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25.11.20 08:59:13
gestern kamen bohrergebnisse. neben den twin holes auch ein neues, dass neue grade getroffen hat.
zudem samples die aufzeigen, dass es potential für mehrer minen bzw. adern gibt.
das sieht gut aus bei einer marktbewertung von nur 8 mio cad.
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25.11.20 09:00:13
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.833.794 von wutan am 25.11.20 08:59:13Summer-Fall 2020 Cabin Lake Exploration Program Nine diamond drill holes were completed at the 100% owned Cabin Lake Gold Project in early October 2020. The drill program was designed to confirm and hopefully expand the historic high-grade gold intersects at the southern Bugow zone, in both a parallel direction to historic holes (twinned holes) and oblique to the historic azimuths. Oblique holes were proposed to test the possible influence of a regional deformation corridor, intersecting the Bugow Iron formation, and responsible for gold deposition, therefore providing a better understanding of the structural and mineralizing controls, and to try to reproduce these mineralized zones (shoots) in other sectors of the property where the Bugow Iron Formation is intersected and the same conditions repeat. The October 26, 2020 release discussed the results from holes CL-20-01 and CL-20-03. This release discusses (1) the drill program as a whole (all results); (2) the significance of the new, previously unreleased holes, as they relate to both the historical holes and the new intersection of hole CL-20-01 (discovery of a potential ore body); and (3) an amendment to length and average grades of previously released CL-20-03 (to slightly shorten the interval reported to adjust for economic grades). See Table 1 below for a summary of assay highlights.

Rover Drills 32 Meters of Continuous Gold Averaging 13.6 grams per ton at Cabin Lake project, NWT Canada | - Vollständiger Artikel unter:…
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27.11.20 12:42:38
Rover Hits and Misses at the Same Time
Bob Moriarty
Nov 27, 2020

Rover Metals is up from when I wrote about them a month ago, going from $.055 to $.09 for a nice percentage move but not nearly as good as they should have done.

Many years ago in the pre-historic days of the Internet Barbara and I were Macintosh Gurus. In 1994 or 1995 Apple came out with removable CPUs on a card. Of course PCs had had removable CPU chips since they were first introduced.

She and I were consultants at the time and all of my customers were saying that we needed to get on the web. But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how you do consulting for the masses over the Internet. But when Apple came out with CPU cards that you could swap in a couple of minutes, I realized that was going to be an industry perfect for the Internet.

So we became Macintosh upgrade Gurus. Two third-party vendors for Apple computers started cranking out faster CPU cards and we sold them as fast as we could stock them. There were something like 150 different variations of cards and we realized that it would be stupid to take orders for cards we couldn’t get our hands on. So on our site we only offered CPU cards that we had sitting on the shelf. We were getting full list price and sometimes more for our cards because graphic artists want speed and want it now. They weren’t interested in waiting months for an order to be filled.

We soon realized that everyone approaches the web thinking of it in one or two ways. If you are asked for a single word that reflects what the Internet is all about, people tend to either call it information or communication. Depending on how you think about it pretty much determines how successful your website will be.

A telephone book is information. A telephone is communication. Big important difference between the two.

On November 24th Rover put out a press release that I think was supposed to reflect assay results from their latest drill program. I use the term “think” because frankly it was easily the worst written press release I have ever read. I don’t know what they were trying to get across because it was written in techno babble that only a very smart PHD geologist would possibly understand or even care what it said. Read it and tell me if you agree or not.

Here is what I think is communication.

They drilled 9 holes. Assays came back on all of them. Holes CL-20-02, CL-20-04 and CL-20-09 had no significant gold values.

CL-20-01 showed 22.01 meters of 7.94 g/t gold.
CL-20-03 reported 13.7 meters of 6.97 g/t gold.
CL-20-05 came up with 9.67 meters of 4.15 g/t Au.
CL-20-06 had 7.49 meters of 7.55 g/t Au.
CL-20-07 measured 4.98 meters of 7.05 g/t Au.
CL-20-08 hit a home run of 31.9 meters of 13.66 grams of gold.

