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20.10.21 17:16:38
Beitrag Nr. 77 ()
EPA: Chemicals called PFAS will see more research and new regulations
On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced what it called a "comprehensive national strategy" to handle pollution by a group of industrial chemicals that are collectively called PFAS. These chemicals are relatively inert and persist for decades in the environment; as a result, there are many sites where they pollute the ground or water. And there are some indications that they can cause health issues if they accumulate at sufficient levels.

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01.10.21 15:56:08
Beitrag Nr. 76 ()
Thursday, 30 September 2021
Peer-reviewed paper explains unprecedented performance of BioLargo’s AOS water treatment technology…

Today BioLargo published an important peer-reviewed article confirming that its innovative water treatment technology, the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS), generates highly energetic iodine molecules. The article establishes the foundational scientific principles about why the AOS is a powerful, efficient, and novel water treatment technology.


Dr. Richard Smith, President of BioLargo Water commented, “Our AOS technology is a technical leap forward in advanced water treatment. This study is integral in showing why the technology produces such high performance while consuming so little energy.”
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30.09.21 19:48:52
Beitrag Nr. 75 ()

Garratt-Callahan equipment being readied for delivery, new consumer goods partnership, AOS sales channels, and more!

Thursday, 30 September 2021
Letter to Stockholders: BioLargo Positions for Expansive Commercial Reach Through Strategic Partnerships…
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22.09.21 20:24:23
Beitrag Nr. 74 ()
BioLargo's Groundbreaking Technology to Eliminate the Presence of Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water
Mark Gilman , Benzinga Staff Writer
September 22, 2021…

Meanwhile, BioLargo has recently announced two new potential clients (a municipality in Southern California and a federal government agency). They recently sent the company PFAS-contaminated water samples to be treated by its AEC water treatment system. BioLargo sees this as an essential first step in its multi-phased commercial approach, which includes off-site treatment of client-supplied water, an on-site pilot treatment system at the client’s location, and ultimately, full-scale operations.

“By treating client water with our in-house AEC system, we can optimize it for the unique characteristics of the water from each source and confirm for the client that our system removes PFAS to the levels that meet their particular regulatory requirements,” said Randall Moore, President of BioLargo’s engineering subsidiary.

BioLargo is now preparing to build commercial-sized units for pilot projects to be used across the United States. The company is also aggressively pursuing potential markets in communities needing groundwater remediation near industrial sites, military bases, and airports.
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15.09.21 19:52:15
Beitrag Nr. 73 ()
CEI ist ja schon ein Hotstock. Mal sehen wann Biolargo folgen wird...

CEI and BLGO may benefit tremendous returns in 2022

Jason M September 13, 2021…
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13.09.21 15:03:26
Beitrag Nr. 72 ()
BioLargo presentation at H.C. Wainwright 23rd Annual Global Investment Conference on September 13, 2021…

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02.09.21 20:48:48
Beitrag Nr. 71 ()
BioLargo Launches PFAS Testing and Treatment System Selection Program
September 02, 2021

Randall Moore, President of BioLargo's engineering division said, "With the launch of this new program, our engineers will be able to better serve municipalities that are struggling with having to close water wells due to PFAS contamination. Our AEC system reduces treatment costs because it generates only a fraction of the PFAS-laden waste compared to other treatment technologies like carbon filtration or ion exchange. No two water sources have the same underlying chemistry, and there are over 4,500 different PFAS compounds that can contaminate water. Thus, it is crucial to optimize treatment processes for each situation."
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24.08.21 09:03:29
Beitrag Nr. 70 ()
The event features water industry experts and thought leaders, including BioLargo's Tonya Chandler.…
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11.08.21 23:01:36
Beitrag Nr. 69 ()
'Forever chemicals' detected in water systems of nearly 2,800 US cities | ABC News
ABC News, August 11th, 2021

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03.08.21 20:49:19
Beitrag Nr. 68 ()
Biolargo (BLGO) water cleaning technology could bring clean water for all
August 3, 2021…

The Bull thesis
Commercialization is in full swing; revenues growing and debt paid off and at least one of those above mentioned endeavors will become a big success. More than one and we will do amazingly well – but it is actually looking good that a lot of not all will become a success = a potential Clean Tech Jackpot.

The Bear thesis

BioLargo has been a company operating for more than a decade and they spent way too long in R&D without being able to significantly monetize their developments. As a “logical” consequence they will never be able to monetize anything and not a single one of the above will succeed.
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BioLargo (BLGO) – environmental solutions provider