DBS Group – führender Finanzdienstleister in Südostasien

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      Hot stock: DBS hits all-time high on record Q1 net profit

      The results beat the S$2.5 billion consensus forecast in a Bloomberg survey of five analysts

      The jump gave DBS a market capitalization of some S$101 billion, the first Singapore-listed company to exceed the S$100 billion mark.

      Guidance that net profit would grow this year was more upbeat than in the previous quarter when DBS said only that it expected this year's net interest income to be around 2023 levels. Last year, DBS reported record profit of S$10.3 billion.

      "All this geopolitics is still uncertain... But the macroeconomic conditions seem to be quite resilient," DBS Chief Executive Officer Piyush Gupta told reporters and analysts after the earnings were released.

      He pointed to stable growth rates in Asia, positive manufacturing indicators in most countries and solid consumer demand as reassuring signs, and said strength in the U.S. dollar "doesn't look like anything that would cause us too much worry".

      Singapore has benefited from strong inflows of wealth from Asia, including China, as well as Europe and the Americas, drawn in by the city-state's political stability in recent years.
      hat showed up in the result, with a 45% jump in wealth management fees.

      The quarterly results showed return on equity hit a record high of 19.4%, up from 18.6% a year ago. Net interest margin, a key profitability gauge, edged up to 2.14% from 2.12% a year earlier.

      The bank pumped up its first-quarter dividend, giving 54 Singapore cents per share compared with 42 cents a year earlier.

      DBS is also projecting total income growth to be 1 to 2 percentage points above previous guidance of "mid-single-digits" according to slides accompanying the results.

      "DBS' results have delivered a positive surprise, with earnings coming in way above estimates which helped to soothe initial concerns that earnings momentum may slow ahead," Yeap Jun Rong, market strategist at IG, said in a note to clients.…
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 75.675.156 von cash_is_king am 24.04.24 13:50:54
      Zitat von cash_is_king: Wie das hier ausgestaltet ist, kann ich auch noch nicht sagen, aber ich vermute so, wie es z.B. Telefonica gemacht hat: Man bekommt die Bonusaktien einfach stumpf ins Depot eingebucht, Bruchteile werden zum aktuellen Marktwert verkauft.

      Ist heute eingebucht worden auf den Bestand - mit genau 1:10 mit Kurs zu 20, XX von annocument date :)
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 75.668.769 von mp2019 am 23.04.24 16:40:18Wie das hier ausgestaltet ist, kann ich auch noch nicht sagen, aber ich vermute so, wie es z.B. Telefonica gemacht hat: Man bekommt die Bonusaktien einfach stumpf ins Depot eingebucht, Bruchteile werden zum aktuellen Marktwert verkauft.
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      Wie funktioert dies mit den Bonus Aktien 1-for-10 bonus issue im Q1 ? Div ist eingegangen.

      The bonus shares will qualify for dividends, starting from the first quarter of 2024, and will increase the pace of capital returns to shareholders, the bank said.…
      DBS Group Holdings | 23,72 €
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      CEO der DBS Bank in Singapur zuversichtlich, in den nächsten 3-5 Jahren eine Eigenkapitalrendite von 15-17% zu erreichen

      Die größte Bank Singapurs, die DBS Group, ist zuversichtlich, mittelfristig oder in den nächsten drei bis fünf Jahren eine Eigenkapitalrendite (ROE) von 15% bis 17% zu erreichen, sagte der Vorstandsvorsitzende am Donnerstag.…
      DBS Group Holdings | 24,16 €
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      Shares of DBS Group rose in early trade after Singapore's biggest bank posted quarterly results and surprised investors with plans for bonus shares.

      DBS shares were up 2.8% at S$32.54 on Wednesday afternoon, on track for their biggest one-day percentage gain since July last year. Shares are down about 2.6% so far this year, roughly in line with losses in the city-state's benchmark index.

      The bank, one of Southeast Asia's largest by assets, said net profit for the fourth quarter rose 2.0% from a year earlier, helped by gains in card and wealth-management fees, while total income climbed 9.0%.

      It said it will issue bonus shares instead of paying a special dividend, with plans to give investors one bonus share for every 10 ordinary shares held.

      DBS also said that it has cut Chief Executive Officer Piyush Gupta's variable pay by 30%, or about US$3 million. This comes after the lender was put under review by the Monetary Authority of Singapore after suffering a wave of disruptions to its digital banking services last year. Other members of DBS's management committee took a 21% cut.

      Analysts had mixed reactions to the quarterly results.

      Jefferies analysts said the earnings had missed market expectations, weighed down by a softer net interest income, higher costs and one-off items. They said in a note that they see an uncertain outlook ahead for the bank's net interest margin, given a "complicated macro environment and still muted corp loan demand across the region."

      Jefferies kept a hold rating and a S$31.65 price target on DBS stock.

      The results were in line with Citi's estimates, analyst Yong Hong Tan said in a note, expecting the market to have a positive view of the bonus issue.

      Citi maintained a sell rating on the stock, however, with a target price of S$29.20.…
      DBS Group Holdings | 22,56 €
      schrieb am 07.02.24 07:39:53
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      Shareholders are likely to cheer the board’s proposal to raise the final dividend to 54 cents in 4QFY2023, up 6 cents q-o-q. The full year dividend is $1.92. Going forward, the quarterly dividend is likely to be be raised to 54 cents translating into full year dividend of $2.16 a year. Based on the closing price on Feb 2, DBS’s dividend yield is 7.5%.

      DBS’s board has also proposed a 1-for-10 bonus issue. The bonus shares will qualify for dividends starting in 1QFY2024 and “will increase the pace of capital returns to shareholders”, the DBS results release says.

      “The stepped-up capital returns reflect the group’s strong capital position and are in line with the policy of paying sustainable dividends that rise progressively with earnings,” the DBS announcement says.…
      DBS Group Holdings | 22,51 €
      schrieb am 07.02.24 07:33:18
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      Dividends climb

      DBS proposed a final dividend of 54 cents per share, bringing its total dividends distributed in 2023 to SG$1.92, or 28% higher than the SG$1.50 distributed the year before.

      The bank also proposed a 1-for-10 bonus share issue. The bonus shares will qualify for dividend payments from the first interim dividend of the financial year ending Dec. 31, 2024.

      DBS said that going forward, the ordinary dividend will be SG$2.16 per share for the enlarged share base in 2024, representing a 24% increase over the 2023 figure.

      This will translate to a 7.5% dividend yield, based on the stock’s closing price on Feb. 6.…
      DBS Group Holdings | 22,53 €
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