tesla, Bitcoin, the S&P. The market is so irrational on both ends of the teeter totter. Here’s what happens. You understand the problem of nuggety gold, okay? You’ve got a diamond core drill and you drill 50 meters and you got a lot of VG, and you can see the VG. You got to split the core and how do you do it so that you get an actual, accurate, representative sample from both sides of the core?

And the answer is, you can’t. Measuring nuggety gold is always, always, always, always a problem, and literally their QP looked at it and said, “Hey, look, I mean, we’ve got all these extraordinary results. However, are we getting accurate measurements?” So what they’ve come up with is this process of the Chrysos PhotonAssay where they do a 100% assay, literally assay the whole thing. This is a tempest in a teaspoon. When you have thousands of samples, any error tends to be rounded out. New Found has the gold.

And it’s a good solution, so if you ask for four tax loss, silly season stocks, I would have to talk about New Found. New Found down to two bucks is patently absurd. New Found’s going to be a $10 Billion company.…
New Found Gold | 7,080 C$
09.11.21 11:05:50
Beitrag Nr. 164 ()
Wahnsinn wie schnell hier die Stimmung gekippt ist! Vor gut einer Wochen wurde NFG noch abgefeiert, weil sie statt 9 jetzt mit 14 drill rigs bohren und statt 200.000m (102,000m davon waren eh completed to date) jetzt sogar 400,000m.

Dass bei einem halben Kern andere Resultate zustande kommen als bei einem ganzen dürfte aber logisch sein...!
New Found Gold | 7,400 C$
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New Found Gold - IPO soon?