On the day Rover released their press release, the shares went down 10%. In my view if you announce results as good as they released, you would naturally expect the market to respond in a favorable way. If you communicate effectively.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, those were great holes and they will follow up with a Phase Two drill program in the spring.

Rover is an advertiser. I participated in the private placement that makes me biased. Do your own due diligence.

Rover Metals Corp
ROVR-V $.09 (Nov 26, 2020)
ROVMF-OTCBB 67.2 million shares
Rover Metals website
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29.12.20 22:51:41
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28.01.21 08:52:04
pp durch. kurs auch?
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01.02.21 22:05:04
Vancouver, British Columbia – (February 1, 2021) – Rover Metals Corp. (TSXV: ROVR) (OTCQB:
ROVMF) (FSE: 4XO) (“Rover” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the co-listing of its shares on the
Frankfurt stock exchange. Rover trades under the symbol “4XO” on the FSE
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06.02.21 15:16:33
Rover / Yellowknife
Ja im Yellowknife Gebiet gibt es jede Menge Gold, da waren ja auch die Con Mine und die Giant Mine mit 7 bzw. 8 Mio. Unzen Produktion. Die Grades sind da sensationell, allerdings ist es da recht kalt und der Zugang manchmal etwas schwierig. :eek::eek:

Der grösste Explorer in Yellowknife ist nun Gold Terra Resources, die nun an der Con MIne weiterbohren... und mit Newmont einen Deal haben. Auch Sixty North Gold ist um die Ecke, hier soll die historische Produktion nächstes Jahr starten ( 1 Unze Gold/ T) wurde vor 20 Jahren gefördert. Zudem hat Sixty North bereits eine Produktionslizenz. Das ist auch wichtig, denn vom Explorer zum Produzenten können locker mal 5 Jahre vergehen.

Man sollte das Yelloknife Gebiet genau im Auge behalten, da ist sehr viel Gold im Boden und die Queen war auch schon da.. :):):)
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10.02.21 17:28:57
ja, das geht ggf. parallel aber mit den möglichkeiten sollen die erst mal aus 30k unten 300k machen... also unter und neben den hostorisch nun nachgeweisenen drillen... das reicht schon bei dem kleinen marktwert... das alles zu explorieren wird dauern. kurs bei neuen funden dürfte sofort 100% machen ...
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22.02.21 20:56:40" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">

wenn die 500k unzen drillen, dann fliegt das dach weg... 5 mio USD marktwert !
link bei youtube gefeunden.

1430 Abonnenten
Rover Metals (TSXV ROVR / WKN A2PGP1) erkundet das Goldprojekt Cabin Lake in der Nähe der Stadt Yellowknife in den kanadischen Northwest Territories.

Das Unternehmen konnte schon in der Vergangenheit gute Ergebnisse von Cabin Lake melden und will auf diesen 2021 nun aufbauen. Einen wichtigen Fortschritt in dieser Hinsicht meldete man jetzt!

Wir sprachen mit CEO Judson Culter und ließen uns das Projekt und die Neuigkeiten genauer erklären.
Rover Metals | 0,085 C$
24.03.21 21:33:34
Rover Metals obtains Winter Access Road Permit to Cabin Lake Gold Property and Mobilizes for Winter Exploration…

Habe mal Fragen zu der Winterroad, die wurde doch gebaut damit man besseren Zugang hat, gab es da mal news ? Zudem eine weitere Frage.. die schmilzt doch dann und muss jedes Jahr neu gemacht werden oder ?

Verfolge das auch bei Sixty North die da ja in Yelloknife um die Ecke sind, die haben auch eine Winterroad gebaut.. Da gab es nun ein Video da sieht man mal wie so eine Winterroad aussieht.. es scheint aber für die Firmen die da in der Pampa aktiv sind sehr wichtig zu sein...

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