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22.01.21 11:21:36
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Zu hoffen ist, ob das strategische Investment deutlich überzeugt.
Kapitalerhöhung gab es erst im November. Davon wurden Schulden bezahlt. Auch ist noch was in der Kasse. In Australien wird heftig darüber diskutiert.
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22.01.21 11:18:36
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proposed capital raise and a strategic investment
Market Announcement 22 January 202122 January 2021Market Announcement1/1ASX LimitedASX Customer Service Centre 131 279| Crowd Media Holdings Limited (ASX: CM8) – Trading HaltDescriptionThe securities of Crowd Media Holdings Limited (‘CM8’) will be placed in trading halt at the request of CM8, pending it releasing an announcement. Unless ASX decides otherwise, the securities will remain in trading halt until the earlier of the commencement of normal trading on Wednesday, 27 January 2021 or when the announcement is released to the market.Issued byMelissa KostopoulosCompliance Adviser, Listings Compliance (Melbourne)

Dean LitisPrincipal Adviser, Listings Compliance (Melbourne)Australian Securities Exchange By email only: DeanRequest for Trading Halt Crowd Media Holdings Limited ABN 13 083 160 909 (CM8 or the Company) requests an immediate halt to the trading of the Company’s ordinary shares quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in accordance with ASX Listing Rule 17.1. In accordance with Listing Rule 17.1, the Company provides the following information in relation to the request:The trading halt is requested to assist the Company in managing its continuous disclosure obligations as the Company expects to make a material announcement to the market in relation to a proposed capital raise and a strategic investment to fast-track our proprietary Talking Head technology. The Company requests that the trading halt remains in place until the earlier of commencement of normal trading on Wednesday 27 January 2021, or when the announcement referred to above is released to the market.The Company expects to make the announcement to the market before the commencement of normal trading on Wednesday 27 January 2021. The Company is not aware of any reason why the trading halt should not be granted or of any further information necessary to inform the market about the trading halt.Please contact me if you require any further information concerning this matter
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21.01.21 21:27:14
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Guter Finanzreport mit vielen wichtigen Infos...
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21.01.21 13:01:20
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Vergleich mit LivePerson Inc.
das kam kürzlich per mail von Domenic Carosa (Chief Executive Officer)
(Den Carosa lohnt es sich mal zu googeln; hat erst kürzlich seine Fa. Banxa an die Börse gebracht)

Talking Head JV Update

I am pleased to provide a company update on Crowd Media's 50-50 Joint Venture with Israeli-based VFR to co-develop a tech platform which will enable the scalable creation of “Talking Head” digital assets for use in Conversational Commerce.

Combining Crowd's artificial intelligence with VFR's expertise in virtual influencers, the JV is rapidly progressing in its aim of creating a virtual “doppelganger” of celebrity influencers capable of a “FaceTime” type conversation with a follower.

Crowd’s AI-driven Q&A chatbot technology is unique in that it combines answers from both AI and human respondents. To date the Crowd’s Q&A mobile business has processed more than 180 million questions/answers and in the last 12 months, more than 65% of all questions were answered automatically by AI.

A handful of current platforms to create audio-visual 'talking heads' exist, but they are cumbersome, expensive and usually take many weeks to create just one single virtual “talking head” such as the beta version we showcased in November, prior to this JV.

The platform we are developing aims to create unique talking heads in just days and at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives. This is particularly attractive in markets where a first mover advantage is prevalent, and/or where there are distinct consumer preferences.

In less than 2 months, the JV has already progressed the following development work in order to drive the opportunity:

A scalable infrastructure for scanning and processing in order to create photo-realistic high-quality 3D “digital humans”
Setup of platform to allow for real-time HQ video rendering
Finalised the architecture for cross-platform video stream
Setup of platform for integration with advanced text-to-audio-to-video real time processors
Creation of a base system for real-time conversations with a 3D “digital human” at scale

The market for AI-driven Conversational Commerce opportunities is expanding rapidly, as can be seen by Nasdaq-listed LivePerson Inc. in the US. For last month's Cyber Weekend sales, in-store retail traffic fell by 52% while their text-based conversations increased by more than 300% as consumers highlighted a clear preference shift towards Conversational Commerce.

Developing a unique visual component to complement text-based conversations, Crowd has firmly cemented its seat at the Conversational Commerce table through this JV and our other strategic investments so I look forward to bringing you further updates as we progress.


