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    15.01.23 12:35:43
    Beitrag Nr. 52 ()
    ich habe mich wohl nicht getäuscht im CEO ...👎

    Sekur Private Data | 0,036 €
    26.10.22 14:55:16
    Beitrag Nr. 51 ()
    Bin ich froh das ich hier nur eine sehr kleine Position nur hatte , und die bald aufgelöst habe ...ja mit Verlust ...

    der CEO ist ein nicht vertrauenswürdiger Typ ...

    ich hoffe du bist auch rechtzeitig raus , wenn nicht drück ich Dir trotzdem die Daumen und hoffe das es wieder auch hier aufwärts geht
    obwohl ich wie gesagt den CEO nicht mag ...
    Sekur Private Data | 0,067 €
    09.09.22 14:11:05
    Beitrag Nr. 50 ()
    Sekur Private Data | 0,130 €
    08.09.22 14:38:49
    Beitrag Nr. 49 ()

    Sekur Private Data Expands "Chat-By-Invite"
    Using SMS Invites to 61 Countries Covering 3.4 Billion People
    - Enables SekurMessenger Users to Chat with Non-Sekur Users Privately and Securely

    Wednesday, September 7, 2022 8:03 AM
    Sekur Private Data | 0,140 €
    23.08.22 09:49:32
    Beitrag Nr. 48 ()…

    How to ensure total privacy for group chats

    Sekur Private Data has come up with solutions that enable the initiator of an online conversation to delete all traces of the conversation from all users.

    Sekur Private Data developed SekurMail and SekurMessenger as part of a privacy and security bundle of email, messaging and file transfer in one application, featuring the company’s latest SekurSend and Chat-by-Invite technology.

    That technology includes proprietary anti-phishing and privacy features in SekurSend, which allows users to send an email to any other recipient — whether they have Sekur or not — in complete privacy and security.

    The email never leaves Sekur’s encrypted email servers in Switzerland. The recipient can then click on the notification and reply in the same manner using SekurReply without registering for a Sekur account.

    SekurMessenger comes with a proprietary feature and technology called ‘Chat-By-Invites’.

    This feature allows a SekurMessenger user (SM user) invite a non-SM user, or a group of non-SM users, to chat in a fully private and secure way, without the recipient ever having to register to SekurMessenger or download the app.

    SekurMessenger is priced at €5 per month per user.

    At the end of the chat, the initiator of the conversation can remotely terminate the conversation and all traces of the conversation are deleted from all users, including the recipient. The invite can be sent via Email or SMS.

    Sekur says it has already enabled chat invites in 61 countries, and will add more countries as Sekur expands globally. The target sectors include real estate, legal, finance, medical, government, energy, manufacturing.

    The Canadian company offers its products globally through its websites, approved wholesalers and distributors, and telecommunications operators.
    Sekur Private Data | 0,140 €
    17.08.22 10:31:14
    Beitrag Nr. 47 ()
    Sekur Record Sales in Q2 2022

    Sekur Private Data | 0,165 €
    29.07.22 09:54:19
    Beitrag Nr. 46 ()
    Zwei neue interessante Videos:

    Freundliche Grüße
    08.07.22 11:40:50
    Beitrag Nr. 45 ()
    Im Laufe des Jahres auch in Deutschland erhältlich?

    Sekur - Finally Something Exciting

    Freundliche Grüße
    30.06.22 21:19:27
    Beitrag Nr. 44 ()
    26.06.22 10:41:42
    Beitrag Nr. 43 ()
    Sekur Private Data : Upgrades SekurMessenger Infrastructure Capacity to 2 Million Users - Readies for Global Launch

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