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    As the only ASX listed rare earth company on the ground in the US ARR is in a great position to succeed. Now with 3 prospective sites Arizona Wyoming & Nevada ( next to Mp Materials Mountain Pass) the next few months are going to be eventful IMO.
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    Refer to quarterly report of 27/01/2021. Essentially more surface samples were sent to Canada and results should be out soon. Deeper drilling to was set to start Dec 2020 but was delayed due too Covid and was meant to be happening now, although the U.S has had a bit of a cold snap. Texas is under snow so not sure how cold it got in Arizona. Hopefully some positive news will come out soon!
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    About American Rare EarthsAmerican Rare Earths Limited (ASX: ARR) is the only Australian company listed on the ASX with assets in the growingrare earth metals sector of the United Statesof America, itself emerging as analternative international supply chain to counterChina’s market dominance of a global rare earth market expected to balloon to US$20 billion by the mid-2020s. ARR owns 100% of the world-class La Paz rare earth project, located 170km northwest of Phoenix,Arizona. The project’s highly shallow 2012 JORC resource (128.2Mt @ 373.4ppm (0.037%) Total Rare Earth Elements), is less than 30m below surface and is contained withinjust 525 acres of ARR’s total La Paz footprint of 5,143 acresthatpoints topotentialresource upside. As alarge tonnage, bulk deposit, La Paz is also potentially the largest, rareearth deposit in the USAand benefits from containing very low penalty elements such as radioactive thorium and uranium. ARRplans todeliver its first Preliminary Economic Assessment for La Paz in late 2021 and isworking with leading USAresearch institutions to have La Paz’s mineral profile incorporated into emerging USadvanced rare earth processing technologies. ARR is also acquiring a second USArare earth asset, the Laramie project in Wyoming. Transaction completion is due by mid-2021
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    Nur zur Info.

    In australien wird eine aktie gehandelt deren Rare Earths aktivitäten in den USA sind

    hier bei uns nicht so bekannt aber solte noch kommen den Rare Earths wird immer


    Bei interesse mal bei oder anschauen

    Kürzel in australien ins ARR.……
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