Domenic Carosa
Chief Executive Officer
Crowd Media Holdings Limited
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21.01.21 12:14:27
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talking head
Zur Verdeutlichung des talking head:

runter scrollen, dann findet Ihr "Emma"
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21.01.21 12:12:48
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talking head
Diese News beflügelte den Kurs im November; bei Updates sollte es weiter hoch gehen...

CROWD MEDIA LAUNCHES “TALKING HEAD” BETA AND SIGNS TWO STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPSHighlights:•Launched a beta version of its conversational commerce“talking head” 12 months ahead of schedule•Crowd’s “talking head” has applications across influencer marketing, ecommerce, education and many other sectors •As part of this limited beta trial, CM8’s first “talking head” is an AIdriven Chatbot that can be used to help customers select the appropriate products forthewww.MDcomplete.eubrand(exclusive distribution agreement announced 9thSeptember 2020). A proof of concept “talking head”, can be viewedat•CM8 has entered into a strategic partnership with NZ based UneeQLtd for the creation of “Digital Ambassadors” to help power ConversationCommerce activity &influencer marketing•CM8 willform a 50-50 Joint Venture (“Talking-Head JV”) with Israeli basedVFR Assets and Holdings Ltd ( to create a platform for the scalablecreation of “talking heads” for the digital influencer, education and various other sectors•CM8 has agreed to invest up to USD$250k intothe Talking-Head JVCrowd Media Holdings Limited (ASX: CM8 & FWB: CM3) (“Crowd” or “Company”)has accelerated it’s push into conversational commerce via the beta launch of its first “talking head” 12 months ahead of schedule. Crowd’s first “talking head” (in limited beta) will help customers select the appropriate products fromthewww.MDComplete.eubrandas announced to the ASX 9thSeptember 2020. The AI driven technology leverages Crowd’s 10 years of experience and technology infrastructure in the Q&A Chatbot space.Crowd’s AI driven Chatbot technology is unique in that it combines answers from both AI and real humans answering questions. In the last 12 months over 65% of all questions are answered by AI and the platform has been responsible for processing in excess of 180 million questions and answers over its lifetimewithin its Q&A mobile business.Crowd has also entered into two (2) new partnerships in order to accelerate itsstated Horizon 3 strategy as outlined by Chairman Steven Schapera at the November 2019 AGM. They are:UneeQ Limited(“UneeQ”)Crowd has executed a 3-yearbinding Heads of Agreement (HOA) with UneeQ Limited for the creation of “Digital Ambassadors” to help power ConversationCommerce activity &influencer marketing. UneeQhas created an AI driven platformthat is currently used across customer support and sales across a number of industries. The key terms of the agreement are:•Work together to develop methods and technologies on the creation of ‘Digital Ambassadors’ to help power ecommerce and #conversationcommerce activity, as well as influencer marketing which includes the launch of Crowd’s first “talking head”
Activities may include, sharing and development of relevant strategies, people exchange, identification of opportunities for mutual use of the technologyincluding Crowd’s AI Chatbot tech•The partnership will be managed through a Management Board which will meet once a month. Membership of the Management Board willconsist of Crowd’s CEO and UneeQ’s CEO•The Management Board will review the collaborative activities and agree on new activities based on the alignment of strategy and objectives, levels of engagement and commitment between the Parties, communications and forthcoming opportunities•Crowd shall pay to UneeQ the actual costs incurred in connection with the creation of “Digital Ambassadors”plus a margin agreed between the Parties from time to timeVFR Assets and Holdings Ltd(“VFR”) ( Joint Venture(“Talking-Head JV”)Crowd has executed a binding Heads of Agreement (HOA) to form a Joint Venture with Israeli basedVFR Assets and Holdings Ltd( the creation of a platform which will allow the scalable creation of the “talking head” visualswhich will power the next wave of conversational commerce and digital influencer one to one interactions.VFR has created one of the world’s first virtual digital influencers Zoe Dvir (i.e. adigital influencer that doesn’t actually existing in real life). Current platformsto create visual “talking heads” are cumbersome, expensive and usuallytake many weeks to create just one single virtual “talking head”. The Talking-Head JVwill bring together the technical and commercial expertise of both partiesto create a platform that will allow Crowd to roll out many “talking heads” in days and at a fraction of the cost of current platforms.This is particularly attractive in markets where there are distinct consumer preferences and will enable Crowd to meet these preferences in a timely manner, improving speed-to-market.The key terms of the agreement are:•Crowd and VFR will own 50% each of the Talking-HeadJoint Venture to develop a Proof of Concept (POC)within 180 daysand the Term of Talking-Head JVwill be for a period of 12 months•VFR will work on the technical and design aspects while Crowd will provide access to its AI Chatbot technology and back office and marketing capabilities •New IP created will be owned by the Talking-Head JV•Crowd will provide an investment of USD$250k intoan incorporatedJVwhile VFR will provide the IP, know-how and development resources to develop the POC•The use of funds by the Talking-Head JVwill beto finance the Development Team’s salaries and expenses•The Board of the Talking-Head JVand each subsidiary shall consist of a total of up to three (3) members (the “Directors”), as follows: (i) one member designated by VFR; (ii) one member designated by Crowd, which director shall also serve as the Chairman of the Board; and (iii) Independent as mutually agreed •Crowd will be responsible for providing Legal & Accounting, Crowd’s AI Q&A Chatbot technology Product, Business Management Services, Sales & account management, PR & Promotion These partnerships already complement the recent investment into Forever Holdings Ltd (as announced to the ASX 11thSeptember 2020). Forever Holdings is a London based voice-and-visual Interactive Digital Media company. Theirtechnology can enable one-to-one digital encounters between an influencer and anyfollower whowantsto converse with them1:1.ForeverHoldings' hasexisting applications across multiple platforms already in place, including smartphone/tablet as well aslife-size Museum-type installationsincluding the Holocaust museum in Germany which showcases the technology:
These“talking head” partnerships will leverage Crowd’s well-proven and mature AI-driven Q&A Chatbottechnologyplatform which work across multiple languages.By leveragingCrowd’s Chatbottechnology, we can significantly accelerate development of Crowd’s “talking head”across various markets. The beta product will be showcased to prospective Crowd Direct brand partners, highlighting the commercial application of conversational commerce across multilingual markets. This opensunlimited commercialopportunitiesacross entertainment, sport, influencer marketing, health and educational fields.The three Horizon 3 collaborationsmark asignificantmilestone in the execution of the Company’s strategic vision, as outlined at the November 2019 AGM, when wehighlighted Crowd’s missionto developthe “Holy Grail”of influencer marketing: a platform thatenablesconversational commerce between follower and influencer, augmentedwith a digital visual “talking head” experience.Crowd Media’s Chairman, Steven Schapera said: “By linking Crowd’s existing Q&A Chatbot technology with the voice andvisual technology of our respective partners, we will create an entertaining "conversational commerce" experience between consumer and influencer.The commercial opportunity is tectonic.As the nature of influencer marketing changes, this gives us a seat at the table”.Crowd’s CEO Domenic Carosa said: “We believe conversational commerce isthe future of ecommerceandare excited to have executed these various initiatives that bring forward the reality of one to one conversation’s between influencers and their respective followers. It takes us that much closer toour stated goal of actually changing the way products and services are sold via digital influencers.Our beta version was launched 12 months ahead of schedule and showcases our core AI driven chatbot technology and that of our partners.By launching this beta version, we can undergo the next level of testing, build on our artificial intelligence and data pools,and advance the technology to extend its commercial capabilities across different products, services and interactions.”This announcement has been authorised for release to the ASX by the Board of Directors of CM8.
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21.01.21 12:05:46
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Die Quartalsergebnisse stehen in Kürze an. Nach dem letzten Quartal wurde ein gutes nächstes angekündigt.
Schuldenfrei ist Crowd Media mittlerweile auch.

Die Restrukturierung des Geschäftsmodells wurde vollzogen, bei der verlustreiche Unternehmensbereiche zurückgefahren wurden und der Fokus seither klar auf die am schnellsten wachsenden Sparte gelegt wird: Der Bereich Social Commerce Marketing.

Für das abgeschlossene Geschäftsjahr 2020 meldete CROWD MEDIA Umsätze von knapp AUD 16.5 Mio. sowie die Rückkehr in die Gewinnzone auf Ebitda-Basis.

Mit auf künstlicher Intelligenz basierender Technologie soll der Influencer-Markt revolutioniert werden.

Der Börsenwert liegt lediglich bei rund 30 Mil AUD.
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3-Cent-Aktie mit Kursvervielfachung Chance